Buraayyu Naannoo Kattaa Jedhamutti Ficilli Xumura Gabrummaa Har’a Itti Fufee Oole.


Har’a Amajii 1,2016 barattootni mana barumsaa Sadarkaa 1, Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi qophaayina dhaadannoo
-Barri Biliusmmaa gahe
-Mootumma abbaa irree nu ajjeesaa jiru aangoo irraa nuuf haa bu’u
-Waraana wayyaaneef hin jilbeenfanu
-Gumaa barattoota keenyaa ni basna
jechuun ganama irraa kaasanii dhaadannoo dhageesisuun yeroo amma kana Buraayyuu naannoo Kattaa jedhamee wamamu humna waraana federaalaa guutamee jira.
Uummanni barataa bira dhaabbatee jira. Daandiin konkolaataa Burayyuu keessa kutuu hoomaa waraanaa fi poolisiitiin kan guutamee jiruudha.
Barattootni kaan hidhaatti guuramaa jiru kaan ammoo tokkummaadhaan Bilisummaa faarsaa jiru. Amma sa’a naannootti sa’a 10:00 irraa kaasee FXG Buraayyuutti barattootaa fi uummataan gaggeeffama jira.

Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Union of Oromo Students on the Ongoing ‘Revolution to Culminate Slavery’ (RCS)



Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Union of Oromo Students on the Ongoing ‘Revolution to Culminate Slavery’ (RCS)

December 31, 2015, Finfinne Oromia.

We the new Oromo generation living close to the civilized world are not willing to live in slavery in the 21st century. As we are the most conscious of our society, we cannot watch idly as our people are evicted from their ancestral land; we cannot accept the fact that our country is a place where human liberty, dignity, and democratic and human rights are violated.  The minority TPLF-led Ethiopian government’s so called ‘Integrated Master Plan’ is a genocidal plan concocted to irradiate the Oromo race from the face of the earth and incorporate our forefather’s land, Oromia, into their own property. We are presenting our legitimate questions using our democratic rights in a peaceful manner and will not stop our non-violent struggle until all of our questions have been answered. Instead of answering our legitimate questions the government has dispatched the so called Agazi, Federal Police, and the regular army and committing a genocidal crime on Oromo students and the Oromo people in general. Over the past five or so weeks, the answer of the TPLF/EPRDF regime to our legitimate questions has been the following.

  1. The government ordered its brutal forces and committed a mass massacre which is equivalent to genocide. So far 125 people have been confirmed killed, thousands severely wounded, and hundreds of thousands arrested from every corner of Oromia.
  2. The government has declared war on the Oromo people who have peacefully opposed the Master Plan and the declaration of Oromian towns labelling the protesters as “terrorists” and ordered its armed forces to shoot and kill civilians and unarmed protesters.
  3. The Master Plan which has been an immediate cause for our protests still stands. Although the government officials are deceiving the public indicating that “the Master Plan will not be implemented if the public opposes it”, there is no law or declaration officially cancelling the Master Plan. Nothing is mentioned about the so called “Proclamation of Oromian towns”.
  4. The Oromo people do not have proportional power share and economic and political influence according to their population and the area of land they cover based on the rules of federalism.
  5. The government continues distorting our legitimate questions of democracy, human rights issues, and justice by labelling peaceful protesters as “terrorists” and charging them using the “terrorism law” which it uses as a weapon to quash dissenting voices since it was declared in 2009.

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