Oromo Communities’ Association of North America

6212 3rd St NW,

Washington, DC 20011

December 10, 2019

We, members of the Oromo Communities’ Association of North America (OCA-NA), an umbrella organization of Oromo communities in the United States, strongly condemn the provocative and divisive campaigns by the so-called Baladera (Balderas) group and its supporters against the Oromo Qeerroo (youth) and the Oromo people in general.

OCA-NA is a non-profit organization registered in the United States. It is established to support and promote the well-being of the Oromo in diaspora; and to mobilize resources and advocate for the rights of the Oromo people and its diaspora communities. OCA-NA is alarmed by the divisive activities of the Balderas group and some of its supporters among the Ethiopian diaspora. Continue reading


Waamicha marii hawaasaa

Marii Hawaasaa ABO Oromoota Magaalaa Awwadaayiif Naannoo Isii Jiran Hundaaf
Isniina/Wiixata Sadaasa 9/2019 geeggeeffamuu qophiin xumuramee jira .
Hogganni Marii irratti Arkamu
1, J/ Araarsoo Biqilaa (HD I/Aanaa ABO)
2, J/ Attoomsaa Kumsaa (MSHGS ABO)
3, J/ Amaan B. Filee (MGS ABO)
4, J/ Inj. Mahaammed Haajii(MGS ABO)

5, J/ Oromsis Elemo (MGS ABO)

Dhiyaadhaa irraa qooda fudhaa.

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