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Qeerroo: from ‘revolt against subjugation’ to ‘popular uprising against tyranny’

September 3, 2020by Worku Burayu

Attempts to discredit Qeerroo will not deter the movement from pursuing its goalsYou might well have heard mischaracterizations of Qeerroo and its institution, Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO), as part a defamation campaign against the Oromo and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

To mischaracterize and attack Qeerroo organization whose sole mission is to end tyranny is disgraceful. Yet, the Abiy Ahmed administration and some media outlets including ESATEthio 360 Media and all government affiliated medias continue to undermine Qeerroo, going as far as tainting the popular peaceful resistance it waged that once aroused the glimmer of hope for Ethiopia until it was snatched away by the new regime.

Some have opposed just about everything QBO has been doing. The question is why.

Who is Qeerroo?

Qeerroo is an Afaan Oromo word literally meaning ‘unmarried young man’, as Qaarree is for ‘unmarried young woman’.

In Oromo’s Gadaa socio-economic and political system, Qeerroo represents the youth in the social strata of Gadaa structure that signifies the potential force of the Oromo society who are full of energy, enthusiasm, and defenders of the dignity of the Oromo people and their homeland Oromia.

Qeerroo played a vital role in the organized Oromo struggle of the early 1970s.

For example, the song Gaaddisaa Abdullaahii sung titled ‘Qeerroo-mataa-tuutaa, hin jarjartu suuta’ in 1970s was to signify that Qeerroo is the engine of the Oromo Struggle. Since 1991, Qeerroo has re-occurred as what is called the “Qubee generation” to mark the era of introduction of Qubee script and Afaan Oromoo as medium of instruction in schools for the first time in Ethiopian history. This was the result of decades resistance spearheaded by the OLF and realized during the brief period that the OLF participated in the transitional government of Ethiopia.

Unlike its traditional meaning, the origin of the Qeerroo term in Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo’s setting, is derived from the word “Qeerrensa/Qeerramsa” whose literal meaning is “tiger,” to symbolize a fierce fighter, a dignified being, active and defenders of survival and dignity. “Qeerrenso” and “Jaajjabee” are very common terms in OLF and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) often used to adore those fierce young fighters.

In short, as Qeerroo represents the dynamism of the Oromo youth in a peaceful struggle against tyranny, Jaajjabee represents an admirable special young force in Oromo armed struggle. Hence, in this context, Qeerroo and Jaajjabe are gender neutral. Qeerroo is an idea of cultured resistance, represents a relentless pursuit of liberty, equipped with mental readiness and resilience which leaves no stone unturned to get what it pursues.

What Qeerroo and QBO is not

Qeerroo: A regimented organization or a spontaneous movement?


August 21, 2020by Mosisa Aga

Qeerroo are organized—but not under Jawar MohammedThe term “Qeerroo” was introduced to the Oromo political scene in April 2011 when an Oromo youth organization named “Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO)” or simply “Qeerroo” was established.

Soon after its formation, Qeerroo released its first manifesto, opened a website, and organized a series of protests in many higher education institutions. Oromo student protests led by Qeerroo continued intermittently throughout Oromia until a major series of protests broke out in 2014 and 2015, which continued nonstop, resulting in the collapse of the TPLF-Tigrayan hegemony in Ethiopia.

The purpose of this article is to impart the beginning of the Qeerroo movement and correct some misconceptions about Qeerroo. Specifically, I will rebut a widely held misconception, that “Qeerroo is a spontaneous social movement without formal structures.” I will also attempt to shed light on the role of the former activist and now political prisoner Jawar Mohammed in shaping the early movement of Qeerroo.

Since 2009, I have written at least eight articles on Oromian Student Movement (OSM) and the Qeerroo unrest, posted on various websites but mainly on using an alias name. On 12 November 12, 2009, I wrote about the 2005 widespread protest. On 11 November 2010, I published on the continued resistance that took place between 2006 and 2010. On 19 November 2011, I released a chronological review of OSM from November 2010 to November 2011. On 7 November 2014, I published about the chronological summary of the widespread Qeerroo movement from November 2013 to November 2014. More of my publications are available at this link.

Furthermore, I have made at least two scholarly presentations on Qeerroo, one at the 2019 OSA annual conference, presented by Lammi Benya on my behalf, the other at the 2018 OLF Policy symposium in Finfinne.

Apart from writing and making scholarly presentations on Qeerroo, I was involved with Qeerroo activities including supporting the movement personally.  I have intimately known about the preparations that led to its establishment in 2011, including the adoption of the term “Qeerroo”.  I remained up to date about Qeerroo’s activities thereafter. After the formation of Qeerroo, I have been continuously involved in translating their public statements into the English language to this day.

I stated above some of my contributions and sources of information about Qeerroo not to brag about my very modest contributions, but to qualify myself for this article and solicit the readers’ confidence for my argument.  With this done, let me present a brief history of the origin of Qeerroo from my vantage point. To keep the focus on the subject at hand, in this issue I will address only matters directly related to the history of the Origin of Qeerroo.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, by the term “Qeerroo” I refer to the organization of “Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo” (QBO), translated as Youth for Oromo Freedom.  When a reference is made to an individual “Qromo youth” the term “qeerroo” will be used – with the letter “q” not capitalized.  QBO is used to distinguish this original organization from other imposter groups that were created later for promotional purposes.

The origin of Qeerroo

As a prelude to pinpointing the beginning of Qeerroo, it is helpful to note that in my November 2011 article I indicated that the Oromo Students’ Movement (OSM) has gone through a qualitative change by forming a coordinating body for civil disobedience known as Qeerroo. Here is an excerpt from that article.

 “In April 2011, the Oromian Students Movement (OSM) underwent a qualitative change. Inspired by the Arab Spring, Oromian youth all over the globe came together by forming a coordinating body for civil disobedience known as the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo. In Afan Oromo “Qeerroo” literally refers to an unmarried young person. It can also mean simply a young person.”

For full article:


A National Call To Stand In Unity Against The New Wave Of The Neo-Nafxanya Government’s Attacks On The Oromo Nation, The OLF And Its Leadership

Oromia Global Forum
6909 Laurel Ave, Suite 5219
Tacoma Park, MD20913
Phone: 612-483-0161

Friday, July 31, 2020

Daawud Ibsaa OLF

Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is a global alliance of Oromo civic, professional and faith-based institutions, and human rights organizations, as wells as prominent individuals, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Our mission is to enhance Oromo unity, discuss, analyze, and take actions on man-made and natural disasters as well as human rights abuses plaguing the Oromo nation, and to design strategies and tactics to mitigate the plights of our people.

OGF’s values are based on the egalitarian Gadaa/Siiqqee System of the Oromo nation, in which the dignity of all human beings is equally respected and defended, irrespective of their national origins, cultures, and creeds. OGF advocates for the protection and promotion of all human rights in Oromia and beyond. It also upholds and defends the moral and ethical values of the Oromo nation, in which all human beings are equally treated, truth is defended, and justice is served without discrimination. Furthermore, OGF stands for and defends Oromo national unity, integrity of Oromia, equality of its citizens, freedom of expression and organization, social justice, egalitarian democracy, self-determination, and respects all forms of diversity in Oromo society and beyond.

Gross Human Rights Violations

OGF has national and moral obligations to defend the Oromo national interest by exposing the new wave of attack by the neo-nafaxanya government, which is intervening in the internal affairs of Oromo organizations, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). We have learned that the neo-nafaxanya government of Abiy Ahmed is working day and night to change the independent leadership of the OLF, led by Chairman Dawud Ibssa, to weaken and control the organization. OGF believes that the OLF is the principal architect of Oromummaa, which is engraved in Oromo national history, culture, identity, and language. The OLF is the symbol and embodiment Oromo nationalism, which has resurrected Oromo nationhood that was fragmented into local, regional, and religious identities by the Ethiopian settler colonialism and its nafxanya system.

The front clearly mapped out the ideological and political roadmap of the Oromo nation in the 1970s and introduced an ideological innovation and the knowledge for liberation to the Oromo people by challenging Ethiopianism that has been degrading and abusing Oromo humanity and identity. Consequently, it has liberated the minds of millions of Oromo, and mobilized them to struggle for their own freedom and the liberation of their country, Oromia. Hating and opposing Oromo political consciousness and the development of Oromummaa, all external and internal enemies of the Oromo people are attacking the OLF and its independent leadership to deny the people the institutional and organizational capacity, which is absolutely necessary to empower the Oromo nation.

The main objectives of the neo-nafxanayas and their collaborators are to continue disempowering the Oromo people by dispossessing their lands and other resources and by keeping them in the status of colonial subjects, who are disorganized, easy to be terrorized and dominated. But the flourishing of Oromo nationalism and the consolidation of Oromo unity as demonstrated by the recent Qeerroo/Qarree movement have revealed the potential of Oromo society to bring about fundamental transformations in Oromia, the Ethiopian Empire, and the Horn of Africa.

Since the ideological and intellectual victory of the Oromo national movement has disturbed the colonial settlers and their neo-nafaxanya government led by Abiy Ahmed, the enemies of the Oromo people are worried that they cannot successfully implement their grand plans of dismantling Oromo nationhood by fragmentating it into local and religious identities, dividing Oromia again into colonial administrative regions, imposing Habasha culture and the Amhara language, pitting the Oromo against other nations, and impoverishing them by dispossessing their resources and transferring to themselves and their cronies. The OLF and its chairman, Mr. Dawud Ibssa, have become the main obstacle to these grand projects when some Oromo organizations and former activists are willingly becoming the agents of the neo-nafxanaya government to satisfy their personal interests at the cost of the Oromo nation. Therefore, Abiy and his government are trying to remove the resolute and independent leadership of the Oromo people and the OLF and replace it by the leadership that they can easily manipulate and cannot defend Oromia’s national agenda and interest.

Under the direction of Abiy Ahmed, the neo-nafxanaya government and its security forces, the police, and the army have taken the following steps to achieve their political objectives:

  • First, the regime and its security forces have created the condition for their evil acts by illegally putting Chairman Dawud under house arrest for almost two weeks, cutting his telephone lines and internet connections, and preventing him from travelling to his office, communicating with his leadership team and supporters, and obstructing to fulfill his duties and obligations.
  • Second, the Ethiopian government forces that have put Chairman Dawud under house arrest protected and enabled those leaders that called the so-called general assembly meeting of the OLF on July 25 and 26, 2020.
  • Third, the involvement of the police and the illegal search of the OLF office demonstrates the Ethiopian government’s violations of its agreement with the OLF when the leadership of the organization returned to the empire in September 2018 to carry out peaceful political activities and the lack of respect to the right of an opposition political party. By sending security forces to enter the OLF office and financing a few individuals in the OLF leadership to hold a meeting not authorized by the chairman, the government of Abiy Ahmed was illegally interfering and impeding the political activities of an independent Oromo organization.
  • Fourth, a few members of the OLF leadership who held a meeting at the OLF office last week, with assistance of the Abiy Ahmed government, shamefully orchestrated a crisis in the leadership instead of strongly demanding the government to remove the illegal restrictions it imposed on Chairman Dawud Ibssa and to release imprisoned OLF leaders and members and all political prisoners immediately. This indicates that the individuals who organized the meeting never cared about the security and safety of the chairman and other OLF leaders, members, and supporters.
  • Fifth, the so-called meeting was arranged without the knowledge and the permission of the chairman of the OLF when, in fact, he could be contacted or visited at his residence in Finfinnee.
  • Sixth, the press release that the so-called general meeting released almost resembles the commentaries of the OPDO/PP cadres, and never exposed the crimes the neo-nafxenya regime has been committing on the OLF officials and members and the Oromo people before and after the assassination of the famous artist and human rights activist Hacaaluu Hundeessa, and
  • Finally, the declaration of all agents of the government of Ethiopia and the neo-nafxanya media outlets that the chairman of the OLF was replaced by his deputy chairman was intended to spread confusion and to demoralize the supporters of the organization and the Oromo people. OGF urges that the Oromo people expose this sinister propaganda and an open declaration of war on the identity and wellbeing of the nation.

If the Oromo people in general and Oromo nationalists in particular allow the neo-nafxanaya government to dismantle the OLF and its independent leadership by creating subservient leaders for Oromo society, our survival and the survival of our country, Oromia, will be in question. Hence, OGF calls upon all citizens of Oromia to reject all machinations and manipulations of the neo-nafxanya government of Abiy Ahmed and oppose its interference into the internal affairs of any independent Oromo organization. OGF strongly warns all Oromos to be vigilant and clearly understand the emerging national danger our nation is facing under the Abiy regime and stand in unity to defend the OLF, the principal Oromo liberation front and its independent leadership that have been struggling for more than four decades to liberate our country, Oromia, from the Abyssinian/Ethiopian settler colonialism and its nafxanya system.

Furthermore, OGF would like to remind the government that it has obligations to ensure the  security and safety of political leaders in general and that of the OLF in particular, and we  call upon the Oromo people and the Qeerroo/Qarree to be vigilant and follow and protect the safety of their leaders.

Oromia Shall be liberated by its determined daughters and sons!

Oromia Global Forum


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HD Jaal Daawud Ibsaa irratti maaltu gaggeeffame?

[SQ-Hagayya 1/2020]

HD ABO jaal Daawud Ibsaa irratti turban lamaa asitti maaltu irratti gaggeeffamaa jira isa jedhuuf SQ jala bu’ee hordofaa isiniif gabaasaa ture . kanumaan wal qabatee waan har’a tahes kanuma torbanoota dabarsineen kan wal qabatu malee adda miti.
Guyyaa kaleessaa jechuun Adoolessa 31/2020 akka yaaliin ajjeechaa HD ABO jaal Daawud irratti aggaamamee jiru qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo jala bu’ee hordofuun sabaa himaalee hawaasaarra akka tammsa’u gochuun ummata bal’aa Oromoon dhugaa jiru qaqqabsiisee ture.
Wanti guyyaa har’aa Hagayya 1/2020 Waajjira ABO muummee Gullalleetti tahee fi HD ABO jaal Daawud irratti tahes kanuma.
Akka qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo hordofaa turee fi jirutti wantoota armaan gadii kana qulqulleeffachuuf yaaleera.

HD ABO Jaal Dawud Ibsa

1, HD ABO jaal Daawud Ibsaa ajjeesisuuf murni tahe guyyoota sadan darban dirqama mootummaa irraa fudhateen gaggeessuummaa Alamuu Qinaaxxii fi Bayyanee Biraanuu jedhamuun tahuu odeessi qaruuxee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Adoolessa 30/2020 qaqqabe ifa godha.

2, Adoolessa 1/2020 wal gahiin akkaataa HDn ABO jaal Daawud itti ajjeefamu wal galteen namoonni dirqama fudhatanii akka xumuran odeessi qaruuxee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo akka biyya Itiyoophiyaatti sa’aatii laaqanaa irratti guutummaan odeessaa qaqqabuu barame,

3, Akka odeessi qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo odeessi qaqqabe ifa godhutti HD ABO jaal Daawud Adoolessa 31/2020 halkan keeessa ykn Hagayya 1/2020 akka ajjeefamuu dandahu odeessi ifa godhu ragaalee waliin isa qaqqabuu irraan kan ka’e guyyaa kaleessaa jechuun Adoolessa 31/2020 Qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo odeessa kana sabaa himaalee hawaasaa irratti akka ummatni bal’aan beekuuf ifa godhee ture.

4, Adoolessa 31/2020 miseensi GS ABO Atoomsaa Kumsaa namni jedhamu gara waajjira Gullallee imaluun eegdota waajjira ABO Gullallee jiraniin doorsisuu fi HD ABOf guyyaa tokko qofaatu hafe jedhee dhaadachuu qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo ragaa waliin qulqulleeffateera.

5, Guyyaa har’aa jechuun Hagayya 1/2020 humni waraanaa ganamaan waajjira ABO Gullallee imaluun eegdota waajjira ABO Gullallee jiraniin HDn ABO jaal Daawud akka har’a waajjira hin seenne ni ajjeefamu kanaaf bilbilaa itti himaa jechuun ijoolee waajjira ABO Gullallee eegdu itti bilbilchiisan.

6, HDn ABO ergaan kun isaan qaqqabuu osooma dhagahuu doorsisaa fi ajjeechaa sodaachuu dhiisanii hojii isaanii idilee gaggeessuuf waajjira ABO Gullallee jirutti akkuma durii ka’anii imalanii waajjira seenuu yeroo dhaqu naanoo waajiratti humni waraanaa akka waajjira hin seenne dhorkuuf yaalii godhus HDn ABO humnaan seenuu danda’aniiru.

7, HDn ABO jaal Daawud Ibsaa akkuma waajjira seenaniin humna waraanaa baay’inni isaanii 20 tahan waajjira dhuunfatan. Yeroo HDn ABO jaal Daawud waajira seenu hoggantootni ABO jaal Toleraa Adabaa, Qajeelaa Mardaasaa, Atoomsaa Kumsaa waajjira Gullallee ABO galma walgahii keessa taa’aa turan.

8,Waraanni mooraa seenan HD ABO jaal Daawud wal arganii akka saka’ataniif gaafatanii namuu akka mooraa lakkisee bahu gaafatan. Yeroo kana HDn ABO jaal Daawud mooraa sakatta’uuf eeyyama mana murtii fidaatii bakka taajjabbiin jirutti walumaan sakattaana jedhan.

9, Waraanni mootummaa mooraa waajjira Gullallee weerare kun eegdota waajjira Gullallee dabalatee namoonni hojii idileef waajjira keessa jiran lakkisanii akka bahan dirqamsiisuu eegale ammas HDn dhimmi kana jala dhaabbatanii morman. Yeroo kuni tahu hoggantootni dhaabaa kanneen akka Toleeraa Adabaa, Qajeelaa Mardaasaa fi Atoomsaa Kumsaa mooraa keessa turan dhaabbatanii ilaaluun dhumarratti osoo HDn waraana waliin wal mormuu mooraa lakkisanii bahan. HDn jaal Dawud ibsaa fi waraana waajjira sakattaana jedhe gidduutti uumameen atakaroo turtii sa’aatii tokkoo booda humni waraana waajjira sakatta’uuf ol seenee ture mooraa lakkisee bahe.

10, yeroo homaan waraanaa waajjira sakattaana jedhee HD jaal Daawud waliin mormii gaggeessu Ibsaa Nagawoo fi Araarsoo Biqilaa humni waraanaa mooraa alatti ittisee nageenya keessaniif gaarii miti deebi’aa gala jechuun of duuba deebi’aanii akka galan godhaman.

11, waraanni mootummaa erga waajira ABO lakkisee bahee booda turtii daqiiqaa 10 hin caalle keessatti gara mooratti deebi’uun HD ABO jaal Daawud akka waajjira lakkisee deemu 3F lamaan dhufanii fuudhanii kallattii lixaan Winget irraan karaa xoorhaayilloch qabanii 3F sadiin ajjabuun kallattii biratti geessuuf kan yaalan hordoffii qaruuxee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi eegdota HD jaal Daawud Ibsaa konkolaataa lamaan jala bu’anii hordofuun yoo dune waliin duuna wareegama dhufu waliin fudhanna jedhanii osoo humni waraanaa HD waliin jiru doorsisuu kutannoo fi murannoon hanga dhumaatti waliin imalaniin soda tokko malee kallattii gara dabarfamuuf ture irraa HD jaal Daawud gara mana isaaniitti akka galuuf dirqameera.

12, Taateen kun yeroo gaggeefamutti hogganttotni ABO itti aanaa HD Araarsoo Biqilaa dabalatee ,Toleraa Adabaa, Ibsaa Nagawoo, Atoomsaa Kumsaa fi Qajeelaa Mardaasaa mana Araarsoo Biqilaa deemuun wal gahii gaggeessaa jiru.
Walumaa galatti taateen turban lamaa as HD ABO jaal Daawud irratti aggaamame hoggantoota olaanoo dhaabichaa itti aanaa HD irraa qabee tahuu qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo hordoffii godhen mirkaneeffateera. Guyyaa har’aas ajjeechaan HD jaal Daawud irratti aggaamame dursee sabaa himaalee hawaasaa irratti ummataaf ifa waan taheef shira lammataa yadaa bulanii dubbiin kun kana tahuu dandaheera. Hoggantootni gochaa kana keessatti hirmaachaa jiran dirqama mootummaa irraa isaaniti kennameen HD jaal Daawud hojii irraa akkaataa itti gaggeeffamu gochuu ykn kun dadhabame akka ajjeefamuuf tahuu ragaan arganne ifa godha. Ammas ummatni keenya bal’aan ummatni Oromoo biyya keessaa fi alaa haala amma mooraa qabsoo Oromoo ABO keessatti tahuu harka mootummaan tahuu fi gaggeessummaa hoggantoota dhaabichaan tahuu akka hubattanii taatee kan dura dhaabbachuun balaaleffattan isin beeksisuu barbaanna.
Sagaleen Qeerroo Bilisummaa taatee kana HD ABOf jecha oson taane dirqama qabsoon itti kennite of harkaa waan qabuuf shira dhaaba keenya ABO irratti dalagamu sodaa tokko malee ummata keenyaaf ibsaa deemna. Ragaalee barbaachisoo tahanis ummataaf kan dhiyyeessinu tahuu iosin hubachiifna.
Sagaleen Qeerroo Bilisummaa ummata keessa taa’ee ummataaf hojjeta.

Shiraa fi dabaan mooraan qabsoo Oromoo hin diigamu gantootaa fi hayyalaallattoota calalatee fuulduratti imala.


Sochii seer-dhablummaa qaama qabsoon raawwatu kamuu jabeessinee mormina!

Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo
Adooleessa 27,2020
Finfinnee Oromiyaa

Tibbana walga’iin dhaabni keenya ABO’n hinbeekne mooraa waajjira keenya guddicha Gullallee keessatti ta’amaa turuu namuu quba qaba. Walga’iin maqaa “Gumii Sabaan” waamame kun seeraaf naamusa dhaaba keenya keessatti baratameen alatti ta’amuu isaa irrayyuu amala hogganoota ABO kaleessaaf har’aa irraa faallaa ta’uun ammoo hedduu nu qaanfachiise. Itti siqeenyaan hordofaa kan turreen walga’ii kana waraanni mootummaa tiksaa turuu isaati.

Hanga beeknuttii fi arginutti Hoggantoota dhaaba ABO dabalatee Wal gahii ABOn gaggeeffatu kamuu Kan seera eegsisu Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo malee waraana mootummaa akka hin taane osoo beeknu Kan waajjira ABO Gullallee jirutti guyyaa lamaan kana tahe garuu; faallaa kanaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo isa dhaaba isaa tiksu balaaleffatanii waraana mootummaa ilmaan haadha hiyyeessaa ajjeesuun eegamuun faallaa Qabsoo keenya ABO’n durfamuuti jennee amanna.

Wayiita kanatti hogganooti ABO hedduun mana hidhaa jiraachuu fi HD ABO Jaal Daawud Ibsaa hidhaa dhaabbii keessatti utuu argamanii walga’iin kun ta’ame. Qaamni waraanaa mootummaa qaamolee walga’ii kana gaggeessan tiksaa ture hogganoota keenya gariif qondaalota ABO akkasuma miseensota dhaaba keenyaa kanneen hidhanii jiran ta’uu hubanneerra.

Yeroo hamaa sirna garboonfataa EPRDF humnaan qabsoo saba keenyaa cabsuuf deemu kanatti, waayiilummaa paartii biyyattii kana jeeqaa jiru faana uummachuuf yaaluun mataan isaa yakka seenaan wal nu gaafachiisu ta’uu himna. Sochii guyyaa lamaan kana hogganootiin muraasi kun taasisan daba ta’uuf karaa irraa kan maqe ta’uus himna. Gama kaaniin walga’ii kana dhaabni keenya ABO’n kan hin beekne irra darbee baajeta walga’ichi ittiin taa’ame illee akka duraan mooraa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti baratameen ala akka ta’e odeeffannoo qabna. Baajeta qaama shiraan ramadameen Qabsoo Bilisummaa quucarsuuf hojjechuun yakka ta’uus namuu hubachuu qaba. Kana malees walga’ii kana akka ta’amuuf akka waan HD ABO ayyamaniitti ibsa dharaa miidiyaaleef laachuu qaamolee kanaas hubannee jirra.

Sochiiwwan seer-dhablummaa amala ABO kaleessaaf har’aa hinqabne kun sochii dhaaba keenyaa gaaga’amaaf kaadhimu ta’uu kan hubatu Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo gochaa farra akkanaa kanneen hojjetan dhaabni keenya qajeeltoon ilaalee naamusaaf dambii qabuun kanneen tibbana burjaajjii uumuuf yaalan kana nii gaafata amantaa jedhu qabna.

Haala hin baratamneen humni waraanaa mootummaa walga’ii kana eeguu cinatti eegdota waajjira ABO Gullallee dirqiidhaan mooraa bansiisanii seenuu fi eegdota kanneen doorsisuu, sakatta’insi waajjiira ABO Gullallee eyyama warra walga’ii ta’an kanaan waraana mootummaaf kennamee waraana mootummaan taasifamuu illee quba qabna. Qaama kaleessa dura dhaabbataa turan ofitti aanfatanii jaallan ofii qaama kana waliin itti duuluun naamuusa keenyaan ala ba’uu qaamoolee kanaa uummataaf ibsina. Kun ammoo amala warraaqtotaaf qabsaa’ota ABO kaleessaas har’aas miti. Gochaaf amala akkanaa kan balaaleffannuuf hundeen gogee akka baduuf nii warraaqna, uummati keenyas amala fokkisaa agarsiifame akkanaa hubannoon akka ilaalu gaafanna.

Walga’iis ta’ee gochaa amala jaallummaa of keessaa hinqabne kamuu farra qabsoo bilisummaa ta’uutti amanna akkasidhas. Kana dura dhaabbachuudhaafis dirqama qabsoon nutti laate qabna. Summii qabsoo bilisummaa Oromootti biifamu kamuu qolachuuf sabatiinsaan qabsoo eegalle itti fufnee jirra.

Caasaan keenya Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoos kana hubachuudhaan burjaajjii tokko malee sochii qabsoo isaa itti fufuu akka qabu dhaammanna. Sochiin goonus qabsaa’ota hidhamanii jiran hiiksisuu qofaaf akka hintaane hubachuudhaan sirna uummata keenya irratti kumaara siyyaasaa taphataa oolee taphataa bulu kana saba keenya irraa kaasuuf gaheef dirqama qabsoon nutti laate bahachuu akka qabnu ibsina.

Nuti Qeerroon mirga sabaafi sablammoota biroo Oromiyaa keessa jiraatanii kabajuun hireen isaanii hiree Oromoon qabu waliin wal fakkaataa waan ta’eef kabajamuu akka qabu akeekuun eegumsa isaniif gochaa qabsoo mootummaa abbaa irree irratti xiyyeeffachuun sochii keenya itti fufna.

Burjaajjii haala yeroo waliin akka hin jeeqamnee fi haala uummanni keenya keessa jiru bu’uura godhachuun qabsoo kan itti fufnu yoo ta’u; aggaammii shiraa saba keenya irratti akkasuma utubaa sabichaaf gaachana saba keenyaa ABO irratti adeemu qolachuuf akkuma duraatti sochii goonu jabeessinee itti fufna.

Nuti Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo waan saba keenyaaf hintaane dura dhaabbachuuf akkasumas hacuuccaa saba kam irratti adeemu kan balfinuuf balaaleffannu ta’uu hubachiifna. Qaamolee saboota biroo Oromiyaa keessaaf saba keenya walitti diruuf sansakkaa Qeerroof naamusa qabsaa’otaan ala socho’anii miidhaa saba irratti xiyyeeffate kaasuu yaalan hadheeffannee mormina.

Kana malees; Ibsoonni adda addaa maqaa Qeerrootiin ba’an burjaajjii kan uumaan dhaabbachuu akka qabaniif namoonni gocha kana raawwatan akka irraa of qusatan jenna.

Maayii irratti, nuti Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo sochii seer-dhablummaa qaama qabsoon raawwatu kamuu jabeessinee mormina! Naamusaaf sansakkaa isaa eeggatee qabsoon jabaatee akka itti fufu dhaammanna. Rakkoof roorroo hamaa saba keenya irra gahaa jiru qolachuufis bifa addaan ijaarsa isaa jabeessuun Qeerroon qabsoo itti fufee kan adeemsisu yoo ta’u, sabni keenyas jaarmiyaalee isaa jabeeffataa qaamolee qabsoo isaa utubee wal hubannoof sabatiinsa gahaadhaan warraaquu akka qabu dhaamna.

Injifannoon uummata Oromoof
Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo
Adooleessa 27,2020




[SQ-Adoolessa 26/2020]

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo marii kallattii har’a gaggeefateen ibsa armaan gadii baafateera.
Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo erga hundeeffamee as bu’aa bahii hedduu fi wareegama qaalii kaffalaa akeekaa fi kaayyoo qabsaa’otni keenya addatti ABOn durfamu jalatti taliigamuun qabsoo hadhooftuu wareegama kamuu gaafattu kaffallee itti fufsiisuuf yeroo hamtuu fi roorroo ulfaattuu keessatti Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo gabrummaa hamaa ummatni Oromoo fi dacheen Oromiyaa baattee jirtu Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo jalatti hundaayuun Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irraa qolachuuf hundeeffame yoomillee hanga kaayyoon jaallanii bakka geessu daandii kaleerraa akka maquun dandeenye isin beeksifna.

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo dabaa fi shira qaama mootummaanis tahe qaamota finxaaleyyii sirna nafxanyaa leellisaniin dhaaba keenya ABO irratti gaggeeffamu kan yeroo kamii caalaa qaruuxummaan jala bu’ee hordofaas ture ammas itti jira.
Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo dhagaa ittiin dhaaba keenya ABOtti darbatan hunda dandayee kan caccabe caccabee dhagaa dhaaba keenyatti darbatamu kamuu baatee kan isaan dhagaan nu caccabsuuf yaalan itti garagalee akka isaan caccabsaa turee fi jiru ija taajjabbiin ilaalaa irbuu ganama seennee osoo irraa hin maqne dhaaba keenya ABO fi Hoggansa dhaabichaa tiksuuf kan yeroo kamii caalaa yeroon kun fardii tahuu hubanneerra. wareegama lubbuu barbaachisu kaffallee dhagaa nutti darbatame sana of irraa qolannee akka dhaaba keenya ABO utubuu fi tiksuu dandeenyu daandiin kaleessa hogganni keenya ABOn keessa darbee as gahe keessattuu erga bara 2000 as shiraa fi daba dhaabicha keessatti qindaayu hogganni keenya dandamatee nuyi Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo itti guddisee imaanaa hin nyaatamnee fi Irbuu lafee fi dhiiga goototaan qabannee seenne har’as xurree sana irraa osoo hin maqne itti jirra.

Nuyi Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo yeroo kamuu dhaaba keenya ABO keessatti shira qaama mootummaan xaxamuu fi namoota dhaaba keenya ABO keessa taa’anii mootummaa waliin hojjetan ija taajjabbiin ilaalaa osoo beeknuu akka hin beeknetti Tokkummaa qabsaa’otaa tiksuu fi hojii itti jiran irraa ni deebi’u laata jennee bifa qaruuxummaan guutameen hunda jala buunee hordofaa turre ittis jirra.
Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo nammoota guyyaa waajjira ABO oolanii galgala qaama mootummaa waliin mariyatan hunda hordofee akeekee ni beeka. Tibbana ajjeefamuu Artist Hacaaluu Hundeessaa booda mootummaan hoggantoota dhaabaa Olaanoo fi qondaaltota dhaabichaa ummata biratti jaallatamanii fi kabaja qaban sababaa tokko malee hidhee hanga ammaa mana murtiitti osoo hin dhiyyeessiin jira. Hoggantootni fi qondaaltotni olaanoo ABO erga qabamanii booda mootummaan bakka itti hidhe maatii fi hoggansa dhaabichaa dabalatee abukaatotni isaaniin akka wal hin quunnamne gochaa jiru.

Mootummaan erga Hoggantoota Olaanaa ABO fi qondaaltota dhaabichaa miseensota dabalatee namoota godinaa hanga gandaatti jiran hidhee booda shira qindaayaa kan dhaabicha diigu dalaguutti jira. Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo shira dhaaba keenya ABO irratti xaxamaa turee fi jiru hunda tokko lamaan hordofaa ture ittis jira. Tibbana mootummaan HD ABO jaal Daawud Ibsaa Adoolessa 11/2020 booda akka mana jireenyaa isaaniitii hin baane eegumsa dabalataa naannoo mana jireenyaa isaaniitti ramaduun akka waan nageenya isaaniif yaadaniitti bifa hin beekamneen mootummaa isaaniif yaade fakkaatanii uggura jala akka galchanii jirantu hanga guyyaa har’aa jechuun Adoolessa 25/2020 mana jireenyaa isaanii keessatti humni waraanaa akka bahee namoota hin quunnamne gochuu fi namoota mana isaa deeman qabee hidhaa jiraachuu jala buunee hordafaa jirra. Kuni Kanaan osoo jiruu Adoolessa 22/2020 irraa eegalee bilbilli harkaa HD ABO jaal Daawud Ethio telecom sababa hin beekamneen jalaa cufamauun akka nama kamuu quunnamuu hin dandeenye godhamaa turuu Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo qorannoo gaggeesseen mirkaneeffateera.
Bilbilli harkaa jaal Daawud kan cufame calqaba lakkoofsa bilbilaa isaan fayyadaman waan humni tikaa argateef calqaba simcard isaanii jalaa cufsiisanii akka isaan nama kamiyyuun quunnamne godhan boodarra jaal Daawud simcard kamiyyuu bitatanii yoo bilbila ykn qafoo isaanii keessa galchan technology ammayyaatti fayyadamuun qafoo bilbila jaal Daawud #Seria number isaa fi IP address isaa waan argataniif sim card kamuu keessa gale akka dalaguu hin dandeenye godhamuun guyyoota sadan dabarsine kana HD ABO jaal Daawud bilbila malee jiraachuu isaanii qaruuxeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo mirkaneeffachuu dandaheera.

Kuni Kanaan osoo jiruu mootummaan karaa namoota tokko tokkoo dhaaba ABO irratti shira xaxaa jiraachuu Qeerroon BIlisummaa Oromoo bira gaheera. Akka gabaasni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo qaqqabe ifa godhutti HDn ABO mana akka hin baane waan tahanii jiraniif murni tahe dhaaba ABO irraa akka fottoqee hogganaan nuyi jedhee labsatuuf qaamni mootummaa halkanii fi guyyaa hojjetaa jiraachuu bira geenyeerra. Murna kanaafis mootummaan eegumsa isiniif godha jedhee waadaa galee akka jiru odeessi belbeltuun Sagalee Qeerroo qaqqabe ifa godha.

Dhimmi kana irratti namoota waamichi godhameef jiru Sagaleen Qeerroo itti dhiyyeenyaan quunnamee mirkaneeffateera . Ummatni Oromoo guutuun Oromiyaa keessaa fi ala jirtan addatti immoo Qeerroon Bilsummaa Oromoo falmaa hadhaawaa kaayyoo fi akeeka jaallanii dhaaba keessan ABO jalatti hundooftanii galma geesisuuf itti dararamaa jirtan dhimmi amma mootummaan shiraan harka isaa dhaaba ABO keessa galfachuuf watwaataa jiru hunda akka quba qabaattanii fi wareegama kamiif of qopheessitan Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo waamicha keenya isiniif dabarsina.
Walgahiin waajjira Gullalleetti guyyaa boruu jechuunis Adoolessa 26/2020 waamamee jira jedhamu Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo kan quban hin qabnee fi hoggansi dhaabichaa bakka itti sochii akka hin goone godhamee jirutti waan taheef beekamtii kanin qabnee fi mootummaan ofii isaa karaa namoota hin beekamneen akka dhaabni ABO waajjira isaa Muummee Gullalleetti kora qabuu fi miidiyaan affeerameeru mootummaan eeyyama kenneeru fakkeessuun waamamaa jiru soba tahuu bartanii namni kamuu wal gahii jedhame akka hin jirre bartanii fi hubattan isin beeksifna.

Yeroon kun yeroo labsii muddamaa waan taheef Addi Bilisummaa Oromoos guyyaa labsiin kun labsamee kaasee wal gahiis tahe marii inni waajjira isaa Gullalleetti gochuuf karoorfate hanga labsiin yeroo muddamaa ka’utti akka hin jirre Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo qulqulleeffateera.
Mootummaan LYM dahoo godhachuun hogganootaa fi qondaaltota akkasumas miseensota wal gahii dhufan ugguruuf haal duree xumuratee humna tikaa hedduu gara waajjira Gullalleetti guyyoota lamaan kana bobbaasaa akka jirus gabaasni arganne ifa godha.
Walumaa galatti nuyi Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo shiraa fi daba dhaaba keenya ABO fi hoggantoota keenya irratti dhufu qolachuuf qophii tahuu keenya yeroo ibsinu namoota gochaa kana duuba jiranis osoo hin beekiin haa tahu beekanii gochaa isaanii kana irraa dhaabbatanii akka qabsoo isaanii itti fufsiisanii fi irbuu jaallan kufanii akka galma gahaniif waamicha dhiyyeessinaaf.
Dhaaba Dhiigaa fi lafee gootootaan ijaarame dhiigaa fi lafee keenyaan ni tiksina.
Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Adoolessa 25/2020


Jaal Amaan Filee manni murtii erga bilisaan lakkisee dhimmi nageenyaa mana hidhaatti deebise.


Jaal Amaan Filee manni murtii erga bilisaan lakkisee dhimmi nageenyaa mana hidhaatti deebise.

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[SQ Adoolessa 21/2020]

Miseensa GS ABO kan ta’e jaal Amaan Filee Bitootessa 6/2020 miseensa SHG-GS ABO jaal Abdii Raggaasaa mana hidhaa Buraayyuutti gaafachuu deemee erga hidhamee gara Booranaatti geeffamuunsaa ni yaadatama. Godina Booranaa Magaalaa Yaaballootti mana murtiitti deddeebi’aa erga turee booda torban lama dura manni murtii akka lakkifamu murteessee ture. Isa dura manni murtii qorattoonni akka ragaa irratti fidaniif beellama qabee guyyaa beellamaatti ragaa fiduu waan hanqataniif jaal Amaan akka lakkifamu manni murtii murtoo kenne. Haala kanaanis jaal Amaan mana hidhaatii ba’ee balbalarra wayita ga’u poolisoonni biroo isa eeggachuun qabanii gara qajeelcha poolisii Godina Booranaatti deebisuun hidhan. Sababaan isaan deebisanii hidhaniifis dhimma nageenyaa kan Godina Booranaafi abbootii alangaa godinaatiin akka hin lakkifamne ajajni kan darbe ta’uu odeessi SQBO qaqqabe ifa godha.