TPLF’s Government Plans for another Round of Mass Arrest

NEW(Qeerroo News, Finfinnee, 28 October 2011) The brutal regime of Meles Zenawi government has a plan for another round of mass arrests that mainly target Oromos, Ogaden and Amhara political dissidents, members and supporters of opposition political parties.

According to our sources this plan is only the smaller components of the bigger plan that has been implanted by TPLF’s government since July 2011 to systematically wipe out critical political dissidents in Ethiopia.

This new information we get from our sources noticeably substantiates one of the promises Meles Zenaw made to his parliament recently. During his latest parliamentary address Meles announces that there are several people on whom his government is collecting an evidence to make another round of arrest.

He said “There are people we know they are involved and have a connection with terrorist groups. We just need some more evidence before we take arrests. However, we don’t want to ruin everything by moving too fast”.

According to our sources, this new plan of arrests may also spank some of the government employees and civil servants whom the TPLF see as “potential threats” and “insider information sources” of individuals and Media who are critical of regime.

Belay Olana, who is an expert on TPLF’s Policy on civil service reform, commented that “given the very nature of TPLF and its policy of civil servants and government employees, this news should not be surprising for anyone”.

He said “the government has been doing all in its hand to purge independent and competent civil servants and appointees, whom it thinks as non supporters of TPLF’s policies and marked political dissidents, from its institutions using different mechanisms”.

This expert added that “the ruling party calls this category of government employees as ‘Trojan Horse’ infiltrated the government bureaucracy to speed up the fall of the regime.”

 “Therefore, if government uses its anti-terrorism campaign to purge and prosecute its employees…it is just another means to terrorize and repress its own citizens inside its own apparatus”

In related news TPLF’s Ministry of Justice has established a team whose mission is “to investigate and find out the possible individuals in Ethiopian Criminal Justice Organs”  who have been providing information for news media that are reporting on prevalent abuse of power and inhuman  handling of political detainees in that county.

Our sources inside in the Ministry further indicated that this newly organized team targets the Oromo legal experts and former friends of Mr. Leggese Alemu who was a Public Prosecutor and Director in Ministry of Justice before he fled to America in July 2011.

This team has already contacted and interrogated some of these experts as to whether they provided information for news media or for Mr. Leggese and his contacts after he left the Ministry.

Our sources revealed that, Mr. Kifly Mehari, a veteran member of TPLF and a member of this team directly threatened some of these experts by saying that “Mr. Leggese is a person for whom our government is seriously looking for. If you give any information or documents to this man we will find out and then you will be the one who pay the ultimate price for his acts of betrayal and treason”.

The establishment of this team might be a reaction of the Ministry of Justice to the critical information recently seeps out and subsequently published by several news media. This information was related to members of TPLF who have been playing leading roles in persecuting and torturing of Oromos and other political dissidents in criminal justice institutions, especially in Federal Police Investigation Centers.

According to recent Media reports more than 200 individuals were arrested and charged under Ethiopian Anti Terrorism Proclamation, a piece of legislation that has been aggressively used by the TPLF government essentially to crack down on  Oromos, political dissidents and other professionals critical of the current regime. The victims of these arbitrarily arrests includes prominent artists, politicians, and veteran international and local journalists.

Ya Oromia

New post on Bilisummaa

Ya Oromia

by bilisummaa

(Qeerroo, 25 October 2011) Although it is the story of single women who left her home land due to persecution, it clearly represents the whole Oromo, the largest national group, who has been mainly targeted for destruction and genocide because of their struggle for national self-determination, statehood and democracy as well as because of their resources.

It’s about a young refugee mother living in Melbourne who had to flee her homeland and family in Ethiopia, to save her life. This film documents the reunion with her two daughters after six years of separation.It’s about a young refugee mother living in Melbourne who had to flee her homeland and family in Ethiopia, to save her life. This film documents the reunion with her two daughters after six years of separation.

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(ቄሮ ዘጋቢ October 25, 2011)  በየቦታዉ ያሉ ካድሬዎችና የገዢው ፓርቲ ቅጥረኞች የአቶ መለስ ዜናዊን የፓርላማ ንግግር ካዳመጡ በኋላ በሰላማዊና ሕገ መንግስቱን እያከበሩ የሚንቀሳቀሱ የመድረክ አባል ድርጅቶችን፣ “ሽብርተኞች ናቸዉ” በሚል የፖሮፖጋንዳ ዘመቻ የከፈቱ ሲሆን፣ የመድረክ አባላትን በየቀበሌዉና በየወረዳዉ የማስፈራራት፣ የማሰር፣ የመግደል ፣ የማወክ ዘመቻቸዉን እንዳጧጧፉ  የደረሰን ዜና ያመለክታል።

በደቡብ ጎንደር በመምህርነት ያገለግሉ የነበሩ፣ የአንድነት ለዲሞክራሲና ለፍትህ ፓርቲ አባልና ደጋፊ የነበሩት፣ አቶ ሙሳ ኢብራሁም፣ ጥቅምት ስምንት ቀን 2004 ዓ.ም በኢሕአዴግ ታጣቂዎች ተደብድበዉ መሞታቸዉን ከአዲስ አበባ የደረሰን ዘገባ አክሎ ያትታል።

የአንድነት ፓርቲ የምዕራብ ጎጃም ዞን ምክር ቤት አባል የሆኑት ሻምበል የሺዋስ ይሁን፣ ጥቅምት ስድስት ቀን በፌዴራል ፖሊሲ ተይዘዉ ከተወሰዱ በኋላ የት እንደደረሱ ማወቅ እንዳልተቻለም የደረሰን ዜና ያመለክትል። በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ፣ አቶ ሃብታሙ አያሌዉና ዘመዲያ አገዘ የተባሉ፣ በምስራቅ ጎጃም ነዋሪ የሆኑ የአንድነት ደጋፊ፣ ሰኔ ሃያ አምስት ቀን 2003 ዓ.ም በወረዳዉ ፖሊስ ተይዘው ከተወሰዱ ጀምሮ ቤተሰቦቻቸዉ የት እንዳሉ ለማወቅ እንዳልቻሉ ዜናዉ አክሎ ይገልጻል።

ሐምሌ 13 ቀን 2003 ዓ.ም አሁንም በምስራቅ ጎጃም የሚገኝ የወረዳ ፍርድ ቤት፣ በአቶ አያል ጌታነህ ላይ ኢፍትሃዊ በሆነ መንገድ፣ ለአንድ አመት ከሕብረ ተሰቡ ጋር እንዳይገናኙ የወሰነ ሲሆን ፣ አቶ አያል ጌታነህ በአሁኑ ወቅት በፍርሃትና በትልቅ ወከባ ላይ እንደሚገኙም ለማወቅ ችለናል።

ከጎጆምና ከጎንደር ወደ ሰሜን አለፍ ስንል፣ በትግራይም፣ ዜጎች በብዛት እየታሰሩ እንደሆነም ለማረጋገጥ ችለናል። የመድረክን አላማ የያዘ ወረቀት ለህዝብ ሲያሰራጩ የነበሩት የአረና አባል፣ አቶ አያሌዉ በየነ በሽሬ ተይዘዉ የታሰሩ ሲሆን፣ መምህር ጎይቶም ጸጋዬ የአረና አባል ስለሆኑ ከስራቸዉ ተባረዋል።

አቶ አማረ ተወልደ የተባሉ የአረና አባል፣ እርሳቸዉም በሁመራ የመድረክን አላማ ወረቀት ለሕዝብ ሲያሰራጩ በአማራዉ ክልል ፖሊሶች ተይዘዉ፣ “አረናዎች በትግራይ እንጂ በአማራዉ ክልል መንቀሳቀስ አይችሉም” በሚል ለበርካታ ቀናት እንደታሰሩ የደረሰን ዜና ያመለክታል።

ላለፉት ሶስት ወራት ገዢዉ ፓርቲ ሽብርተኖች ናቸው እያለ ኦሮሚያን የአማራዉን የትግራይ ክልል ጨምሮ በመላዉ አገሪቷ ግዛቶች ከፍተኛ የሆነ ዜጎችን የማወክ ተግባር እየፈጸመ ሲሆን፣ አቶ አንዱዋለም አርጌ፣ አቶ እስክንደር ነጋን ጨመሮ እጅግ በጣም ብዛት ያላቸዉ ሰላማዊ ዜጎች እንዳሰረ የሚታወቅ ነዉ።

Web viewer’s Feedback about the Atrocities of Meles Regime

Qeerroo is doing a great job. Writing a list of names who are responsible for current genocide of Oromo and many other non Semitic people will undoubtedly end up in the International Criminal Court sooner than later. Once that happens, the anti-Cush Ethiopian campaign will end.

This same group is also responsible for human right violations of Amhara and moderate Tigray people. The difference between human rights violation of Abyssinian and all non Semitic people is that the Ethiopian government eliminates the children and elderly of Oromo, Anuak, Sidama and Ogaden to name a few.

Ethiopian military use of rape against Oromo and Ogaden women to destroy society.!


International reports

This campaign is also extended to other countries including Yemen. Ethiopian government is alleged to have taken part in killing of an Oromo community leader (Mr Ahmed Rori) in 2008 as reported by Human Rights Watch.
it was reported that Mr Ahmed received death threats from the Ethiopian Embassy days before his death (See Human Rights Watch report link).

Remarks by the President at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Please be seated.

An earthquake and a hurricane may have delayed this day, but this is a day that would not be denied.

For this day, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s return to the National Mall.  In this place, he will stand for all time, among monuments to those who fathered this nation and those who defended it; a black preacher with no official rank or title who somehow gave voice to our deepest dreams and our most lasting ideals, a man who stirred our conscience and thereby helped make our union more perfect.

And Dr. King would be the first to remind us that this memorial is not for him alone.  The movement of which he was a part depended on an entire generation of leaders.  Many are here today, and for their service and their sacrifice, we owe them our everlasting gratitude.  This is a monument to your collective achievement.  (Applause.)

Some giants of the civil rights movement –- like Rosa Parks and Dorothy Height, Benjamin Hooks, Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth –- they’ve been taken from us these past few years.  This monument attests to their strength and their courage, and while we miss them dearly, we know they rest in a better place.

And finally, there are the multitudes of men and women whose names never appear in the history books –- those who marched and those who sang, those who sat in and those who stood firm, those who organized and those who mobilized –- all those men and women who through countless acts of quiet heroism helped bring about changes few thought were even possible. “By the thousands,” said Dr. King, “faceless, anonymous, relentless young people, black and white…have taken our whole nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the founding fathers in the formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.”  To those men and women, to those foot soldiers for justice, know that this monument is yours, as well.

Nearly half a century has passed since that historic March on Washington, a day when thousands upon thousands gathered for jobs and for freedom.  That is what our schoolchildren remember best when they think of Dr. King -– his booming voice across this Mall, calling on America to make freedom a reality for all of God’s children, prophesizing of a day when the jangling discord of our nation would be transformed into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.

It is right that we honor that march, that we lift up Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech –- for without that shining moment, without Dr. King’s glorious words, we might not have had the courage to come as far as we have.  Because of that hopeful vision, because of Dr. King’s moral imagination, barricades began to fall and bigotry began to fade.  New doors of opportunity swung open for an entire generation.  Yes, laws changed, but hearts and minds changed, as well.

Look at the faces here around you, and you see an America that is more fair and more free and more just than the one Dr. King addressed that day.  We are right to savor that slow but certain progress -– progress that’s expressed itself in a million ways, large and small, across this nation every single day, as people of all colors and creeds live together, and work together, and fight alongside one another, and learn together, and build together, and love one another.

So it is right for us to celebrate today Dr. King’s dream and his vision of unity.  And yet it is also important on this day to remind ourselves that such progress did not come easily; that Dr. King’s faith was hard-won; that it sprung out of a harsh reality and some bitter disappointments.

It is right for us to celebrate Dr. King’s marvelous oratory, but it is worth remembering that progress did not come from words alone.  Progress was hard.  Progress was purchased through enduring the smack of billy clubs and the blast of fire hoses.  It was bought with days in jail cells and nights of bomb threats.  For every victory during the height of the civil rights movement, there were setbacks and there were defeats.

We forget now, but during his life, Dr. King wasn’t always considered a unifying figure.  Even after rising to prominence, even after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. King was vilified by many, denounced as a rabble rouser and an agitator, a communist and a radical.  He was even attacked by his own people, by those who felt he was going too fast or those who felt he was going too slow; by those who felt he shouldn’t meddle in issues like the Vietnam War or the rights of union workers.  We know from his own testimony the doubts and the pain this caused him, and that the controversy that would swirl around his actions would last until the fateful day he died.

I raise all this because nearly 50 years after the March on Washington, our work, Dr. King’s work, is not yet complete.  We gather here at a moment of great challenge and great change.  In the first decade of this new century, we have been tested by war and by tragedy; by an economic crisis and its aftermath that has left millions out of work, and poverty on the rise, and millions more just struggling to get by.  Indeed, even before this crisis struck, we had endured a decade of rising inequality and stagnant wages.  In too many troubled neighborhoods across the country, the conditions of our poorest citizens appear little changed from what existed 50 years ago -– neighborhoods with underfunded schools and broken-down slums, inadequate health care, constant violence, neighborhoods in which too many young people grow up with little hope and few prospects for the future.

Our work is not done.  And so on this day, in which we celebrate a man and a movement that did so much for this country, let us draw strength from those earlier struggles.  First and foremost, let us remember that change has never been quick.  Change has never been simple, or without controversy.  Change depends on persistence.  Change requires determination.  It took a full decade before the moral guidance of Brown v. Board of Education was translated into the enforcement measures of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, but those 10 long years did not lead Dr. King to give up.  He kept on pushing, he kept on speaking, he kept on marching until change finally came.  (Applause.)

And then when, even after the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act passed, African Americans still found themselves trapped in pockets of poverty across the country, Dr. King didn’t say those laws were a failure; he didn’t say this is too hard; he didn’t say, let’s settle for what we got and go home.  Instead he said, let’s take those victories and broaden our mission to achieve not just civil and political equality but also economic justice; let’s fight for a living wage and better schools and jobs for all who are willing to work.  In other words, when met with hardship, when confronting disappointment, Dr. King refused to accept what he called the “isness” of today.  He kept pushing towards the “oughtness” of tomorrow.

And so, as we think about all the work that we must do –- rebuilding an economy that can compete on a global stage, and fixing our schools so that every child — not just some, but every child — gets a world-class education, and making sure that our health care system is affordable and accessible to all, and that our economic system is one in which everybody gets a fair shake and everybody does their fair share, let us not be trapped by what is.  (Applause.)  We can’t be discouraged by what is.  We’ve got to keep pushing for what ought to be, the America we ought to leave to our children, mindful that the hardships we face are nothing compared to those Dr. King and his fellow marchers faced 50 years ago, and that if we maintain our faith, in ourselves and in the possibilities of this nation, there is no challenge we cannot surmount.

And just as we draw strength from Dr. King’s struggles, so must we draw inspiration from his constant insistence on the oneness of man; the belief in his words that “we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”  It was that insistence, rooted in his Christian faith, that led him to tell a group of angry young protesters, “I love you as I love my own children,” even as one threw a rock that glanced off his neck.

It was that insistence, that belief that God resides in each of us, from the high to the low, in the oppressor and the oppressed, that convinced him that people and systems could change.  It fortified his belief in non-violence.  It permitted him to place his faith in a government that had fallen short of its ideals.  It led him to see his charge not only as freeing black America from the shackles of discrimination, but also freeing many Americans from their own prejudices, and freeing Americans of every color from the depredations of poverty.

And so at this moment, when our politics appear so sharply polarized, and faith in our institutions so greatly diminished, we need more than ever to take heed of Dr. King’s teachings.  He calls on us to stand in the other person’s shoes; to see through their eyes; to understand their pain.  He tells us that we have a duty to fight against poverty, even if we are well off; to care about the child in the decrepit school even if our own children are doing fine; to show compassion toward the immigrant family, with the knowledge that most of us are only a few generations removed from similar hardships.  (Applause.)

To say that we are bound together as one people, and must constantly strive to see ourselves in one another, is not to argue for a false unity that papers over our differences and ratifies an unjust status quo.  As was true 50 years ago, as has been true throughout human history, those with power and privilege will often decry any call for change as “divisive.”  They’ll say any challenge to the existing arrangements are unwise and destabilizing.  Dr. King understood that peace without justice was no peace at all; that aligning our reality with our ideals often requires the speaking of uncomfortable truths and the creative tension of non-violent protest.

But he also understood that to bring about true and lasting change, there must be the possibility of reconciliation; that any social movement has to channel this tension through the spirit of love and mutuality.

If he were alive today, I believe he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing all who work there; that the businessman can enter tough negotiations with his company’s union without vilifying the right to collectively bargain.  He would want us to know we can argue fiercely about the proper size and role of government without questioning each other’s love for this country — (applause) — with the knowledge that in this democracy, government is no distant object but is rather an expression of our common commitments to one another.  He would call on us to assume the best in each other rather than the worst, and challenge one another in ways that ultimately heal rather than wound.

In the end, that’s what I hope my daughters take away from this monument.  I want them to come away from here with a faith in what they can accomplish when they are determined and working for a righteous cause.  I want them to come away from here with a faith in other people and a faith in a benevolent God.  This sculpture, massive and iconic as it is, will remind them of Dr. King’s strength, but to see him only as larger than life would do a disservice to what he taught us about ourselves.  He would want them to know that he had setbacks, because they will have setbacks.  He would want them to know that he had doubts, because they will have doubts.  He would want them to know that he was flawed, because all of us have flaws.

It is precisely because Dr. King was a man of flesh and blood and not a figure of stone that he inspires us so.  His life, his story, tells us that change can come if you don’t give up.  He would not give up, no matter how long it took, because in the smallest hamlets and the darkest slums, he had witnessed the highest reaches of the human spirit; because in those moments when the struggle seemed most hopeless, he had seen men and women and children conquer their fear; because he had seen hills and mountains made low and rough places made plain, and the crooked places made straight and God make a way out of no way.

And that is why we honor this man –- because he had faith in us.  And that is why he belongs on this Mall -– because he saw what we might become.  That is why Dr. King was so quintessentially American — because for all the hardships we’ve endured, for all our sometimes tragic history, ours is a story of optimism and achievement and constant striving that is unique upon this Earth.  And that is why the rest of the world still looks to us to lead.  This is a country where ordinary people find in their hearts the courage to do extraordinary things; the courage to stand up in the face of the fiercest resistance and despair and say this is wrong, and this is right; we will not settle for what the cynics tell us we have to accept and we will reach again and again, no matter the odds, for what we know is possible.

That is the conviction we must carry now in our hearts.  (Applause.)  As tough as times may be, I know we will overcome.  I know there are better days ahead.  I know this because of the man towering over us.  I know this because all he and his generation endured — we are here today in a country that dedicated a monument to that legacy.

And so with our eyes on the horizon and our faith squarely placed in one another, let us keep striving; let us keep struggling; let us keep climbing toward that promised land of a nation and a world that is more fair, and more just, and more equal for every single child of God.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.  (Applause.)

12:12 P.M. EDT

“If an Oromo is not angry at this time, her/his head must be sick.” Message of the Week

(Qeerroo News, 24 October 2011)  I am thankful of the International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA) for initiating the “We the People Petition” to President Barack Obama. Our political organizations have failed you because they have polarized our people. Due to the ethnocentric nature of the regime on power, there is a great sense of fear for reprisal. Many people fear for themselves and their loved ones.

Here are some very important notes that I have taken from the lectures of two experts that specialize in conflict resolution. They are friends of the Oromo people and both of them were invited by the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. On these workshops, our friends gave us good advice that are based on pragmatic reasoning. Some of their advice were:

–  Organize true believers

–  Learn from past failures

–  Get your own instrument to get your messages out

–  Know the timing

–  Be solution oriented; do not fan the problems only

– Give a space for yourself; also know that your passion for freedom is incomplete if it does not include your neighbors

– Force your enemies to break their own laws

– Transcend regional and religious differences

– Avoid self-loading problems such as internalizing fear and inferiority

One of these experts said: “If an Oromo is not angry at this time, her/his head must be sick.”

I think the Horn of Africa is “On His Watch” and here is an E-mail message from Michael Blake. He asked me to pass it on to anyone I know. A message to IOYA: The struggle is not over yet and never give up! I also urge all Oromo political organizations to respond positively to the plight of our people for unity.

Feyera Sobokssa can be reached at


“የጋዜጠኝነት ሀሁ የማይገባቸው ጋጠወጦች” የወዲ ዜናዊ ሙያዊ አንደበት

(ቄሮ ዘጋቢ October 24, 2011) የወያኔ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር መለስ ዜናዊ በተወካዮች ምክር ቤት ተገኝተው ማብራሪያ ከሰጡባቸው ጉዳዮች መካከል በፍርድ ቤት እየታየ ያለን ጉዳይ የሚዘግቡ ጋዜጠኞችን የሚመለከት ነው፡፡

ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ በዕለቱ ማብራሪያ  ሲሰጡ በቅርቡ ከሽብርተኝነት ጋር በተያያዘ የታሰሩ ሰዎችን በተመለከተ ነገሩ በፍርድ ቤት እየታየ ነው፡፡ በፍርድ ቤት እየታየ ያለን ጉዳይ የሚዘግቡ ጋዜጦች ክሱ ምን እንደሆነ ሳያዩ፣ ማስረጃዎችን ሳይመለከቱ ተጠርጣሪዎቹ ነፃ ናቸው የሚሉት የፍርድ ሒደቱ በፍጥነት ባለመከናወኑ ሳይሆን፣ የጋዜጠኝነት ሀሁ የማይገባቸው ወይም እንዲገባቸው የማይፈልጉ ጋጠ ወጦች በመሆናቸው ነው፡፡

ጋዜጦችን ክሱ ምን እንደሆነ ሳያዩ፣ ማስረጃዎችን ሳይመለከቱ ተጠርጣሪዎቹ ነፃ ናቸው የሚሉት የፍርድ ሒደቱ በፍጥነት ባለመከናወኑ ሳይሆን፣ የጋዜጠኝነት ሀሁ የማይገባቸው ወይም እንዲገባቸው የማይፈልጉ ጋጠ ወጦች በመሆናቸው ነው፡፡

ወዲ ዜናዊ  በመቀጠልም የጋዜጠኛ የመጀመሪያ ሥነ ምግባር የሁለቱን አስተያየት መስማት ነው፡፡ ነገሮችን በጥሞና ማጥናት ነው፡፡ ማስረጃዎችን መፈተሽ ነው፡፡ ይህን ሳያደርጉ ዘሎ አለመጻፍ አለመናገር ነው፡፡ የጋዜጠኝነት ሥነ ምግባር የሚጠይቀው ይኼን ነው፡፡ ይኼን ሥነ ምግባር አልፈው የሚንጣጡ ጋዜጠኞች ካሉ ችግሩ የራሳቸው እንጂ ለፍርድ ቤት በማቅረብ ላይ መዘግየት ስለታየ አይደለም፡፡

በአሁኑ ሰዓት በአገራችን የሚካሄደው የሽብር እንቅስቃሴ ሦስት ዋና ዋና ተዋናዮች አሉት፡፡ አንደኛውና ዋናው የኤርትራ መንግሥት ነው፡፡ የእዚህን ቡድን አቋም ሕዝቡ ያውቀዋል፡፡ ሻዕቢያ የአቋም ለውጥ አላሳየም፡፡ አካባቢውን የማተራመስ ስትራቴጂ ይዞ ነው እየሠራ ያለው፡፡ ሁለተኞቹ ሻዕቢያ በቀጥታ የሚያሰማራቸው ነጭ ለባሾች ናቸው፡፡ እነዚህ አልሻባብን ይመለከታሉ፡፡ ኦነግን፣ ኦብነግንና ግንቦት 7 ብሎ የሰየመውን ቡድን ይመለከታሉ፡፡ እነዚህ ቡድኖች በዚህ ፓርላማ አሸባሪ ተብለው ተፈርጀዋል፡፡ ዋና ቢሮአቸውም አስመራ ነው፡፡ የሚንቀሳቀሱትም አስመራ በተቀየሰው ስትራቴጂ መሠረት ነው፡፡ እነዚህ በጣም የታወቁ ተዋንያን ናቸው፡፡ ቀሪዎቹ ደግሞ በሰላማዊ መንገድ እንሠራለን ብለው ያወጁ ናቸው፡፡ አንዳንድ የመድረክ መሪዎች ከእነዚህ የሻዕቢያ ነጭ ለባሾች ጋር በመተባበር በሕጋዊ ፓርቲ ሽፋን የነኦብነግ፣ የነኦነግና የግንቦት 7 አስፈጻሚ ሆነው እየሠሩ ነው፡፡ አሁን የታሰሩ ሰዎች አሉ፡፡ እነዚህ የታሠሩት ሰዎች የአሸባሪ ድርጅት አባላት መሆናቸውን የሚያሳይ አሳማኝ ማስረጃ አለን፡፡

ማን የማን ድርጅት አባል መሆኑን እያወቅን ያላሰርናቸው ሰዎች አሉ፡፡ እነዚህን ግለሰቦች ያላሰርንበት ምክንያቱ ሁለት ነው፡፡ የመጀመሪያው ሰዶ ማሳደድ አያስፈልግም በሚል ነው፡፡ በፍርድ ቤት ተቀባይነት ያለው ማስረጃ ስላላገኘንባቸው ዝም ያልናቸው አሉ፡፡ እስካሁን ለታሰሩት ግን የአሸባሪ አባል ስለመሆናቸው አሳማኝ ማስረጃ አለን፡፡

ብዙዎቹ እነዚህ ሰዎች በምህረት የተለቀቁ ናቸው፡፡ በቅድመ ሁኔታ ነው የተፈቱት፡፡ ዝም ብለን ማሰር ብንፈልግ እያንዳንዳቸው የገቡትን ቃል በየቀኑ ያፈረሱበት ሁኔታ ስላለ ሁሉንም ጥፍር አድርገን ማስገባት እንችላለን፡፡ በየጋዜጣው መአት ማስረጃ አለ፡፡ በቀጥታ ወደ ይቅርታ ቦርድ ተወስደው [የገቡትን ቃል] ጥሰዋል አልጣሱም በሚል እስር ቤት ማስገባት እንችላለን፡፡ ይህንን ያላደረግንበት ምክንያት በሒደት እየረገቡ እየገባቸው ይሄዳል፤ ከግለሰቦች ጋር አተካራ መግባት አይገባንም በሚል ነው፡፡ እነዚህ ድርጅቶች ውስጥ ያሉ አመራሮች ማ የየትኛው አሸባሪ ድርጅት አባል እንደሆነ በዝርዝር ነው የምናውቀው፡፡ በምናውቀው ልክ ዕርምጃ አልወሰድንም፡፡

አንዳንድ ጋዜጠኞች ከየትኛው የአሸባሪ ድርጅት ጋር እንደሚገናኙና ምን ዓይነት መመርያ እንደሚሰጣቸው እናውቃለን፡፡ ምኅዳር ለማጥበብ የሚባለው የቁራ ጩኸት ነው፡፡ በዚህ ሥራ የተሰማሩ ሰዎችን ማሰር ከፈለግን ከመጠን በላይ ማስረጃ አለን፡፡ ስለታገስን የማናውቅ ከመሰላቸው እየተሳሳቱ ነው፡፡ መንግሥት አሳማኝ ማስረጃ ሳይዝ አይገባም፡፡ የሚሠሩት ድራማ በዝርዝር መታወቁ አይቀርም፡፡

የሃላባ ብሔረሰብ የማንነት ጥያቄ

(ቄሮ ዘጋቢ October 24, 2011)በደቡብ ክልል ሃዲያ ዞን የምሥራቅ ባዳዋቾ የፖሊስ አባላት ባደረሱት ጥቃት ሦስት ሰዎች ሲገደሉ፣ በ27 ሰዎች ላይ ቀላልና ከባድ ጉዳት መድረሱንና 115 ቤቶች በውስጣው ከነበሩ የቤት እንስሳትና ንብረቶች ጋራ መቃጠላቸውን ተ፡፡

ላለፉት 13 ዓመታት “እኛ ሃላባዎች እንጂ ሃድያዎች አይደለንም፤” በሚል የማንነት ጥያቄ ሲያነሱ የቆዩት በሃዲያ ዞን ውስጥ የሚገኙ ሦስት ወረዳዎች፣ ጥያቄያቸው ምላሽ በማጣቱ ወደ ግጭት በማምራት ላይ መሆናቸውን ገልጸዋል፡፡

ቁጥራቸው አሥር የሚደርሱ በሃዲያ ዞን ምሥራቅ ባዳዋቾ ወረዳ የአንደኛ ቄራንሶ፣ የሁለተኛ ቄራንሶና የገገራ ቀበሌ ነዋሪዎች ተወካይ ሽማግሌዎች  እንደገለጹት፣ ለ13 ዓመታት የማንነት ጥይቄያቸውን ለወረዳው፣ ለዞኑ እንዲሁም ለደቡብ ክልል ከዚያም አልፎ ተርፎ ለፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት ቢያቀርቡም ምላሽ ከማጣታቸውም ባሻገር ወደ ግጭት እያመሩ ነው፡፡

ባህላቸው፣ ታሪካቸውና ቋንቋቸው የሃላባ መሆኑን የሚናገሩት እነዚሁ ሽማግሌዎች፣ “እውነታው ይህ ሆኖ እያለ የምንማረው፣ የምንዳኘው እንዲሁም ማንኛውንም ማኀበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ግንኙነታችንን የምናደርገው በምንም መልኩ መናገር፣ መስማትና ማንበብ በማንችለው የሃዲይኛ ቋንቋ ነው፤” በማለት ይገልጻሉ፡፡

በ1989 ዓ.ም. ብሔረሰቡ ለፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት አቤቱታውን ባሰማበት ወቅት፣ ምክር ቤቱ ለደቡብ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦችና ሕዝቦች ክልላዊ መንግሥት ምክር ቤት በጻፈው ደብዳቤ፣ የክልሉ ሕገ መንግሥት በሚፈቅደው መሠረት ጥያቄው በክልሉ በኩል ተጣርቶ ውሳኔ እንዲያገኝ አዟል፡፡

የደቡብ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦችና ሕዝቦች ክልል መንግሥት የብሔረሰቦች ምክር ቤት ጽሕፈት ቤትም፣ በ1998 ዓ.ም. ለጉራጌ፣ ለስልጤ፣ ለሃዲያና ለከንባታ ዞኖች አስተዳደር ጽሕፈት ቤቶችና ለሃላባ ልዩ ወረዳ አስተዳደር ጽሕፈት ቤት የላከው ደብዳቤ፣ የማንነት ጥያቄ የሚያነሱትን ብሔረሰብ አባላት ጥያቄ አጣርተው መፍትሔ እንዲያገኙ ያዛል፡፡

“ከሚመለከታቸው የመንግሥት አካላት በተደጋጋሚ ትዕዛዝ ይምጣ እንጂ ለጥያቄያችን ምላሽ ከማግኘት ይልቅ ስቃይና እንግልት እየበዛብን መጥቷል፤” የሚሉት ተወካዮቹ፣ እየደረሰባቸው ስላለው የሰብዓዊ መብት ረገጣም ለሰብዓዊ መብት ኮሚሽን የድረሱልን ጥሪ ማቅረባቸውን ገልጸዋል፡፡

ጥር 20 ቀን 2000 ዓ.ም. የኢትዮጵያ ሰብዓዊ መብት ኮሚሽን ለክልሉ መንግሥት የላከው ደብዳቤ እንደሚያመለክተው፣ የሦስቱ ቀበሌ ነዋሪዎች በሃዲያ ዞን የምሥራቅ ወረዳ አመራር አባላት ለጥያቄያቸው ምላሽ ከመስጠት ይልቅ በተወካዮቻቸው ላይ ድብደባና አፈና እያደረሱባቸው መሆኑን፣ ከዚህም ለማምለጥ አካባቢውን ለቅቀው በስደት እንደሚገኙና የማንነት ጥያቄውን ባቀረቡ ተወካዮች ቤተሰቦች ላይ እስራት እንደሚፈጸምባቸው ተወካዮቹ በአቤቱታቸው ማቅረባቸውን ይገልጻል፡፡ የኢትዮጵያ ሰብዓዊ መብት ኮሚሽን በብሔሩ ላይ እየደረሰ ያለውን የመብት ጥሰት እንዲያስቆምላቸውና በሃላባ ብሔረሰብ ውስጥ መከለል የሚችሉበትን ሁኔታ እንዲያመቻችላቸው የጠየቁ መሆናቸውንም ያመለክታል፡፡

ኮሚሽኑ የብሔሩን አቤቱታ መሠረት በማድረግ ለክለሉ በጻፈው ደብዳቤ፣ በሰዎቹ ላይ የአካባቢው የአስተዳደር አባላት እያደረሱ ያሉትን በደል ክልሉ እንዲያስቆምላቸውና ለዘለቄታውም በፌዴራልና በሕገ መንግሥት የተቀመጡትን አቅጣጫዎች በመከተል የአከላለል ጥያቄያቸውን እንዲፈታላቸው ያሳስባል፡፡

የማንነት ጥያቄ መነሳት ከጀመረበት ከ13 ዓመታት ወዲህ በብሔረሰቡ ላይ እየደረሰ ያለው ስቃይ ከልክ በላይ መሆኑን የሚናገሩት ተወካዮቹ፣ ዞኑ ለችግሩ መፍትሔ ከማቅረብ ይልቅ ቅድመ ሁኔታዎችን በመደርደር እየበደላቸው መሆኑን ይገልጻሉ፡፡

“ከፈለጋችሁ መሬቱ የሃዲያ ስለሆነ ለቃችሁ ሂዱ፣ ካልሆነም ሃዲያ ባትሆኑም ሃዲያ ነን በሚል አማራጭ ኑሩ፤” የሚሉ ሁለት አማራጮች እንደቀረቡላቸው ገልጸዋል፡፡

የማንነት ጥያቄ የሚያነሱትን በጅምላ በማሰር፣ በመደብደብና ባልሠሩት ወንጀል በማስፈረድ ተደጋጋሚ እንግልት እንደሚያደርሱባቸው የሚናገሩት ተወካዮቹ፣ በተለይ መስከረም 21 ቀን 2000 ዓ.ም. “ሕገወጥ ስብሰባ አካሂዳችኋል፤” በሚል ወረዳው ባሰማራቸው የፖሊስ ኃይል የደረሰው ጥቃት ችግሩን አስከፊ እንዳደረገው አብራርተዋል፡፡  በዚሁ ዕለት የምሥራቅ ባዳዋቾ የፖሊስ አባላት ባደረሱት ጥቃት ሦስት ሰዎች ሲገደሉ፣ በ27 ሰዎች ላይ ቀላልና ከባድ ጉዳት መድረሱንና 115 ቤቶች በውስጣው ከነበሩ የቤት እንስሳትና ንብረቶች ጋራ መቃጠላቸውን ተወካዮቹ ገልጸዋል፡፡

ጥቃቱን ካደረሱ በኋላም ሕፃናትና አዛውንትን በማሰር ላይ በመሆናቸው በአሁኑ ወቅት አብዛኛው ሕዝብ በፍርኃት በጫካ ውስጥ ተሸሽጐ እንደሚገኝ ጠቁመዋል፡፡ ጉዳዩን አስመልክተን ማብራሪያ እንዲሰጡን የጠየቅናቸው የምሥራቅ ባዳዎቾ አስተዳደር ኃላፊ፣ “ሃላባና ሃዲያ የሚባል ነገር የለም፡፡ ግጭቱም የሃላባና የሃዲያ ሳይሆን የግለሰቦች ግጭት ነው፡፡ ከዚህ በላይ ማብራሪያ መስጠት አልፈልግም፤” በማለት መልሰውልናል፡፡

በአካባቢው የተነሳውን ግጭት ለማብረድ የደቡብ ክልል የፖሊስ ኃይል ወደ አካባቢው ገብቶ ሁኔታውን በማረጋጋት ላይ መሆኑን ከክልሉ ያገኘነው መረጃ ያመለከታል፡፡  በሦስቱም ቀበሌዎች ቁጥራቸው ከ25 ሺሕ በላይ የሆኑ የሃላብኛ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪ ነዋሪዎች እንደሚኖሩ ለማወቅ ተችሏል፡፡


የአቶ መለስ ወቅታዊ ዛቻ

(ቄሮ ዘጋቢ October 22, 2011)  የወያኔ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር መለስ ዜናዊ ለፓርላማቸው ባቀረቡት እልህና ቁጣ የተቀላቀለበት፣ ማስፈራሪያና ዛቻ በበዛበት ንግግራቸው ጋዜጠኞቹ ወንጀለኞች መሆናቸውን ያለጥርጥር ተናግረዋል።

ሌሎች ጋዜጠኞችና አስተያየት ሰጪዎች ስለተከሳሻቹ ንጹሕነት መጻፋቸውን ጭምር ሕገ ወጥ መሆኑን የደሰኮሩት መለስ፣ እርሳቸው ግን የተጠርጣሪዎቹን ወንጀለኝነት በማያወላውል ሁኔታ አራጋግጠው ሲናገሩ ተሰምተዋል።

የኢትዮጵያ ፍርድ ቤቴዎች የውሳኔ ጭብጥ ከአቶ መለስ ቢሮ እንጂ ከሕግ ፍልስፍናና መጻሕፍት አይቀዳም” ያሉ አንድ የሕግ ባለሞያ፣ የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ንግግር የፍርድ ሒደቱን መጨረሻ ከወዲሁ የሚያረጋግጥ ነው” ሲሉ ለአዲስ ነገር ተናግረዋል።

ከእስር ተርፈው በከፍተኛ ጫና ውስጥ ሥራቸውን ለማከናወን በመሞከር ላይ ያሉት ጋዜጠኞችም የአቶ መለስ መልእክት እንዲደርሳቸው ተደርጓል። የአቶ መለስ ንግግር በስም ባይጠቅሳቸውም መልእክቱ ለፍትሕ እና ለአውራምባ ታይምስ ጋዜጦች እንደሆነ ብዙዎች ተስማምተዋል።

የሰሜን አፍሪቃ አምባገነኖች አንድ ባንድ እየተወገዱ ነው

(ቄሮ ዘጋቢ October 22, 2011)  በቱኒዚያ ተቀጣጥሎ የሰሜን አፍሪቃ ሃገራት አምባገነኖችን እየጠራረገ ያለው የህዝብ አመጽ በሊቢያ ከተቀሰቀሰ ሰባት ወራት ቦኋላ ተቃዋሚዎቻቸውን አንዴ ሽብርተኞች፤ ሌላ ጊዜ ደግሞ የውጪ ቅጥረኞች ከማለት አልፈው አይጦች እያሉ ሲሳደቡ የነበሩት ሙአመር ጋዳፊ ለተቃዋሚዎቻቸው በተመኙት የአይጥ ጉድጓድ ውስጥ ለ2 ወራት ያህል ከመሸጉ ቦኋላ የሚያሳፍር ሞት መሞታቸው መላውን የአለም ህዝብ እያነጋገረ መሆኑ ታወቀ።

ሙአመር ጋዳፊ በሥልጣን ላይ በቆዩባቸው የመጀመራዎቹ አሥር አመት የህዝብ ፍቅር የተቸራቸው መሪ የነበሩ እንደሆነ የሚናገሩት፤ ባልተገደብ የሥልጣን ዕድሜ አገሪቱን ለመምራት የተፈጠሩ ብቸኛ ሰው አድርገው እራሳቸውን ወደ መቁጠር በመሸጋገራቸው አሁን ለደረሱበት አሳፋሪ ሽንፈትና ሞት ተዳርገዋል ይላሉ።

ጋዳፊ 42 አመታት ያህል ሥልጣን ላይ ለመቆየት የተጠቀሙበት ስልት መለስ ዜናዊ በአገራችን ላይ እያደረገ እንዳለው ህዝብ እርስ በርሱ እንዳይተማመን በጎሳና በነገድ በመከፋፈል እንደሆነ ይታወቃል። በቱንዚያ የፈነዳው ህዝባዊ ተቃውሞ ወደሊቢያ በተዛመተበት ወቅት ህዝብ ያነሳውን ጥያቄ በሰላማዊ መንገድ በመመለስ ለአገራቸውና ለራሳቸው ክብር የተሻለ አስተዋጾ ማድረግ ይችሉ የነበሩት ጋዳፊ፤ ስልጣን ላይ ለረጂም ጊዜ በመቆየት በመጣ አልደፈርም ባይነት የአምባገነኖች ትዕቢት ሲወጠሩና በባዶ ሜዳ ሲደነፉ ከሰነበቱ ቦኋላ ከተደበቁበት የቆሻሻ መተላለፊያ ቱቦ ውስጥ በውርደት ተጎትተው በመውጣት እንደተገደሉና ጦሱ ከራሳቸው አልፎ ለልጅ ልጆቻቸውም መትረፉ ብዙዎቹን ያነጋገረ ሆኖአል።
የጋዳፊ መገደል ዜና የተሰማው የሽግግሩ አስተዳደር ተዋጊዎች ሐሙስ እለት ማለዳ ሲርቲ ላይ አዲሱን የሊቢያ ሰንደቅ ዓላማ ከሰቀሉ በኋላ ነው። ከተማይቱን ለበርካታ ሣምንታት ሲያናጋት በከረመው የደፈጣ ተኩስና የከበድ መሣሪያ ድምፅ ቦታ ወደሰማይ በሚንጣጣ የደስታ መግለጫ ተኩስና የመኪና ክላክስ ተተክቷል። የሊቢያ የሽግግር መንግሥት ባለልስጣናት ጋዳፊ ሲርቲ ላይ በተካሄደ ውጊያ መገደላቸውን እንዳስታወቁ ጋዳፊ ለአርባ ዓመታት በገዛት ሀገርና ሌሎች ከተሞችም ፈንጠዚያ ሆኗል። ጋዳፊ ለሁለት ወራት ተሸሽጎ ሲሳደድ የቆየበት ወቅት መደምደሙ ለብሔራዊ የሽግግር መንግሥቱ በሀገሪቱ ላይ ቁጥጥሩን የሚያጠናክርበት ምዕራፍ ከፍቶለታል።

የሙአመር ጋዳፊን ሞት ተከትሎ የዝግጂት ክፍላችን ከተለያዩ ቦታዎች በኢሜይልና ስልክ መለክቶች የደረሱን ሲሆን ከአዲስ አበባ በኢሜይል ከተቀበልናቸው መለክቶች መካከል አንደኛው፣ እንዳሉት፣ የጋዳፊ ሞት ለሊቢያዊያን ርካታ ያስገኘላቸው ሲሆን የሊቢያዊያኑ ርካታ ደግሞ ለኛ ለኢትዮጵያዊያን ይተስፋ ሰጪ ሆኖልናል ብለዋል:: ቀጥለውም፣ በፍጹም ይደፈራል ተብሎ የማይታለመው የሊቢያው አምባገነናዊ አገዛዝ እንዲህ ሲገረሰስ ማየታችን መለስናና የሱን አሽቃባጮች ከሃገራችን ምድር ጠራርገን ለማጥፋት ምንም እንደማይከብደን ነው በማለት አስተያየታቸውን አጠቃለዋል።

መለስ እና ጋዳፊ

ከመላኩ ፀጋዬ መኮንን
በአንድ ሃገር ውስጥ ባለጌዎች እና ስድ አደጎች ስልጣን በጃቸው ሲገባ በምን መልክ አላግባብ እንደሚጠቀሙበት ብዙ ሩቅ ሳንባክን ከቀድሞው የዩጋንዳው ኢዲያሚን ዳዳ ዓንድ ብለን እስከ አቶ መለስ ዜናው አስረስ በየሃገራቱ የተፈጸሙትን ኢሰብአዊ ድርጊቶች ብንመለከትት ስለአምባገነኖች አገዛዝ ምንነት በቂ ማስረጃ ነው። በወዲ መለስ አገዛዝ በበረሃ ዘመናቸው አንስቶ የፈጸሙትናን ለከት ያጣ ርህራሄ የለሽ ተግባራቸው ይኽውና ለሃያ አመታት የያዝነው፤ ያየነው፤ የስቃይና የመከራ፤ የስደት፤ የሞት፤ የእስራት፤ የቸነፈርና የረሀብ እገዛዝ ዘክረውናል። አሁን ግን ይህ የሰቆቃ ኑሮ ወደዱም ጠሉም ለመጨረሻው ጊዜ መወገድ አለበት። የተቀመጡበት ወንበር ሲቆረቁረወት ካልተሰማወት ሊፈነግለወት ወስኞል ፤ውሳኔውን ባደባባይ እንዳይገልፅ ለጊዜው በብዙ ባላ ሊያስደግፉት እየሞከሩ ነው ይህ ሂደት አንቅሮ ከተፋወት ህዝብ ግፊት እስከመጨረሻው ሊደግፈወት አይችልም ፡፡ ለመደገፊያ ያውሸለሸሉት መሰላል ቀድሞ መበስበሱን ተረድተው እና ሕዝብ አንቅሮ የተፋወት መሆኑን አውቀው በጊዜ የመቋጠሪያ ውሉ ሳይጠፋ መሰስ ይበሉ፡፡

ሕዝቡ ከቀን አንድ ጀምሮ አንቅሮ ተፍቶወታል፤ እንደ እንሰሳ ሰው የተፋውን መልሶ አይውጥም አራት ነጥብ አይደል የሚሉት፡፡የማቆሚያ ነጥብ የሚያውቁ ስለሆነ ሕዝቡ ከአራት ነጥብ አልፎ ሃያ ነጥብ ብሏል። ታዲያ ሳልሞት አልወርድም የሚለውን የአምባ ገነኖች የሞኝ ዘፈን ትተው ሾለክ ቢሉ ለእርሰዎም ሆነ ለሀገሪቱ በጣም የተሻለ ነው።ለነገሩ የእርሰወ አይነት አገዛዝ የሚከተሉት ከራሳቸው ፍላጎት ውጭ ለሌላው ደንታ ቢስ መሆናቸውን አሁን በትኩሱ ጋዳፊ በልጆቹ ላይ ሳይቀር እልቂት እንዲፈጸምባቸው ያደረገ በመሆኑ ውሳኔወን በምን ላይ አንደሚያሳርፉ ለእርሰወ ልተወው፡ ግን ከታሪከው ሽርፍራፊ እንደምራዳው በሸር እንጂ በጀግንነት ወይም በሞገደኝነት ስለማይታሙ አራዳው የአስረስ ልጅ ቀኑን መዝኖ መሰስ ይላል የሚል ግምት አለኝ፡ ለማንኛውም ጊዜ ውሳኔ ይሰጣል፤ አሁን የተማመኑበት የዘር ጥርቅም ሲናድ በዚይን ጊዜ የእርሰወ ወኔ ይታያል፤ለነገሩ በቅርብ የሚያውቀወት ታጋዳሊ ሳይቀር በዋሉበት የጦር ግንባር ከድጋይ ስር ከመወተፍ ውጭ ቆምጨጭ ያለ ውሎ እንደማይሆንለወት ከግንባር አባሎቸወ የሚነገርለወ የታሪክ ባለድርሻ ነወት።

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“Sochiin Qeerroo” itti fufa Qabsoo Oromoo mirkaneessa !


Hawaasi ykn Ummati tokko Qabsoo gaggeeffatu keessatti, waan isa mudatu hedduutu jira. Qabsoon Ummatoota mirga dhabilee ta’anii , Addunyaa kana irra jiranii fi jiraataa turan, waan isaan mudatee ture ,fknf, Gammachuus ta’ee gadda, Injifachuus ta’ee mo’amuu, laafachuus ta’ee jabaachuu, diigamus ta’ee ijaaramu keessa dabrabii Ummata isaanii mirga akkuma goonfachiisan, kan keenyas Addunyaa irratti kan ilaallu kana keessa dabruun dirqama ta’a.

Kana jechuun, waan har’a nu mudatu hundaan raafamnee abdii kutachuu akka hin qabne akeekufii. Kana keessatti hubchuu kan qabnu ykn nu barbaachisu, waan kaleessa keessa dabran irraa baratanii, Qabsoo Ofii haala itti finiinsuun danda’amu irratti xiyyeeffachuudha. Kaleessa qabsoo gaggeessaa turre keessatti maaltu nu mudate ? jedhanii qorannoo gaggeessuu fi sochii kaleessa nu gufachiisee adda baasanii kan har’aa milkeessuuf murannoon hojjachuudha.

Kun ammo dhaloota har’aa irraa akkaan eegama. Sochii Fincila Diddaa gabrummaa keleessaa irraa maal baranne ? maaliif itti fufiinsa qabaachuu dadhabe ? maaliif deeggarsa saboota biro argachuu dhabe ? jedhanii irratti yaaduun hedduu nama gargaara. Kanatti dabalee sochii wareegama ulfaataa nu kaffalsiisu kana Injifannoo malee akka hin hafneef , maal gochuu qabna? jedhanii irratti hojjatanii, waan yaadan bakkaan ga’uuf tattaafachuun barbaachisaadha.

Har’a mirga Umamaa keenya sarbamnee jiraachuun warri nu hin liqifamne walii galteen keenya hanga maalitti ? jedhanii, haala addaan hin cinneen qabsoo kana gaggeessuuf maaltu nu barbaachisa ? kan jedhu irratti mari’achuun ejjannoo tokko qabachuun murteessaadha. Qabsoo keenya haalaan hammaataadha. Rakkoolee hedduu keessatti gaggeessaa jiraachu fi diina humna maallaqaan waan barbaadee raawwachuu dana’u keessatti waan hojjannuuf, sochiin keenya rakkoo ulfaataa akkasii keesstti wayita gaggeeffannu , toftaan keenya diina keenya dacha 3n kan caalu ta’uu akka qabutti amanu qabna.kanas milkeessuuf yeroo fudhatanii irratti hojjachuu fi qophaa’un baayyee barbaachisa.

Hara Fociloota Biyyoota gara garaa irratti argaa fi milkaa’aa jiran irraa maal baranna ? jennee yoo of gaafanne, waa hedduu hubanna. Ummati Biyyoota Fincilaan Abbootii irree kuffisan, jalqaba, sirnichi dhabamsiisu irratti walii galan. Kana gochuuf ammo, wareegama barbaachisu baasuu irratti walii ta’an. Wareegama lubbuu , wareegama qabeenyaa, beekumsaa, jireenyaa, humnaa baasuuf itti amanan. Kana wal amansiisuuf yeroo fudhatanii irratti hojjatan. Isa booda galii isaanii keewwatan . waan barbaachisuus qopheeffatan. Qophii kana keessaa inni duraa Fincillii sun yeroo fudhatus, addaan akka hin kunnee murteeffatan. Itti aansanii mootummaa sana dadhabsuuf ykn humna dhabsiisuf, humna inni irratti abdatu jalaa kaasuu ta’utti mari’atan. Kanneen keessaa waraana Biyyaa dhunfachuu irratti hojjatanii itti milkaa’aan.

Miidiyaas akka itti tu’atan, Ummati isaanii akka waliin dhaabbatuuf waan barbaachisu hundaa raawwatan. Isa booda qabsoo isaanii kana milkeessuuf ykn gurra addunyaan ga’uuf bufataalee gara garaa hiriirfatan. Isaanis miidhaa sirnicha addunyaatti baasuuf bakka maratti hiriiran. Qabsoo bakka marattii gaggeeffamu bifa tokko qabsiisuuf quunnamtii banatan. Kan akka fakkeenyaatti isiif kaasu kun hundi qabsoo ficila Ummataa milkeessuuf kan durfamee itti yaadameedha. Isaan waa heddu dursanii qoheeffatan.Fincila bara kanaa fi kan bara Apprtaayidii yoo ilaalle, akkuama teekinolojiin wal irraa fagaatu sana fagaata. Garuu Fincilli Ummataa qoricha abbootii irree ta’uun tokkodha.

Kana kan kaasaa jiruuf , adeemsa keenya diina qixxee haa dubbifnu odoo hin taane , Sochiin Qeerroo har’aa milkaa’inaan akka guduufamuuf muuxannoo jiru qooduun barbaachisaa ta’uutti waan amanuufii. Diinni keenya har’a shororkeessaa jedhee seera nutti tumee , dhaloota ittii aanu qabsoo keessaa akkaa baqatu taasisuuf shira xaxuudha. “ sochiin qeerroo gama kanaan deebii quubsadha ” jedheen amana. Qabsoon saba kanaa dhaabbatee ykn gufatee , wayyaaneen bara baraaf jiraata jechuun , yaada warra gawwaa ykn seenaa ofii warra dagatan irraa kan maddudha.

Bara Qabsoon keenya eegale, Somaaleen Hogganoota Qabsoo keenyaa bakka tokkottii kana rashanan , Qabsoo kana abbaa dhabsiisanii gaaffii Oromoo sadaatan hanbisuufii . Dargiin Gootawwanii fi Qaroowwan Oromoo akka dhiiga saree bakkayyuutti kan dhangalaaseef, Qabsoo saba kanaa hundeedhaa balleessee bara baraaf jirachuF ture . wayyaaneenis , Ilmaan Oromoo sababaa gara garaan akka feete kan ajjeesaa , Biyyaa yaasaa , hidhaa fi hiraarsaa jirtuu qabsoo saba kanaa kolaasuufii . inumaayyuu dhaloota haaraa har’aa toftaa gara garaan kan cabsuuf tattaafataa jirtu , kaayyoo warra somaalee Hogganoota keenya fixan sana irraa adda kan ta’uu miti. Walii galli isaanii qabeenyaa keenya dhaaluuf jedhanii nu ajjeesanii hubadhaa .

Egaa nuuti kan injifachuuf deemnu humna akkasiiti. Kanaaf qophiin nu barbaachisu jabaadha. Sochii qindaa’aa , bilchaataa, jabaa , kan diina hundeeti rifaasisu ta’uu qaba jechuudha. Kanaaf qeerroon Oromoo kana haalaan xiinxalu isa barbaachisa. Diinni maal irratti hirkatee jiraa ? riqichi isaa eenyu ? Dingdeen isaa maalii ? duubbeen isaa maalii ? dura kam irraa kunnaa ? booda maal goonaa ? tarkaanfiin keenya maal fakkaataa ? maal irratti xiyyeeffataa ? jedhanii yaadanii , ifanii dhaamu odoo hin taane , ifaa jiraachuu akkamitti dandeenya ? jedhanii yaaduu barbaachisa.

Sochiin Qeerroo dhaloota itti aanu diinni sababaa gara garaan gawwamsee of harka galchuuf shira gaggeessaa jiru kanallee hubchiisuu irratti hojjachuun barbaachisaadha. Wayyaaneen, wanni “ mayikiroo xixiqqaa” jettee Dargaggoota liqii itti laattee , qabsoo keessaa akka deebi’an taasisaa jirtu kana irratti duuluu barbaachisa. Hojii dhiisaa odoo hin taane , Biyya abbaa isaa irratti eenyu irraa liqeeffatee , boquu cabsee jiraata ? Biyyaa eenyu irratti Abbaan warshaa wayyaanee ta’ee , inni gatii gadi aanaan qacaramee jiraata ? Dhalli Oromoo ashikarii fi humna isaan kan jiraatu ta’ee, eenyutu Angoo siyaasaa fi Bulchiinsaa qabatee jiraata ? Oromoon Biyya isaa irratti Boqqolloo facaasee galfachuuf gibira humnaa olii irratti muramaa , wayyaaneen Albuuda isaa gaaffii tokko malee , gibira malee saamee yennaa deemu ilaaluun keenya maalii ? jedhanii wal dammaqisuu qaban.

Halagaa qabeenyaa keenyaaf jedhee nu ajjeesu, hidhu, Biyyaa nu godaansu dura kan dhaabbachuu qabnu, Qabeenyaa sana akka hin saamne taasisuuniidha. Kun qabeenyaa keenya irree ta’eef irraa kutuu nu barbaachisa. Sochiin Qeerroo haalaa fi akka isaa hammayyeesse diina rifaasisuu qaba. Yeroos sochiin Qeerroo , Dawaa shororkeessaa jedhamu ta’a jedheen yaada. Wanni waa hunda irra hubachuu fi irratti xiyyeeffachuu qabnu, wayyaaneen dhaloota borii illee yakkamaa taasisaa jiraachuu isaati. Mirga isaa gaafachuu jechuun, shororkeessaa ta’anii hidhaa seenu jechuudha. Biyya isaa gaafachuun, mirga umamaa gaafachuun gooleessaa jedhamee hidhaatti guuramu jechuudha. Kun ammo dhaloota itti aanu illee yakkaa jiraachuu nu argisiisa. Kanaaf kana akka salphaatti ilaalu hin qabnu . lubbu keenya ykn jiraachuu fi dhiisuu keenya irratti murteessaniiruu jechuudha. Gara jabiina isaanii kanaan wal qixa, garaa itti jabaachuun barbaachisaadha. Nuun galmee shororkeessaa keessatti nu ramachiisanii, bara baraan nu hidhaa fi ajjeesaa jiraachuun filataniiru . Oromiyaa garaaf bultootaan qabanii saamaa jiraachuu murteeffataniiruu jechuudha.

Maarree nuutis kana irra garaa jabaachuu nu barbaachisa. Dhaloota keenya irratti ega murteessanii , dhaloota isaani irratti murteessuu qabna. Qabsoo akkasii kana dura dhaabbachuuf, Hogganoonni keenyaa fi qabsaa’oonni keenya akka sareetti ajjeefaman sana gumaa baafachuuf murteeffachuu nu gaafata. Yoo gurmaa’uus ta’ee , ijaaramu barbaannu, fageessinee yaannee irratti hojjachuun murteessaa ta’u hubachuu qabna. Qabsoon gaggeessinu firii akka godhatuuf, kudhan yaannee , tokko tarkaanfachuu qabna.

Wanni akka gaaritti hubachuun nu barbaachisu wayyaaneen har’a humna waraanaan kan jirtu haa fakkaattu malee , kan dhiibu osoo jiraate , bakka itti qaban hin qabdu. Kana malees har’a Biyya Bulchaa jiru osoo hin taane, Qabeenyaa saamaan jiraachisuuf arreedaa jiran. Qabeenyaa kana jiraachisuuf Qabsoo Oromoo sadarkaa adda duraatti kolaasu irratti hojjachaa jiraachu qalbeeffachuu qabna. Maarree humna akkasii kanaaf toftaa akkamiituu nu barbaachisa ? jedhanii akeekkatanii bakka dadhabiina isaanii haleeluun dansaadha. Waan ummata ittiin seenan dura kolaasuun murteessaadha. Adeemsa diinaa hubatanii fashalsuu caalaa qabsoon hin jirtu hubadhaa.

Gara laafessuummaan keenya , kan lubbu nu baasaa bara baraaf jiraatuf ta’uu hin qabu. Obsi keenyas ni ga’a. dabeessummaatti ilaalamuun salphina. Dhalooti har’aa kana iggitii itti gochuutuu irraa eegama. Diinni hanga gola keenyaatti nu seenee nu saamu huyyamu hin qabnu. Warrii alaa dantaaf jedhanii addunyaa biro irraa dhufanii qabeenyaa keenya saamanii warra baar gamoo hanga qalabanitti eguun keenya maal jedhama ?


Barreessaa barruu kanaa karaa email:  argachuu dandeessu!

Wayyaanoti duula walgahiitiin barattoota ko’oomsaa jirti; diddaan immoo walgahii irrattis mul’achaa jira.

(Oduu Qeerroo, 20 Onkoloolessa 2011) Mootummaan abbaa Irree Wayyaanee barattootaa fi barsistotaa Universitii fi Kollejjiiwwan Oromiyaa adda addaa keessatti sababa dhimma amantii irratti mari’achuu jedhuun wal-gahii wal-irraa hin cinneen muddaa akka jirtu gabaasame.

Maddeen Qeerroo akka gabaasanitti, mootummaan Wayyaanee guutummaa biyyattii keessatti duula walgahii fi walmarii dhuma hin qabne Univaristiiwwan Oromiyaa keessaatti adeemsisaa jirti.

Akka odeessa nu dhaqqabeetti, keessaayyuu giddu gala Oromiyaa keessaa Univarsitii Amboo keessatti wal-gahiin fedhii barattootaa fi barsiistotaa malee wamame guyyaa Wiixataa Onkoloolessa 17, 2011 irraa eegalee guyyoota 6f walitti aansee geggeeffamaa jira.

Haalli wal-gahichi itti waamame guyyaa lamaaf barattoota fi barsiistota guutuu (mara), guyyaa lamaaf missnsota warra abbaa garaa, fi guyyaa lama barsistotaaf akka ta’e beekamee jira.

Tooftaan Wayyaanee yeroo ammaa sochii fi diddaa Qeerroo fi uummata Oromoo jabaachaa dhufe dura dhaabbachuu waan hin dandeenyeef mata duree wal-gahii rakkoo naannoo hin jirretti uummata hojii isaa fi barattoota barumsa irraa dhaabuudhaan seminaara/barumsa waa’ee dhimma amantii sababeeffachuudhaan karoora tokko malee qabeenya uummataa gar malee abdii kutannaashee akka dhoksuuf itti fayyadamaa akka jirtu beekameera.

Haata’uutii barattooti humnaan akka hirmaatan godhamanis dubbii diduu fi yeroo wayyaanoti lallaban dhimma biraa haasa’uun diddaa isaanii agarsiisaa akka jiran odeessi nu dhaqqabe ni hubachiisa.

Kanumaan wal-qabatee warreen miseensota ishee ta’aniif qarshii guddaa dhoksaadhaan akka durgootti kaffalaafii akka jirtuu fi barattoota harka caalu immoo barumsa irraa kuttee halkanii fi guyyaa ‘barumsa’ waa’ee amantii jedhuun nuffisiisaa akka jirtus beekameera.

Goototi barattota Oromoo garuu shira Wayyaaneen sochii Qeerroo Oromoo dura dhaabachuuf hojjechaa jirtu kan dursanii fi shira ishees kutannoodhaan kan kukkutan ta’uusaa karaa adda addaa mul’isaa akka jiranis beekamee jira.

Email Message from Finfinnee: Voice of the voiceless

Dear Qeerroo B,

First let me introduce myself to you as Mr. MM (just for security reason). I am from Finfinnee.Since I recently moved to one International Finance Institute, I have been blessed with access to free online media which otherwise is highly censured here in Ethiopia. As you may know, domestic media is absolutely owned by the regime while foreign based, domestic affiliated media (like websites) are blocked in most places. In such environment, its very difficult to ashame the oppressors by bringing plights of oppressed civilians to light.

Today, I want to share with you a very brief story of one ill treated ordinary civilian and politely ask you to cry foul on behalf of her by putting her horrendous nightmare out to public.

Her story goes like this: Her name is Jalale Tasisa, she is a young mother of one and a nurse by profession. She was arrested on July 25,2011, at her home in Addis Ababa. Initially it was said that the police was looking for her brother who is member of the OFDM and was also allegedly accused for being sympathizer of OLF; once they realized that they missed him, they arrested and detained her at Maikelawi (a prison in the capital) where she remained without any charge till this date except that she appeared in court twice in the last three months. where each time the police asked for additional time to collect more evidence, which adds nothing apart from testing her endurance.

I do not know Jalale in person. I came to know her ill-fated story through her husband whom I know when he was Phd student in Europe years ago. According to him since this drama started, there was no single stone he didn’t move to reunite his wife with his two year old son. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for him the way he thought so far and Jalele is still in prison even though it was very clear to people who know her that she is innocent. A heavy depression is the order of the day for the husband and his young son.

Jalele represents hundreds of voiceless Oromos who are being consumed by the untold stress in dark prison-walls in Ethiopia. If you can hear her voice through me, I am sure thousands of people out there who can hear her through you. “Iyyi iyya dabarsi” again for security reason I together with my email account prefer to remain anonymous,

Thank you very much.


Diddaa Qeerroo

(Oduu Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 20 Onkoloolessa 2011) Humni tikaa fi basaasaa wayyaanee diddaa Qeerroo sadarkaa biyyaatti babal’ataa jiru dhaamsuuf duula gaggeessaa jiraatan iyyuu diddaa Qeerroo guyyuu dabalaa jiru dhaabuu akka hin dandeenye beekame.

Yeroo ammaa kanatti bakka hedduutti Qeerroo biyyatti qabanii mana hidhaatti guuruun kan itti fufe yoo ta’u, Qeerroonis tooftaa fi tarsimmoo adda addaa baafachuun mootummaa abbaa irree wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuu isaanii tii fufanii jiru.

Akka dameen Qeerroo bakka addaa addaatii gabaasaa jiranitti, mootummaan garboomsaa biyyattii keessaatti maqaa walga’ii jedhuun manneen barnootaa sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Universiitii keessaattii wal ga’ii sirna feederaaliziimii irratti isiin mariisifnna jechuun barattoota waliitti qabaa jira. Haata’uutii wayita kanatti barattoonnii diddaadhaan dura dhaabbaachaa jiraachutu gabaafameee jira.

kaayyoon wal ga’ii isaa kunis Diddaa Qeerroo akkaa Ibiddaa Saafaa boba’uu eegalee jiruu waan sodaateef barattoota ko’oomsuu (akka waan biraatti qabamanii diddaa hin yaadne gochuu) toftaa akka godhachuu barbaadee gootonnii barattoota biyyattii hubatanii diddaa isaanii babal’isaa jiru.

Magaalaa Finfinnee universiyt kolleejjii kotobeettiis diddaan Qeerroo itti fufee akka jiru beekamee jira. Haala kanaanis kan wal qabate, Humnoonnii tikaa TPLF Maagalaa Finfinnee Goolaa jiraachuun gabaafamee jira

Kanaa biraanis sabboontotaa Oromoo Oromummaan boonan akka malee hordofamaa akka jiran beekamee jira. Keessaayyuu, gidduu darbe erga dameen qorannaa Qeerroo maqaa humnoota tikaa fi abbootii aangoo Wayyaanee ummata hiraarsaa jiran saaxilee asitti hordoffiin sabboontotaa fi namoota jajjaboo irratti godhamu itti fufee jira.

"Wayyaaneen yeroo ammaa kanatti waan qabduu fi dhiiftu wallaaltee jirti," kan jedhan hayyuun seenaa tokko,"Mallasaan waan biyyoota ollaa isaatti ta’aa jiru irraa waa hin baratu taanaan hireen isaas akkuma kan Saadaam, kan Mubaarak, kan Gaadaafii ta’uun shakkisiisaa hin ta’u," jedhanii jiru.

Godinaa Wallaaggaa Bahaattiis Mootummaan garboomsaa Abbootii qabeenyaa waliittii qabee maallaqa kadhachaa wayita jiruttii, abbootiin qabeenyaa immoo ilmaan keenyaa hidhaa qabeenyaa keenyaaf nu jaalattanii jechuun diddaan dura dhaabbatanii akka jiran odeessi Qeerrroo achi irraa nu dhaqqabe saaxilee jira.

“Wal’aansoon OPDO fi Bi’aden Wayyaanee Bashannansiisaa Jira”

(Oduu Qeerroo, 19 Onkoloolessa 2011) Mootummaan Mallas Zeenaawwii yeroo ammaa kana humna isaa karaa lafa jalaatiin ijaaraa, irra keessa immoo jala deemtotaa fi ergamtoota isaa garaaf bitamaniif diriirsaa akka jiru keessa beektoti saaxilan.

Madeen Qeerroo akka hubachiisanitti, mootummaan MAllas Zeenaawwii tooftaa fi tarsiimoo haga ammaa ittiin deemaa ture kan jijjiire fakkeessuuf humnoota isaa haga yoonaatti dhiiga ummataa xuuxaa turan waltjjii duubaan dhoksee akka isaan hojii murteessaa fi olaanaa hojjatan gochaa jira.

Akka kanaan haga yeroo dhiyootti mana hidhaa maa’ikalaawwii keessatti gaafatamaa qorannoo olaanaa ta’ee ilmaan saboota biyyatti gidirsaa kan ture, Taaddasaa Masarat kaafamee, bakka isaa immoo namni Masfin jedhamu kan bu’e ta’uun hubatamee jira.

Akkasumas namni Rattaa Tasfaayee jedhamu gaafatamaa dhimma qorannoo ta’uun kan aangome yoo ta’u, dhimma murteessaa fi angeenyaa irratti garuu sagalee tokko illee akka hin qabne beekamee jira.

Akkasuams yeroo ammaa kana humni warra OPDO fi BIADEN (Amaaraa) magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti waldorgommii amanamummaa gaggeessaa akka jiran beekamee jira.

Qorannoo gidduu darbe gaggeeffamaa tureen gareen Kumaa Dammaqsaatiin hogganamu bakka buutota Barakat Simoon aangoo irraa kan kaase ta’uun Qeeroon gabaasee jira.

Akka kanaan, kantiibaa lammaffaa fi gaafatamaan Biiroo Aadaa fi Beeksisaa Finfinnee kan ture Kaffiyaalawu Azazaa fi barreessaa EPRDF magaalaa Finfinnee fi gorsaan kantiibaa kan  dhimma qindeessaa ummataa, Li’ul Saggad Yifiruu fi qondaaltoti hedduun aangoo irraa akka aryataman beekameera.

Haala ammaa kana ilaalchisanii hayyuun siyaasaa tokko yaada gabaasaa Qeeroof kennaniin, dubbiin kun yoo dhugaa ta’e, diraamaa wayyaaneen ummata ittiin gowwoomsuuf gootuu dha. Wayaaneen kanaan dursa bakka hedduutti humnoota aangoof fiigan walitti dhiiftee yeroo dubbiin babbadu immoo akka fala fidduutti itti dhaqaa turte. Kunis damee diraamaa baranee keessaa tokko jedhanii jiru.

Qeerroon gama isaatiin, “sabni kamuu  bilisummaa isaatiin jiraachuuf mirga dhalootaan goonfate qaba. Sabooti biyyattii keessa jiraatanismirgoota uuamamaa kunneen waliif kabajaa fi waljaalalaan sirna isaan nyaataa fi dhiitaa jiru irratti bobba’uu qaban,” jechuun dhaamsa dabarsee jira.


The Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government

(Qeerroo News, Finfinnee, 14 October 2011) Qeerroo research team presented the topmost anti Oromo intelligence and police officers list  of the Woyane regime including their names, their position.

The researched study showed how the present intelligence and police chains of Meles Zenawi’s regime is totally dominated by one ethnic group where by some 95% of the top groups emanate from the Tigrian ethnic group representing about 6% of the population.

Currently the following tyrants of the regime are the Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government:

  1. Essayas W/Gorigouse

 He is the Vice Director of the Ethiopian Information and intelligence service. This Tigrean man is extremely dangerous and he is one of the few people who can make decision on the assassinations of Oromo Political leadership   and other serious decisions that affect lives millions of Oromo.  He is a shadow behind several intelligence strategies that TPLF is using against Oromos.

  1.   Hasen Shifa,

He is a vice General Director of federal police.  This Tigrean man is the master head of torturing, killing and other inhumane investigation technique in Maekelawi Investigative Centre for the last 15 years

  1. Yemane Gessese,

His responsibility is Head of Interpol in Ethiopia. He is mainly responsible for kidnapping and killing of Oromos refuges in Kenya and other neighboring Countries.

  1. Habtu Tesfaye,

Habtu is Head of Forensic Investigation in Federal Policy. This man is mainly responsible for all evidence fabrication and counter fit that TPLF propaganda agencies use against innocent Oromos.  This fabricated evidence has been also heavily used by the court to convict people that are not in crime scene at all.

  1.  Gremay,

He is a Head of Crime Prevention and control.  He is the commander of the Para Military policy that is known for the direct shooting of Oromos o civilians.

  1. Takelay,

This man is also from Tigray and his position is Assistant Commissioner in Federal Police.

This careful study reveals that the top intelligence and police officer of the Ethiopian state, although not directly proportional, was much more broadly representative of the country’s ethnic configuration than is commonly claimed today.

Moreover, it show the hypocrisy of this ethnocentric mafia group that claims to bring ethnic calculus as the sole criteria for distribution of power in the country while allocating the lion’s share of power to the benefit of its own minority ethnic group.

Qeerroo added that in order to remove this tyrant group from the power of the country, unity of action and purpose is the key factor. “In order to live as citizens of a free country whose rights are respected and who is ruled by people of our own choosing, we should have involved in all aspect of anti-woyane struggles. We should also have unity of action and purpose to remove the tyrant regime from the power.”

The Topmost Criminal TPLF Personalities in Ethiopian Criminal Justice System

Posted by Qeerroo ⋅ October 12, 2011

(Qeerroo News, Finfinnee, 12 October 2011)The Qeerroo Bilisummaa Research Team continued its intensified research to expose the topmost criminal TPLF personalities in the present Ethiopian Justice system.

Accordingly the team has disclosed the five topmost dangerous and illuminant individuals names as follows.

1. Ato Mikael Taklu

According to Qeerroo Bilisummaa Research team, this man was a TPLF fighter while they were in jungle. After TPLF assumed the power he worked in Tigriayi National Regional State Traffic Office. He is a graduate of Civil Service College. After his graduation he worked in anti-Corruption Commission. He played a great role in prosecution of leaders and supporters of CUD after 2005 Ethiopian election crisis. Now he is the Prosecution Head in Ministry of Justice.

This person has two offices in two different institutions: Ethiopian Ministry of justice and Ethiopian Information and Intelligence Service. He is the key man in connecting the prosecution and intelligence War against Oromos. He is also a member of several committees that are working on persecutions of political dissidents and independent Journalists.

He is officially in charge of the so called “Anti-terrorism Investigation and Prosecution Unite” in Ministry of Justice. He is among few individuals that makes critical decision on investigation and prosecution of Oromos in Ethiopia.

His hobby is drinking whisky and forcing Ethiopian women to have sex with him. He is very addictive of both alcohol and forced sex.

2. Berhu T/ Berhan

This person is Tigrean born and member of TPLF. He used to be Harromaya University Law School before he was dropped out for his extremely poor academic performance. While he was there his hobby was persecuting Oromo student along side with TPLF security Agents. Throughout his life he has been known for his anti Oromo activities and sentiments. After he dropped out from University Law School, he managed to graduate from St. Marry University college law School. All his class mates and his professors remember him for his supper idiocy and arrogance.

After he appointed as prosecutor in Ministry of Justice he was one of the notorious prosecutor that prosecuted numbers of political decedents and innocent Oromos. He was the one who prosecuted Dr. Behanu Naga and his colleagues in court. He won a lot of award for his sworn enmity of political opponents and rooms.

Currently he is working as active member of anti- terrorism investigation and prosecution Unite in Ministry of Justice.

His hobby is chewing Chat and boasting about his evil achievements in prosecuting and ensuring death sentence on Oromos and other political opponents.

3. Ato Mehdin Kiros,

This man was one of the senior TPLF commanders during their war against Derge Regime. After that he graduated from Civil Service College. He is an old and very dangerous man. He is the judge who sentenced Derge officials to death after one of funny trail in the history of Ethiopian legal system. He has a direct contact with Melse Zanawi and other senior TPLF leaders.

Currently, he is the Vice President of Federal Supreme Court. He is also in charge of all Judges working in Criminal Bench. He has been working very closely with his TPLF friends in Ministry of Justice. He supervises and controls all court trails of political dissidents and Oromos. Usually he is the one who make decision through his subordinate judges in Federal Courts. He is also a very close friend of Ato Mikael Taklu and Berhu T/ Berhan. Usually these are the people who make decisions on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of political opponents and Oromos.

4. Ato Zeresenay Misgina,

This is another criminal TPLF prosecutor who has been working under direct supervision of his close friend Ato Mikael Taklu. He is one of the members of infamous “Anti-terrorism Investigation and Prosecution Unite” in Ministry of Justice.  He is from Tigreay Regional State that has been trained in abhorrence and contempt of the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. He has no respect for the rule of law and idea of human rights. Many of his closest friends know that he does not hesitate to go against all principles and practices of criminal law to get conviction of those he believes are against his Party: TPLF. Many TPLF members in the Ministry of Justice consider him as their “Legal Geniuses” thought he does not a single quality of professional prosecutor.

5. Ato Hagos Waldu,

This man is also from Tigreay Regional State. He is a man of old age even though he has been doing all he can to appear as an adult and energetic man. He used to be elementary teacher before he became a judge before became a judge. He became a judge during Derge Regime and joined TPLF only after it controlled Addis Ababa. Since then he has been a right hand man of Meles Zenawi’s criminal regime. Before his appointment as a senior judge to Federal Supreme Court, he used to be President of Federal High Court.

 Several people, including his own friends, agree that this man is the living symbol of injustice, corruption, inequality and total moral degeneration in Ethiopian Justice System. He has sentenced many innocent Oromos and other ordinary people to death or life imprisonment for the mere reason that they had dispute with their Tigrean neighbors or coworkers. He has been the most notoriously corrupted Judges in Ethiopia. He has two G+2 fancy and expensive residence house in Addis alone. He has more than two million Ethiopian Birr in his bank account. Many of his friends believe that most of this huge wealth comes from his Tigrean friends in favor of whom he has been rendering justice for the last 20 years. Many of Tigrean business men consider him as their hero employ in Federal Supreme Court for he has no fear to take money and the truth from non-Tigreans to give to them.

Basaasoti manneen barumsaatti ramadaman saaxilaman; diddaan Qeerroo immoo daran akka finiinu dhaamame.

(Oduu Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 11 Onkoloolessa 2011) Mootummaan Wayyaanee/OPDO/ namoota dhoksaatti HOJII TIKAAF/BASAASAAF/ qaamaa Federaalaatiin leenjifamanii barattoota Oromoo mana barumsaa sadarkaa ol aanaa/koollejjootaa fi Yuunversiittiitti bobbaasaa jiruun beekame.
Gabaasaan Qeerroo odeessa qabatamaa argateen akka mirkaneessetti, yeroo ammaa kanatti sochii diddaa ummataa to’achuuf mootummaan Wayyaanee Godinaalee Oromiyaa 17 irraa namoota hojii basaasaaf fo`ee leenjisee nama lama lama/02 Godina Godina irraa walumaa galatti namoota 34 hojii basaasaaf bobbaasee jira.
Akka kanaan namootni kun kan itti bobbaa`an Mana barumsaa sadarkaa Ol aanaa.Koollejjii fi Yuunversiitiitti ta`uun mirkanaa`eera. Godinaalee 17×2= Namoota 34 Godinaalee Oromiyaa keessa jiran walii gala keessaa fo`ee Leenjii addaa adada kenneefii qopheesseera.
Namoota kana keessaa kan ammatti maqaan isaanii nu dhaqqabe Godina Shawaa Kibba Lixaa keessaa ,1. Obbo Walabummaa Gunjee Aanaa Wancii bulchiinsa keessa kan hojjetu. Dirqamni isaa ykn kallattiin bobbaa isaa Wallaggaa Yuunversittii Godina Wallaggaa dhiyaatti hojii basaasaaf kan ramadame.
Obbo Al-amduu Bagidaad Itti gaafatamaa dhimma Dinagdee Aanaa Ammayyaa kan ta`e. Kallattiin bobbaa isaa ykn dirqamni isaa kallattii Walaayittaa Soddoo YKN Yuunveristii Arbaa Mincii tti kan ramadame.
Akka maddeen keenya irraa hubachuu dandeenyutti, namotni kun ammaan dura hojetaa mootummaa ta`anii kan hojii mootummaarratti ramadaamnii hojiirra jiranii dha . Yeroo mana barumsaa keessa jiranitti miindaan isaanii dhoksaan karaa mootummaan kaffalamaa, isaan akka baratattii sirnaa fi unkaa barataa/barnootaa guutanii utuu hin ta`iin mootummaati dirqama addaa itti kennee hojii basaasummaaf barattotatti bobaase dha.
Qeerroon akka hubachiisetti, dirqamni hojii bobbaa isaanii yoomii fi hangamiif? akka ta`e ammatti yoo beekamuu baatellee, yeroon bobaa isaanii amma Onkoloolessa kana irraa tu`uun beekameera.
Barataa fakkaataanii Barattootaa Oromoo waggaa haaraatti Barumsaaf gara mana barumsaa Koollajjii fi Yuunveristiitti dhufan isaanis akkuma barataatti/barataa haaraa fakkaatuun itti dhiyaatanii basaasuu fi sochii barattoota Oromoo hordofuu fi gabaasuu.
Namootni kun kan Mootummaa Wayyaanee/OPDO/ f amanamoo fi dirqama itti kennamu kan raawwatan ta`uu isaanii namootni kun sadarkaa Godinaatti filamuun leenjiin kennameefii bobbafaman. Dirqama adada aaddaa kan raawwatan ta`uunisaaniis beekameera.
Namootni 34 kun Koollejjii fi Yuunversittii Oromiyaa Keessa jiran maratti hojii basaasumma kana hojjechuu fi sochii QFDG QEERROON Oromiyaa eegalanii fi itti jiran kana mootummaaf gabaasuu. Sabboontota Barsiisotaa fi barattoota Oromoo hordofuu.
Mootummaan wayyaanee SOCHII QEERROO irraa sodaa fi birruu qaburraa kan ka`e bifaa fi humna danda`ameen dura dhaabbachuuf dinagdee guddaa /baajeta addaa ramadee namoota sirna isaaf amanamoo fi waardiyaa ta`an fo`ee sadarkaa feederaalaatti leejjii addaa addaa kennaa jiraachuu isaa akka ta`es gabaasni kun mirkaneesseera.
Wayyaaneen namoota hojii kanaaf fo`ate aangoo fi faayidaa addaa addaan sadarkaa addaa addaatti jijjiiruu fi mindaan /aangoon guddisuuf waan hin godhiin hin qabu.
Qeerroon Bilisummaa haala kana irratti akka ibsetti, Wayyaaneen gaaffii fi diddaa ummataa dhaamsuuf humna tikaa fi basaasaa kitilaan bobbaasuu irraa akka hin deebine hubachiise; garuu itti milkaa`uu fi sochii Qeerroo gufachiisuu hin dandeenye.
“Gara fuula duraattis hanga Sirni gabroofataa mootummaan Bulguu Wayyaanee kun burkutaa`utti QFDG QEERROON eegale cimee fi cichummaan /Seexaan itti fufa,” kan jedhe ibsi Qeerroo kun, “diidaa fi qabsoon keenysa  hanga bilisummaan galma isaa ga`utti daran jabaatee itti fufa; kanas hojiin ni mul`ifna,” jedhee jira.
Qeerroon itti dabaluunis, “humna sabaa fi sablammootaa ,cunqurfamtoota Itiyoophiyaa mara gamtaan qindeessee hanga humni gabroofataa kun hundeen buqqa`utti sodaa fi birruu tokko malee akka itti fufu irra deebinee ejjennoo keenya addeessina,’ jedheera.
Qeerroon yeroo kanatti dhimma  kanaan dahatee dhaamsa dabarseenis “barattootni sadarkaa ol aanaa koollejjii fi Yuunversiittii addaa addaa keessa jirtan kanneen duraan mana barumsaa keessa turatanii fi haaraatti gara mana barumsaatti dhuftan Ilmaan Cunqurfamtootaa dheebuu barnootaaf qabdanii fi barattanii of danda`uu fi maatii keessan garagaruuf sammuu keessan qopheessitanii gara mana barumsatti dhuftan, garuu mootummaan Wayyaanee mana barumsaa dirree lolaa fi mooraa waaranaa godhatee barattoota ajjeesuu fi hidhuun kaan barnoota irraa ukkaamsee gara dabarsuun maatii fi firoottan keessan boosisaa fi joorsaa turee fi ammallee itti jiru kunoo ammas utuu barumsa kee hin eegaliin dursee mana barumsaa keessaatti kiyyoo hidhee shiraa fi goolii addaa addaa uumuuf/jeequmsa kaasuuf basaasota garaaf bitamanii /sab gantootaa/ addatti dhoksaan leenjisee qopheessee mana barumsaatti bobaasaa jira.
“Kanaaf Qeerroon Jiruu jireenya gabrummaa fi gadaantummaa bara baaraan roorrifamaa jiraachuu irra Bilisummaa! ykn Du`a! jennee kaanee wareegama qabsoon nu gaafattu mara hanga lubbuutti itti kitimnee sirna gabroofataa kana jijjiiruuf sabootni cunqurfamootni gamtaan kaanee bilisummaa fi diimokiraasii dhugaaf akka waliin qabsoofnu Qeerroon waamicha keenya cimsinee dhaamna,” jdhee jira.

The Names of the Topmost Torturers in Maekelawi Investigative Centre

(Qeerroo News, Finfinnee, 10 October 2011) The Qeerroo Research and Study team reveals the names of the topmost torturers who tortured and subjected the Oromo, Ogaden and Amhara political prisoners who have been incarcerated in Maekelawi[i] investigation centre in connection with OLF, ONLFA and the Ginbot 7 Movement.

According to Qeerroo research team the following topmost tortures in the Maekelawi Investigation Centre are sadist individuals who enjoy the suffering of others and whose enthusiasm to subject others to suffering appropriately qualifies them in the category of the mentally sick patients.

         Name                              Position

1.  Getachew Aseffa-    Chief of Intelligence  

2.  Tadesse Meseret-    head of Maekelawi

3.  Yohannes –              inspector

4.  Tezerra Bogale –     inspector

5.  Moni Mengesha-     inspector

6.   Ketema –                inspector

7.  Seyid Ali –               inspector

8.  Tadesse Ayalew –  inspector

9.  Berhane –                inspector

10.              Belete –           inspector

11.              Gebre Medhin Nure – inspector

12.              Mulugeta – inspector

13.              Assefa Atikut vice inspector

14.              Reta Tesfaye- commander

Among these torturers, the ones who are notoriously famous for their boundless cruelty are Yohannes, Ketema, Berhane and Tezerra. For instance,Yohannes Ketema and Berhanu are the torturers who took different innocents to the Finfinne forest and subjected them to untold suffering.

According to the report revealed by the Qeerroo, most of the above torturers are the ones who hanged a plastic bottle filled with water unto male private organ thereby causing great pain and suffering to them.

According to the report these cruel individualists are not only torturing but also engaged in writing the alleged self-confessions of the prisoners and subsequently forced to sign them for the further self-incriminatory system in the country.

“Subsequently, these inspectors presented these allegedly voluntary self-confessions of the prisoners to the court thereby allowing the judges of the ethnicist regime to pass verdict ranging from life-time imprisonment to the death sentences,” says the report.

The Qeerroo team believes that the peace loving nations and compatriots would do all the best to see these notoriously cruel and ethnicist officials of the Central Investigation Office (CIO) would be brought to justice and be penalized for the suffering they have caused to innocent victims during the last years.

 [i] Maikelawi is the well-known detention and torturing center in Finfinnee, Ethiopia. It used to also be called Sostenga Police Tabiya (the Third Police Station) during Mengistu’s military regime. This is the place where Oromo sons and daughters experience the most atrocities committed by the EPRDF federal police, security services and anti-terrorism task force.

Ayyaanni Irreechaa 2011 Malkaa Gafarsaatti Onk 9, 2011 Kabajama.

(Oduu Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 08 Onkoloolessa 2011) Ayyaanni Irreechaa 2011 akkuma barametti godinaalee Oromiyaa mara keessatti kabajamaa kan jiru yoo ta’u, Onkoololessa 9, 2011 immoo  Godina  Shawaa Lixaa Maagalaa Burraayyuu, Malkaa Gafarsaatti  sirnaa ho’aa ta’een kabajamuuf jira.

Akka gabaasaan Qeerroo magaalaa Burraayyuu irraa odeessa nuun gayetti, ayyaana Irreechaa kana kabajuuf Sabboontonni Oromoo Godinaalee Oromiyaa garaagaraa irraa gara Burraayyuutti galuu kan eegalan dursanii ti.

Haata’uutii, humnooti tikaa fi poolisooti Wayyaanee Irreeffattoota Ayyaanaa Irreechaa Gafasaa irraatti argamuuf gara san imalaa jiran sakatta’uu fi doorsisuutti akka jiran hubatamee jira.

Akka gabaasaan keenya kellaa naannoo Giincii irraa gabaasetti, humnooti tikaa uffannaa ummataa uffatan warra Irreeffannaaf deeman fakkaatanii otuu Irreeffattoota basaasanii mul’atanii jiru.

Kana malees,kellaa irratti Irreeffattoota adda baasanii gaaffii,”Eessa deemta? Maal of harkaa qabdu? Maaliif irreeffattu? Hayyama qabduu?” fi kkf gaafachuun ummata nagaa goolaa jiraatan iyyuu, Irreeffattotis “aadaa fi amantii keenya kabajauuf hayyama nu hin feesisu!” jedhanii deebii akka kennan beekamee jira.

Sabboontonni Oromoos itti dabaluun, “doorsisa diinaa hin sodaannu; aadaa keenyaanis ni boonna,” jechuudhaan dhaamsa waaliif dabarsaa jiraachuun hubatamee jira.

Ayyaanni Irreechaa Malkaa Gafarsaa irratti kabajamu kun  waggoota 29f addaan citee kan ture yoo ta’u, yeroo duraatiif bara 2007 haaromfamee akka kabajamuu eegalee kna yaadatamuu dha. Ayyaana Irreechaa  Onk. 12, 2008 yeroo lammaffaaf kabajame irratti fakkeenyaaf,ummanni Oromoo lakkoofsaan 20,000(kuma digdama) ol ta’an Oromiyaa iddoo adda addaatii  walitti dhufanii akka kabajatan kan yaadatamuu dha.


Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa (Gurree)

Guyyaan nuti tokko taanu
Kan bakka kufnee olkaanu
Yaa Oromoo-koo ni dhufa
Hammasittis qabsoon ittum-fufa!

Itti-fufa qabsoon bilisummaa
Kan nu gonfachiisu namummaa
Itti-fufa biyya guutuu marsee maree
Oromiyaaf du’uuf ni dhaabanna dabaree!

Kuunnoo, ammayyuu dhaloonni qubee tarree galtree
Ilaa, dhaloonni qubee duraas waliigaltee
Oromiyaa“, “Oromiyaa” jechaa tarkaanfattii
Impaayera bosobboftuu tan yoom abdattii?

Elemoo Qilxuu“, “Waaqoo Guutuu” jechaa dhaadattii
Ekeraa Taaddoo Birruu fi kan Maammoo-faa waammattii
Maali hin kaatuu akka Saartuu?”
Waayee Gaara Suufii-faa hin Haartuu?”
Jechaa olkaate-kaa joolleen qubee
Deebiftee jaaruuf bosonaa fi walabummaa jarri gube!

Alaabaa Oromiyaa: gurraacha, diimaa, adii qabattee
Odaa fi ejersaan marsitee hammattee
Harmee Oromiyaatiif ni duuna
Jaannama qileellee ni buuna
Jechaa kuunnoo laga labdee
Shilmii fi bacoo marsitee qabde!

Lafee mataa isa gooroo Calanqoo
Kan gaara Suufii, kan dubree fi dargaggoo
Harkaa fi harma bowwaa Aannolee
Qaama dhiiraa kan Walisoo fi Gullallee
Ee, boolla keessaa baaftee awwaallattii
Ilaa, namummaa fi aadaa gadaatiin kakatti!

Lafti Oromoo lafee Oromootii
Biyyi Oromoos biyyee Oromootii
Abadan lafeen Oromoo hin gurguramuu
Abadan biyyeen Oromoos hin duguugamuu
Majaan gamanaa gamasiis itti hin waamamu!

Kanaafuu, harka walqabannee oljenna
Miila keenyan sirriitti dhaabanna
Jiraa-du’aa Oromoo labsanna
Hortee Kuush mara waammanna
Warra kolonii turetti dhaammanna
Ekeraa Lumumbaatiin Obaamaattis iyyanna!

Abboo roorroon nafxanyoota haareyyii nu gayee
Fooliin nafxanyota moofeyyiis nutti ajaayee
Miilli sansalataan nu madaayee
Mormi kiyyoon nu burkutaayee
Gateettiin baachuu nu daddhabee
Harqoota gabrummaa
Copha tokkollee waa dhabnee
Camii kan namummaa!

Hayyee, haa kaanu gaaraa-dakaa
Tole, haa yaanu gamaa-gamanaa
Eekaa, haa baanu alaa-manaa
Haa seennu malkaa Waabee
Haa buunu laga Gibee
Uummanni keenya bosonaa
Leencatoo keessa sonaa
Maalumatoo nu dhibee?

Carcar bowwaa qeerransaa
Tiruu laga Dhiddheessaa
Mogor boongoo gichillootaa
Dallo qeyee jagnootaa
Caakkaa Roggee Ammayyaa
Kutataaf achi wayyaa
Kutatee itti-galaa
Jibaat keenyas daggalaa!

Daggala qeyee gootaa
Garaan dhaquuf abjootaa
Abjuun abjuu bilisummaa
Kan biyyaa kan walabummaa!

Yoo qeenxomne akka kufnu ni beeknaa
Yoo tokkoomne akka bullus ni beeknaa
Kanaaf, tokkummaa akka sibiilaa jabaatu
Isa miliyoona afrutama nuuf baatu
Haa jaarrannu amma olkaanee
Garagarummaa xixiqqoo achaanee!

Maarree, dhiichisaa laga buuna
Mancaa, haamtuu fi qottoo olfuuna
Akaafaa, eeboo fi dhagaraa qabanna
Silaa qawwee hin qabnuu
Shimala, hablee fi manshii qabanna
Qoorbii, hordaa fi darbaadhaan
Gabrummaa ofirraa darbanna
Lafee keenyaan Oromiyaa jaarranna!

Barliin, 07. 10. 11

********** // **********

Mee walaloon tun yaadannoo mucayyoo fi jaarsa Oromoo, akkanuma warreen biroo isaan Gaara Suufii irratti diinni uummata keenyaa gurra’eetoo irbaata majaa (waraabessa hamaa) taasise saniif yaadannoo haa tahu! Walaloon tiyya tun bakka imimmaanin amma yommuun kana barreessu haqachaa jiruu bu’uun, jajjabeessaa fi bira dhaabannoo: warra, aantee, firoottan, gandaa fi lammii namoota keenyaa kanaaf haa tahu!

============== // ==============

Hidhamtoota Dhoksanis, Sagaleen Hiraarsaa Hindhokatu!

(Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 6 Onkoloolessa 2011) Mana hidhaa Maa’ikalaawwii keessatti hidhamtooti siyaasaa halkanii guyyaa reebamaa fi hiraarfamaa akka jiran odeessi gola wayyoonotaa irraa argame saaxile.

Wayyaanoti dhiibbaa humnoota addunyaa dhala namaaf falman irraa isaan mudachaa jiru jalaa bahuuf jecha gidduu darbe ergamtoota isaanii kannneen maqaa “komishiinii mirga dhala namoomaa” jedhamuun  muggaasfaman gara maa’ikalaawwiitti erganii ibsa dhugaa irraa fagaate baasanii jiran

Akka ibsa isaan baasanitti, yeroo ammaa hidhamtooti 78 callaa maa’ikalaawwii keessatti argamu. Haata’uutii, hidhamtooti yeroo ammaa maa’ikalaawwii keessatti dararamaa jiran 500 ol akka ta’an odeessi achi irraa argame saaxilee jira.

Ergamtoot Wayyaanee kunneen akka waanti hundi seeraan hojjatu fakkeessanii ibsuuf yaalanis, dhugaan jiru hidhamtooti siyaasaa mirga bilisa ta’anii ilaalamuu, mirga seera fuulduratti walqixxee ta’anii ilaalamuu, mirga maatii fi abukaatoo isaanii waliin maryachuu,mirga waan itti hin amanne dubbachuu dhiisuu fi mirgoota dhalli namaa qaban mara mulqamanii halkanii fi guyyaa hiraarfamaa jiru.

Manneen dukkanaa kutaa 12 kan ibsaa fi q8illeensa gahaa hin qabne keessattis yeroo ammaa hidhamtooti Oromoo fi Ogaadeen 100 0la kan argamn yoo ta’u, yeroo ergamtooti Wayyaaneen maqaaf naannoo san daaw’atanitti kutaaleen dukkanaa kun tokkoon isaa illee hin ilaalamne  ture.

Ergamtooti Wayyaanee kan daaw’atan kutaa “dubaay” jedhamu kutaa namooti yakka addaddaatiin himataman keessatti hidhamnii fi bakka namooti bebbeekamoo yeroof keessa turfaman qofaa dha.

Hidhamtoota halkanii fi guyyaa dararaa fi tumaa kan jiran kan akka Rattaa Tasfaayee yeroo afaan tolfatee akka waan tokko hin jirretti ibsa kennu, kanneen hidhanii fi hiisisan yeroo itti wliifibsa kennanitti dhagayuun “mirga dhala namoomaa irratti qoosuu dha,” kan jedhe Qeerroon, “Wayyaaneen yoo dhuguma seera addunyaaf bitamti ta’e qaamoti walaba ta’an akka hidhamtoota dubbisan hayyamuu qabdi; yeroo isaan dubbisanis humnooti tikaa hidhamtoota hiraarsan dhagayuu fi hordofuu hin qaban,” jedhee jira.

Torture @ maikelawi

Hidhamtooti akka jedhanitti qorattooti Wayyaanee halkan guutuu akka dhaabbatan erga godhanii booda, yeroo hidhamaan sun of wallaalee kufe achitti bishaan qorraa fi hoo’aa itti naqu; yookaan  sibiila qara qabuun qaama isaa quncisanii akka hiraarfamu godhu.

Hidhamtoota faana jala sibiilaan reebuun waan hiraarsaa isa xiqqaa ta’uu kan himan hidhamtooti siyaasaa maa’ikalaawwii keessatti argaman, dhugaa kanas namuu ganama yeroo fincaaniif bahu mallattoo dhiigaa lafa irratti arguun kan mirkaneessu ta’uu saaxilanii jiran.

“Biyya Kan qabee hidhu Wayyaanee, kan qabee reebu wayyaanee, kan himannaa banu wayyaanee, kan  itti muru wayyaanee ta’e keessatti mirgi dhala namaa eegamaa jira,” jedhanii ibsa kennuu caalaa, “kan nama dinqu kan reebus kan qoratus miseensa paartii Wayyaanee  ta’uu isaa ti,’ kan jedhe Qeerroon, “kun mirga dhala namaa irratti qoosuu dha,” jedhee jira.

“Hidhamtoota dhoksanii, bakka isaan hin argamnetti  ibsa kijibaa  kennuun dhugaa dukkanaan dahatamee raawwatamaa jiru, sagalee hiraarsaa fi faana hiraarsaa maa’ikalaawwii keessaa na dhaqqabaa jedhee iyyaa jiru dhoksuu hindanda’u,” kan jedhe Qeerroon, “yeroon itti dhugaan wayyaanotaan dhoksame waltajjiitti bahee himamuu fi lallabamu fagoo hin ta’u,” jedhee jira.

Oromooti Ayyaana Irreechaa Irratti Sirban Hidhaman;Irreeffattootis BILISUMMAA Jedhan!

(Oduu Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 05 Onkoloolessa 2011) Ummata Oromoo irraa abdii kan kutatte, Mootummaan Wayyaanee, Ummata Oromoo nagaan Waaqa isaa Irreeffatee gammadee galuuf deemu qabdee hidhuun ishii gabaafame.

Gabaasaan Qeerroo akka beeksisetti Dilbata ganama Obboruu, Onkoloolessa 2, 2011, dargaggoota karaa Jalduu fi Gindabarat Irreecha deemaa turan irratti sakattaa cimaa taasifameen namoonni shan sababa tokko malee qabamanii mana hidhatti darbamanii jiru.

Ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman kunneen  akka hidhaman sababa kan ta’e, faayaa Oromoo kan ta’e callee fi mormee waan keewwataniif ta’uun hubatamee jira. Ergamtooti Wayyaanees, yeroo namoota kunneen qabanitti, “Isin faayaa ABO harkaa fi mormatti keewwattan; Callee fi iskarvii Alaabaa ABO qabdu,’ ittiin jechuun namooti nagaan gara Irreeffannaa deemaa turan akka reebanii hiraarsan kanneen ijaan argan ragaa bahanii jiru.

Ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman kunneenis otuu reebamnii, “nuti nama hin tuqne; waan feene keewwachuun mirga keenya; nuti waa hin balleessine; nu dhiisaa,” jechaanii akka turan maanguddoon yeroo san argan gabaasaa Qeerroof ibsanii jiru.

Yeroo sanatti namoota kaan erga reebanii callee fi faayoo isaanii irraa guuranii booda kan gadhiisan yoo ta’u, kaan immoo haga yoonaatti bakki isaan geeffaman akka hin beekamiin kan eere Qeerroon, “maqaa fi iddoo jireenya isaanii adda baafachuuf yaalii godhaa jirra; akkuma arganneen siifin dhaamna,” jedhee jira.

Haaluma walfakkaatuun,Fiicheettis akkasuma sakattaa ganama obborootiin godhameen namoonni sadii qabamanii gara mana qorannoo poolisiitti  akka geessaman  beekamee jira. Haata’uutii, sababa itti hidhamanii fi  iIsaan kanas eenyu eenyu akka ta’an adda baafachuuf yaaliin godhame haga yoonaatti hin milkaa’iin jira.

Karaa biraa, Onkoloolessa 2, 2011 gara 2:00 PM tti dhiichisnii fi sirboonni ABO leellisan akka malee oo’ee waan tureef humnooti tikaa wayyaanee hedduu baaraganii namoota sirbaa fi dhiichisaa turan walitti qabanii akka hidhan beekamee jira.

Akka Qeeroon gabaasetti, yeroo ummata humnaan hidhuuf jedhanitti walitti bu’iinsa poolisii waliin godhameen namoonni digdamii jaha  hidhamaniiru.

Akka kanaan namoota hidhamn keessaa namoota 22 suuraa fi Ashaaraa kennisiisudhaan galgaluma san kan gadi dhiisan yoo ta’u, namoota 4 manuma hidhaa Bishooftuutti hambisanii akka jiran bira gayameera.

Namooti Irreeffannaaf manaa bahanii yeroo ammaa mana hidhaa Bishooftuutti hiraarfama jiran kanneen:

1. Qalbeessaa Guddisaa Simee _  kan Adaamaa ganda 13 irraa gara Irreechaa dhaqe.

2.  Fiqaaduu Ankaffee Shaggoo – Godina Lixa Arsii, Arsii Nageellee, ganda Basaqoo.

3. Araarsaa Abbabaa Gammadaa- L/Shawaa, Meettaa, ganda Waraaboo.

d. Gulummaa Duressaa – L/Shawaa, Aanaa Dandii, ganda Sariituu dhanquu.

Akka gabaasana Qeerroo argetti, anmooti maqaan isaanii hin beekamne hedduun illee qamanii mana hidhaa adda addaa keessatti argaman.

Gabaastoti Qeerroo bakk adda addaa irraa odeessa walitti qindeessan akka hubachiisutti, ayyaanni Irrreechaa baranaa hedduu sabboonsaa dha. “Qeerroo keenya irraa yaadni walitti qabame akka ibsutti barana dargaggoonni Oromiyaa mara irraa haala itti qophaa’aa turaniin irreeffatanii jiru; Irreeffattooti bara kanaa immoo miliyoona shanii gad hin ta’u.”

“Garuu mootummaanis haalli barana dargaggoon akkasitti itti qophaa’aa jiru kun baayyee waan isaan yaaddesseef ji’a tokkoo eegalanii doorsisaa fi keessa keessaa hidhuu jalqaban,” kan jedhe Qeerroon akka ummati Irreechaa irratti hin argamne shirri xaxamaa turuu illee “ummati dachaa dachaadhaan argamuu hin dhiifne; baayyinni uummata argamee hanga miil. 5 ta’uu danda’a.” jedhamee jira.

Haaluma walfakkaatuun  warra hojjattoota mootummaa ta’an dabballonni OPDO “waajjira waajjiraan gurmoofnee deemna, namni gurmuu kanaan ala kophaa deeme nama fedhii warra farreen misoomaa qabuudha…” fi kkf  jedhanii doorsisaa waan turaniif namoonni haala akkasii keessa jiran rakkoo itti dhufuu danda’a tilmaamudhaan ayyaanicha irraa hafuu filatan iyyuu baay’inni Irreeffattotaa hedduu ajaa’ibsiisaa akka ture hubatamee jira.

Ergamtooti Wayyaanee fi diinoti eenyummaa Oromoo gama hundaan Irreechaa gufachiisuuf tattaaffii guddaa kan akka “yoo achii deebitu ykn karaarratti ni qabamta; kun kaabinee keenyaan sirratti murtaa’eera…” fi kkf olola lafa jala oofaa turan.

Maanguddootin tokko Qeerroof yaada kennaniin “Olollii fi doorsisti guddaan deemaa ture. Kun immoo uummata keenya rakkoo jireenyaa hamaa ta’e keessa jiru kana onnatee fuulduratti akka hin dhiibneef daangesseera. Ta’us doorsisaa isaanii cinaatti dhiisudhan “lama hin du’u!” jedhee kan ba’es miiliyoonaan lakkaawwama. Nama didee xiiqeffati kan duubatti gdeebisu hin jiru,” jedhanii jiru.

“Saba garaan diddaa agarsiise hidhaan hin deebisu,” kan jedhan maanguddoon kun, ” mootumman kun waan darbe irraa waa barachuu qaba. Humna guddinaan Dargiin dhaabbatee hin hafne; Biyyoota ollaa kkka Igiptii fi Liibiyaa fa’aa irraa waa baratuu qaba. Sagaleen ummata  hamaa dha. Deebii yoo argatuu dhabe, si’a tokkotti akka dambalii fudhatee akka isaan deemu beekuu qaba. Saba Bilisummaa barbaade hidhaan duubatti hin deebisu,” jechuun dhaamsa guddaa dabarsanii jiru.

Ayyaanni Irreechaa Sirna Hoo’aan Kabajame; Qeerroonis Diddaa Garbummaa Ifatti Mul’isan!

 (Qeerroo, Bishooftuu, 03 Onkoloolessa 2011) Ayyaana Irreechaa Oromiyaa guutuu keessatti sirna hoo’aa fi miidhagaatiin kabajamee jira; Bishooftuu, Hora Arsadiitti uummanni Oromoo miiliyoona 3 olitti tilmaammaman bahanii kan kabajatan yoo ta’u, diddaan Oromoos ayyaana kana irratti haalaan mul’atee jira.

Gabaasaan Qeerroo akka qindeessetti, ayyaana Irreechaa kana dadhabsiisuuf diinni kallattii adda addaan harka keessa galfachuun guutuutti to’achuu yaalu iyyuu,dargaggoonni gabrummaaf harka hin kennine gama adda addaan sirboota warraaqsaa fi dhaadannoo adda addaa dhageesifachuun, alaabaa mirmirsuun, akkasumaas, dhaamsa ergaa adda addaa of keessaa qabu gamuma adda addaan waliif dabarsuun haala baay’ee dadammaqiinsa ta’een kabajatanii jiru.

Keessaayyuu, Ayyaana kana irratti  humni “bittinsaa hokkaraa” jedhu karaa addaddaa dhiibbaa fi shororkaa gochaa jiruu Qeerroon Oromiyaa seexaa guddaadhaan otuu diinaaf hin sarmiin kabajatanii jiru.

Dabalataaniis, qophii baandiin sagallan booranaa Dukam irratti qopheeseeniis dargaggoonni dhaamsota adda addaa waliif dabarsuu irra darbee sirba warraaqsaa adda addaa fi alaabaa mirmirsuun haala hedduu dadammaqiinsa waliif kennuun kabajameera.

Ayyaana kana irratti kanneen qooda fudhatan keessaa Qeerroon tokko yaada kenneen, “dhugaa dubbachuuf haamileen dadammaqiinsa fi sabboonummaan uummata keenya waggoota sadanii fi afuran darbeef hir’atee qofa osoo hin ta’iin dhabame jechuun ni dandama ture.  Haalli amma itti jiru kan abdii namaa kennuu fi nama onnachiisu ta’eetu argamaa jira,” jechuun haala hubatee ibsee jira.

Qeerroon biraas haala yeroo ammaa jiru oggaa ibsitu, qabsoo fi diddaan Oromoo “bakka duriitti deebi’eera yoo jedhame hedduu nama hin salfachiisu.haala kanaan yeroo gabaabaa keessatti jabinaan sochoonaan jijjiramni barbaachisu uumamu mala jedheen amana,” jettee jirti.

Ayyaana Irreechaa Onkoloolessa 2,2011 Oromiyaa guutuu keessatti kabajame kana waanti adda godhu dhalooti haaraan heddumminaan keessatti hirmaatuu ta’uu kan eeran maanguddoon Oromoo tokko immoo “Irreechaan daandii ittiin qacceen dhalootaa lalisu ta’aa jira,” jedhanii jiru.

Akka lakkoofsa Gadaatti yeroo 6405f ayyaana kabajame kana irratti aayyoon argaman tokkos yeroo ibsan,” “An akkan waan lammata dhaladheettin ilaala. Dhugaatti, waan Irreechaa kana ibsuu hin danda’u. Garuu, yeroon lammii koo asitti akkanatti argu guyyaan itti dhugaan keenya deebi’ee mul’atu fagoo miti jedheen yaada,” jedhanii jiru.

Ayyaannii Irreechaa Horaa Arsadiittii haala baay’ee ajaa’ibsisaa ta’een yeroo kabajamee oleetti, Qeerroon Oromoos bakkaa Irreechaattii wal ga’uun ifaan ifaattii waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo faarsaa oolanii jiru. Keessaayyuu, dhaadannoo “WBO gachaana Oromiyaa ti! Addaa Biliisummaa Oromoo abdii saba keenyaa ti!” jechaa oolanitti humni diinaa dargaggoota bittimsuuf yaalu illee diddaa dhalootaa cabsuu waan hin dadneenyeef moggaatti ba’uuf akka driqaman gabaasaan keenya ijaan arguu isaa gabaasee jira.

Adeemsa ayyaana Irreechaa baranaa sagalee fi viidiyoon kan waraabame ta’u illee ammaaf sababa networkiitiin dabarsuun rakkisaa waan ta’eef karaa danda’ame maraan yeroo gabaabaa keessatti akka sabaaf gayu kan godhamu ta’uu qunnamtiin Qeerroo hubachiisee jira.

Mootummaan garboomfattuu wayyaanee dargaggoota uffata aadaa uffatanii Irreechaa deema jiran karaatti jechuunkellaalee cufuun sakkata’uun namoota hedduu rakkisaa kan oolte ta’uun illee beekamee jira.

Qeerroon akka ijaan argetti humnooti tikaa wayyaanee fi poolisooti kellaa addaddaa irratti ramadaman Oromoota Irreeffannaanf imalan qabuun ‘isiin miseensaa Addaa Biliisummaa Oromooti’ jetteenii rakkisaa turte.

Haaluma kanaan kan walqabates, humnooti tikaa fi poolisooti wayyaanee namoota hedduu irraa vedio fi kaameera fudhachuun, akka sabboontonnii kun aadaa isaanii kabajachuuf itti boonuu hin qabnee gochuuf yaalan illee diddaa fi heddummina ummataa ukkaamsuu dadhabamee akka jiru hubatamee jira.

Mootummaan TPLF Ayyaanaa Irreechaa irraatti ummata  doorsisuu fi sodaachisuuf human waraanaa kumaatamaan lakkaayamu bobbaastu illee sagalee ummataa ukkaamsuu akka hin dandeenye gabaasaan keenya dhaamee jira.

Keessaayyuu, Qeerroon sirbaan dhaamsa diddaa dabarsaa oolaniin sagalee isaanii dhageessisanii jiru. Akka fakkeenyaatti, lafa Oromoo maqaa investment tiin saamamaa jiru kanaaf akkas jechuun dhaamaa oolanii jiru.

     “ Yaa Oromoo Oromoo qulqulluu;

     Qonnee nyaanna qe’ee hin gurgurruu!”

Kan biraa immoo, kan guyyaa Irreechaa  irra deddebi’amee jedhamaa oole; haala bilchina ta’een haala sirba aadaa fakkaatun akkasi jedhanii  kallacha qabsoo ummata Oromoo kan ta’e ABO faarsaa oolanii jiru.

      “Yaa iyyoolee yaa iyyoolee

      Ya abaaboo daraari;

      Yaa iyyoolee yaa iyyoolee

    Yaa WBO koo taraari!

    Yaa ABO koo daddaraari!”

Akka gabaasota addaddaa irraa hubachuun danda’amettti, baayyinni uummataa kan bara darbeerra dabaleera;  80% ol dargaggoota ta’uu hubatamee jira.

Hayyuun seenaa fi aadaa Oromoo tokko dhimma kana irratti yaada kennaniin, haalli amma adeemaa jiru seexessaa dha. “Amma akka agarrutti, Qeerroon human guddaan ka’aa jirti. Barana Irreeffattooti harki caalan  Qeerroo dha.”

Dargaggoti heddummachuun hiikaa akkamii akka qabu illee yeroo ibsan, “kun dhaamsa guddaa dabarsa. Sababni isaa dargaggoonni eenyummaa ofiitti deebi’uu jechuu egereen biyyaa fi sabaa utubaa lalisu argachuu isaa ibsa. Kana malees, Qeerroon  waltajjii bal’aan tokkummaadhaan fedhii isaanii kana itti guuttatan Arsadii akka ta’e waliig galaa jiru. kana waan ta’eef godinaalee Oromiyaa mara irraa saganteeffatanii dhufan. Kun immoo, dhaloonni ammaa rakkoo har’a Oromoon keessa jiru kana dhabamsiisuuf abdachiisaa ta’uu agarsiisa,” jedhanii jiru.