In Wollega, Gimbi Town, the youth are confronting the harsh punishment of the dictatorial regime on power for their stand on freedom and democracy

(Qeerroo,  Gimbii, December 8, 2011)Dismissal from school and work, imprisonment and other cruel punishment are becoming very common to the Oromo’s in Ethiopia specially the Youth for their stand and genuine pursuit of freedom and democracy in Ethiopia.

Currently, starting from the beginning of December 2011; the Qeerroo from Gimbi are reporting the brutal and cruel hand of the TPLF government in action in a bid to subdue the dissents, in the town known for its resistance to the subjugation, looting and dictatorship of the current government.

The hard working Youth in Gimbi are being hunted on a fabricated charges of terrorism and theft. The is just to legitimize the crackdown that amounts to gross violation of human right and inhuman treatments according the constitution of the country and International agreements and protocols to which the country is signatory.

Within these few days more than 200 have been rounded up and detained while much more numbers are on the run while some have been reportedly in hiding in the forests with much more risks. Informants have told Qeerroo that these detained have faced serious tortures, biting and different methods of interrogations including water boarding. These daily hunting and campaign of dehumanization is also triggering anger and discontent with in the broader mass of the population.

Qeerroo have also uncovered the man at the front of this mass arrest, torture and human right violations, who is the Head of Odaa Neighborhood (Kebele) Mr. Abiyoot Malkaamu.  This man is said to be in charge of the crackdown which is now running for almost the last 6 months and he is also the man instrumental for the eviction of Oromo families in the town in the name of awarding the land to investors coming to the area.

In a sequence of events, due to the overflow of Youth prisoners, prisoners coming from smaller villages and the surrounding neighborhoods are reportedly imprisoned in Warra Sayyoo Secondary School.

Some of the Youth currently detained in Gimbi Town are the followings:

  1. Dawit Tamasgeen
  2. Abbush Malkaamuu
  3. Hambisaa Baatirii
  4. Shimallis Moosisaa
  5. Kaasahuun Bantuu
  6. Jireenyaa Taammiruu
  7. Maarqos Kabbadaa
  8. Taarikuu Garbaa
  9. Alamaayyoo Habtaamuu
  10. Aliyyii Baatirii
  11. Namoomsaa Kabbadaa
  12. Numarsii Kabbadaa
  13. Meetii Kabbadaa
  14. Innawu Fiqaaduu
  15. Magarsaa Daani’eel
  16. Ismaa’el Ashabbir
  17. Baacaa Biraanuu
  18. Mitikkuu Tamasgeen
  19. Dirribaa Baatirii
  20. Waaqboon Awwaqaa
  21. Abdii Taaddasaa
  22. Kaasahuun Taakkalaa
  23. Iwunatuu Ashannaafii
  24. Alamaayyoo Mulgeetaa
  25. Misgaanuu
  26. Shoraa
  27. Odaa  and others

In a apparent message to these who are lining up to hold up the Oromo in a continued subjugation of the TPLF, the Youth have warned these who will not desist from their unacceptable behavior and action; which is becoming the reason for the suffering of hundreds and thousands will face public justice and the action taken on them will be very serious and final.

Additionally they have also appealed to the Oromo in other part of the region and in Diaspora for help and to air their voice to avert the looming crisis in the town and the worst in the future.

Justice Shall Prevail!!!