Ginbot 7 and Dr. Berhanu Nega’s hostility toward Oromo cause


 By Geresu Tufa

The naked hostility of Ginbot 7 and significant sections of the Amhara elite against the Oromo national liberation struggle came to the surface over the last month.

Their radio stations, television broadcasters, writers, paltalk rooms, bloggers, websites and social media pages opened a war of attrition on the Oromo Liberation Front, Oromo activists and the Oromo people at large. All in unison took the offensive on laughable grounds. The intensity was deafening; the repetition was monotonous; the relay was wide and the substance was empty.

As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”. Certainly, such malicious coverage was carried out in accordance with their old racist adage: “minim atamentu ye-Gallan goffere inkuan be-wejigira yisheshal be-weree”. Consumed within such racist obsession, they entertained their own illusion; celebrated a non-existent victory; propagated a non-convened congress; applauded an unfounded change of program. An article, titled “the Integrity of Public Writing” authored by Ephrem Madebo signifies the epitome of such hasty mania. Continue reading

Mootummaan Wayyaanee godina Wallagga bahaa magaalaa Naqamtee keessaa Dunkaana Uummataa cufaa jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaase.


Gurraandhala 22,2017
Sirni abbaa irree Wayyaanee Godina Wallagga bahaa magaalaa Naqamtee keessaa  maqaa waraqaa eyyamaa hin qabdan jedhuun dunkaana uummataa humnaan samsaa akka jiru ibsame.
Mootummaan gita bittuu abbaa irree Wayyaanee kan sirnisaa saamichaaf hannaan duroome yero ammaa godina Wallagga bahaa magaalaa Naqamtee keessa oliif gadi adeemuun Dunkaana/Suuqii uummata magaalichaa dirqiin cufsiisaa akka jiru himame.Akka oduun achirra nu qaqqabettis hanga ammaatti Dunkaanni uummata magaalichaa heedduminaan waan cufameef uummanni rakkoo jabaa keessa seenee jiraachuun ibsame.Akka uummanni magaalichaa jedhanittis sirni wayyaanee maqaa eyyama daldalaatiin dunkaanni keenya waan nu jalaa cufameef heeddu rakkachaa jirra jechuun iyyachaa jiraachuun gabaafame.

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