Sexual violence with special emphasis on sexual aggression in Oromia Regional State in Ethiopia


By Dr. Baro Keno | February 6, 2015

Love and Honour for our living and fallen heroes who resisted any barbarian act against Oromo nation

AsliAddee Asli Oromo: The first woman in the history of Ethiopian Empire that sentenced to death because of her political vision about Oromo people but released after 18 years in prison as a result of international communities campaign. UrjiiAddee Urjii Dhaabaa: Is one out of many Oromo Women that survived sexual aggression of Ethiopian government military force, police and security agents.

Thank you Mr, Chairman

Your excellences member of the European parliament, Dear participants, Ladies and Gentlemen, my most heartfelt thanks are extended to the Organising Committee of this seminar. I am particularly grateful to my informants Asli Oromo, Urjii Dhaabaa, Ilfinesh Qano and Dinkinesh Dhereessaa whom I am able to speak to about the agony they endured and who also morally supported of the Oromo women survivors of sexual violence who able to speak to them while their stay in Ethiopian Prison.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

unpo3Ethiopia is the tenth largest country in Africa and it is the second most populated country in Africa with projected population of 100 million by 2020. It has a number of nations/ nationalities with distinct culture. Ethiopia consists of peoples speaking more than 80 different languages (CSA, 2006)[1]. Currently, Ethiopia is classified into nine regional states. Oromia is the largest regional state in land mass and population. Ecologically and agriculturally Oromia region is the richest region in the Horn of Africa. Oromos are accounted for more than 45% of the population of the Ethiopian empire. The population size of the Oromo people and their resources makes Oromia the heart of Ethiopia. Failure and progress in Oromia regional state is grossly contribute to the failure and progress to Ethiopia.

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አሳድና በለው!!


አሳድና በለው!!     

Mesert Tullu Irraa     

Mesert Tulluuአሳድና በለው ይህን ሆዳም ባናዳ;

ሁሌ ለሆዱ ሲል የሚከውን ደባ፡

ኦሮሞን ለመግዛት ደልሎ ለጥቅም፡

እያበቃ እንጂ ዳግም ተስፋ አይሰጥም፡

እዝያ በሀገር ቤት ጨልሞበት ቀኑ፡

በሰው  ሰራሸ ነገር ውሸት መበተኑ፡

አያፉርም ይህ ሆዳም አቀና ወደ ውጪ፡

ቅሌት ተሸክሞ ይህ ሀገር በጭባጭ፡

በደም የሰከረን አንደበቱን ይዞ፡

ፈጦ ቀረ  ዕንደ እንደጨት ጭራሹን ደንዝዞ፡

በፕላዛ ሆቴል መሽጐ እንደሌባ፡

አንተ ሆዳም ባንዳ የት አባክ ልትገባ፡

ሴቶ ወንድ ሆና ስታበላክ ህርም፡

ባንዳው ምን ይናገር ውጦ ብቻ ዝም፡

በአውስትራሊያ ምድር  በሜልቦርኑዋ ሜዳ፡

ባንዳው ተባረረ እንደ በግ ተነዳ፡

አቅራሩ ኦሮሞዎች የቁርጥ ቀን ልጅ፡

ባንዳን በየ ሄደበት ሁሌ አሳዳጅ፡

እንማር ከነሱ እንዴት እንዳበሩ፡

ባንዳ እየወቀጡ ሁሌ ሲያባርሩ፡

አሳድና በለው!!