The human right violation and crimes against humanity on the Metekel Oromos since 1991-2018


The 1991 constitution of EPRDF constitution’s approach is distinct in that it classifies the fundamental rights and freedoms into human rights and democratic rights. Even if the EPRDF starting from the adoption of the 1991 constitution stipulated different provision regarding the human and democratic rights. because of the infant federal form of government structure that they opt to follow the last 26 year can be categorized as the dark age/years/ for the Metekel Oromo, historically it is the year where they lose their identity and enforced to change their identity,the year they excluded from the regional constitution as one of the community leaving in the region for a long period of time. The year where they have no directly or indirect representative in the regional or federal form of the EPRDF government structure, the year they are prohibited to exercise and make to grow their culture and the right to learn by their Owen language,  Continue reading