The human right violation and crimes against humanity on the Metekel Oromos since 1991-2018

The 1991 constitution of EPRDF constitution’s approach is distinct in that it classifies the fundamental rights and freedoms into human rights and democratic rights. Even if the EPRDF starting from the adoption of the 1991 constitution stipulated different provision regarding the human and democratic rights. because of the infant federal form of government structure that they opt to follow the last 26 year can be categorized as the dark age/years/ for the Metekel Oromo, historically it is the year where they lose their identity and enforced to change their identity,the year they excluded from the regional constitution as one of the community leaving in the region for a long period of time. The year where they have no directly or indirect representative in the regional or federal form of the EPRDF government structure, the year they are prohibited to exercise and make to grow their culture and the right to learn by their Owen language,  the year where they are put in to prison by regional as well as federal government because of the request the constitutionally guaranteed human and democratic rights, the year they lose their property including their land, the year they be recognized as  the fugitive/immigrant/people/society/ from another nation. Generally, the last 26 year ruling system of the EPRDF government is characterized for the Metekel Oromos as the year they are unequally treated from other nation of the areas through social, economic as well as political participation.

The discrimination of the Oromos of the Metekel started from the time of the adoption of the regional constitution the Benshangul-Gumuze regional state constitution clearly exclude the Metekel Oromos from those who  he exhaustively listed as the indigenous community of the region, this act of the regional constitution has intended for different purpose especially the regional government in collaboration with the EPRDF official want to exclude the Metekel Oromos in different government structure because they have the Oromoo phobia in general it is dangerous especially for TPLF official to see the Oromoo nation in the regional seat which is because of it is bad condition for the vision they have to take this region with Gambela to build great Tigray and the policy they have to exploit the naturally endowed resource of the oromia region in particular and other regional state in general to build their Owen great Tigeray region for moment and republic of Tigray after.

The other strategy they opt to eliminate the Metekel Oromoos from the regional state is that in the 1986-1987 the TPLF official in collaboration with shinashaa minority official since they fear the Gumuze people who are huge in number and leave in the courge of the nile river broke civil war  b/n two of them and the TPLF official with supporting the minority nation of the shinasha community  alots of number of the Gumuze youth,childerns fathers and mothers are maskared this  basically evil war is strategically Oppend for the Oromoo community in Metekel and after the TPLF caders at the back bench the small in number shinasha trastional government official turn the civil war to the oromoo community and a lots Oromoo father,mothers youth and childerens from Wambaraa woreda 33 kebels ,Dibatii Woreda Galessa,Gipo,Berber,Korekaa other kebels were Maskared and especially the childes were put in the house and fired alots of property of the Metekel Orommoos were damaged and alots of the people leaving their for along period were leaft the region to the adjacent regions like Oromoia and Amharra regions.

After the civil war mascaraed alots of people the TPLF official in collaboration with the minority shinashaa official by the name of peace keeping brought their huge military around the metekel and kill a lots of Oromoo elites and enforced them to leave the region. And those official starts to take measure to prison Oromoos of the Metekel and a lots of Oromo elite group of the area and fathers who claim for self-administration of the region were started to collected from the areas and more than 200 people from the above area were put into PAWII prison which is belong in the Metekel Zone and prisoners are treated in inhuman and degrading way because of this treatment more than 10 Oromo fathers who are claiming for the right to self-administration of the Oromo community in the region are dead while they are imprison and after they are realized from the prison.


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