Qeerroo- Walaloo Jaal Abdii Boorii


Walaloo Qeerroo

Jaal Abdii Boriin

Q Qee Abbaa keenyaa Oromiyaa deeffachuuf!
E Eenyummaa Saba keenyaa Tikfachuuf!
E Ejjennoo hin daddaaqabne qabannee!
R Roga hundaan QB finiinsinee!
R Roorroo diinaa ofirraa mancaafnee!
O Oromiyaa wala-boomsuuf Irbuu senne!
O Oromoo saba keenya bilisoomsuuf waadaa lammiif seenne!

Namni Muka hin yaabbannee,
Nama Miila Tokkootii,
Dhiirti /Lammiin/ biyyaaf hin duullee,
Kan qomoof Hin dirmannee,
Dhiira Cinaan/Kolaan/tokkootii!

Marrataan Kottee hin qabuu,
Barruusaati Jaatamaa,
Dabeessii Onnee hin qabuu,
Marrumaantuu raafamaa!

Abbaya malakaa siree,
Nooraa karaa Bidiruu,
Ani yooman garaa iree,
Yartuuttun garaa ha hirtuu!

Baddeessaa muka faachaa,
Oomii Muka Waaqayyoo,
Anoo kan namaan faachaa,
Koo ammoo Yoomi Waaqayyoo?

Qiqqiriixaniitii Jiddu lamaan Uruu,
Maal maqaan qaqqallii,
Qabsoo Finiinsaanii,
Diina mo`aniitii gita namaa buluu,
Maal maqaan Gabbarrii!
Diina figgimsaan,
Mirga guuttuun bulu.

Yeroo Iriyyaan kee mana qayyifattuu,
Mana gubdi seetee? Jedhu.

OSAs Appeal Letter to the United Nation s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)



P.O Box 32391, Fridley, MN 55432

June 12, 2013

Mr. Antonio Guterres
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Case Postale 2500
CH-1211 Genve 2 Dpt Suisse.
Email: InfoDesk@ohchr.org; GUTERRES@unhcr.org

OSAs Appeal Letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

RE: Urgent Action Needed to Protect Oromo Refugees in Egypt

Dear Mr. Guterres,

I am writing this urgent letter on behalf of the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), a scholarly, multi-disciplinary, and non-profit international organization established to promote studies relevant to the Oromo people and other peoples of the Horn of Africa. We are gravely concerned over the current situation of the Oromo refugees in Egypt because we have received reports from the Oromo refugee community of Egypt that some Egyptian youth groups have verbally and physically attacked some members of their community. These Egyptian groups are angry by the current escalation of disputes over the diversion of the Blue Nile from its course by the so-called Renaissance Dam being built by the Ethiopian government. As you know, the Oromo refugee community is alarmed by the attacks, and currently holding protest in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo. Members of this community are staging demonstration four days and four nights in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo demanding protection from attacks, abuses and human rights violations. They told me that they have decided to stay there until they get protection since they are scared for their lives to go back to their homes.

Oromo Refugee Community in Cairo: demonstrating and sleeping in front of the UNHCR office for four consecutive days (June 9 12, 2013)

Oromo Refugee Community in Cairo: demonstrating and sleeping in front of the UNHCR office for four consecutive days (June 9 12, 2013)

On May 30, 2013, a 25 year-old Oromo woman was attacked when she was going to Ambabarsum Hospital in Helwan area of the city for a medical follow up. She was pushed under a Tuktuk car by an unknown group of people and her face and other parts of her body were severely injured. An eye witnesses said that she was attacked after she mentioned that she was from Ethiopia. Furthermore, on June 7, 2013 a group of Egyptians broke into an apartment of Oromo residents and attacked two men and a woman. The attacked Oromos said that the attackers live in the same apartment complex and know that they are refugees from Ethiopia. These Egyptians violently attacked these Oromo refugees by knife and Pepsi bottle to a point that the refugees lost their consciousness. They kicked the woman in her stomach, who was a five months pregnant, causing her a severe bleeding. Although she was later taken to a hospital by the help of other Oromo refugees, she was denied treatment at least from two hospitals after they identified their identity from their UNHCR ID card. These attacked refugees said that the attackers were telling them we will cut your necks as your government has cut our water.


Oromo Refugees 4th Day of Demonstration in Cairo, Egypt


4th Day of demonstration of Oromo refugees in Cairo (June 12, 2013)

we are4th Day of Demonstration in front of UNHCR Cairo: 12th June 2013 at about 11.pm at night: We received information that one Oromo member was attacked in front of UNHCR while camping there by a group of Egyptian youth. They were agitated by Ethiopian name and it will take time to teach Egyptian who we are, we still say, police was involved in finding out….more Coming soon….

Guyyaa hardhaa 12/6/2013 hiiriraa nagayaa baqaattonnii ilmaan Oromo biyyaa Masrii jalqaban guyyaa 4ffaf ittii fufaa jira. Baqattonnii ilmaan Oromo biyyaa Masrii hangaa mirgii kenyaa nuuf egaamuttii akkasumaas nageenyii nuuf godhamuttii itti fufuu akka qaban murta’ee jiraa. Kayyoon hiiriiraa kana wan bayyee of keessaa qabaatuus innii guddaan mootummaa Itoophiyaatin biyyaa kenyaa irraa mirgaa sarbamnee biiyaa kana keessaa baqattumman jirraa. umaannii Masrii sababiii hidhamiinsaa bishanitin nu miidhinaa akasumas miidhaan nurraa gaha jiruu nurraa akka dhaabbatuu fi dhaabonnii mirgaa dhalaa nama akka nuuf dirmatuudhaa. Galatomaa nu hordafaa.
Oromia shall be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Day of demonstration of Oromo refugees in Cairo (June 11, 2013)

Updates !!!

UNHCR regional representative visited Police stations where Oromo people are populated, the towns named Maadi, Darusalam, and Basaatin regions. after visiting these areas they found that it is true and have recognized the problems after visiting all stations, its was an emotional meeting with UNHCR regional representative today, they promise to follow this issue and solve our problems amicably. we really thank UNHCR regional director and his deputy Elizabeth tan for giving us attention in this critical time.

There is also an opposite demonstration by Ethiopian amhara community who will demonstrate later this week, UNHCR asked United Oromos to be peaceful as ussual, we promised to be peaceful and avoid any confrontation with ethiopian community who we consider them as extention of Ethiopian embassy.

Ethiopians protest government corruption at downtown hotel


hi-antiethiopia2-8colProtest linked to dam development and government corruption

June 12, 2013, Canada (CBC News) – More than 100 Ethiopians rallied outside a downtown hotel Sunday in protest of their government’s handling of a construction project.

The Ethiopian Consul General was giving a presentation at the downtown Ramada Hotel about a dam development project. Protesters say the government is corrupt and that they are concerned over a lack of accountability in how money is being spent on the project.

Some of the protesters were alleging the government is involved in kidnappings, including those against local journalists.

Many of the guests invited to the Consul General’s presentation were not able to get into the hotel because of the protesters.

Police say they were called in as a precaution after a verbal clash between two factions of protesters.

There were roughly 10 police cars and several dozen officers at the scene but no one was hurt.

CBC News

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