A National Call To Stand In Unity Against The New Wave Of The Neo-Nafxanya Government’s Attacks On The Oromo Nation, The OLF And Its Leadership

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Daawud Ibsaa OLF

Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is a global alliance of Oromo civic, professional and faith-based institutions, and human rights organizations, as wells as prominent individuals, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Our mission is to enhance Oromo unity, discuss, analyze, and take actions on man-made and natural disasters as well as human rights abuses plaguing the Oromo nation, and to design strategies and tactics to mitigate the plights of our people.

OGF’s values are based on the egalitarian Gadaa/Siiqqee System of the Oromo nation, in which the dignity of all human beings is equally respected and defended, irrespective of their national origins, cultures, and creeds. OGF advocates for the protection and promotion of all human rights in Oromia and beyond. It also upholds and defends the moral and ethical values of the Oromo nation, in which all human beings are equally treated, truth is defended, and justice is served without discrimination. Furthermore, OGF stands for and defends Oromo national unity, integrity of Oromia, equality of its citizens, freedom of expression and organization, social justice, egalitarian democracy, self-determination, and respects all forms of diversity in Oromo society and beyond.

Gross Human Rights Violations

OGF has national and moral obligations to defend the Oromo national interest by exposing the new wave of attack by the neo-nafaxanya government, which is intervening in the internal affairs of Oromo organizations, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). We have learned that the neo-nafaxanya government of Abiy Ahmed is working day and night to change the independent leadership of the OLF, led by Chairman Dawud Ibssa, to weaken and control the organization. OGF believes that the OLF is the principal architect of Oromummaa, which is engraved in Oromo national history, culture, identity, and language. The OLF is the symbol and embodiment Oromo nationalism, which has resurrected Oromo nationhood that was fragmented into local, regional, and religious identities by the Ethiopian settler colonialism and its nafxanya system.

The front clearly mapped out the ideological and political roadmap of the Oromo nation in the 1970s and introduced an ideological innovation and the knowledge for liberation to the Oromo people by challenging Ethiopianism that has been degrading and abusing Oromo humanity and identity. Consequently, it has liberated the minds of millions of Oromo, and mobilized them to struggle for their own freedom and the liberation of their country, Oromia. Hating and opposing Oromo political consciousness and the development of Oromummaa, all external and internal enemies of the Oromo people are attacking the OLF and its independent leadership to deny the people the institutional and organizational capacity, which is absolutely necessary to empower the Oromo nation.

The main objectives of the neo-nafxanayas and their collaborators are to continue disempowering the Oromo people by dispossessing their lands and other resources and by keeping them in the status of colonial subjects, who are disorganized, easy to be terrorized and dominated. But the flourishing of Oromo nationalism and the consolidation of Oromo unity as demonstrated by the recent Qeerroo/Qarree movement have revealed the potential of Oromo society to bring about fundamental transformations in Oromia, the Ethiopian Empire, and the Horn of Africa.

Since the ideological and intellectual victory of the Oromo national movement has disturbed the colonial settlers and their neo-nafaxanya government led by Abiy Ahmed, the enemies of the Oromo people are worried that they cannot successfully implement their grand plans of dismantling Oromo nationhood by fragmentating it into local and religious identities, dividing Oromia again into colonial administrative regions, imposing Habasha culture and the Amhara language, pitting the Oromo against other nations, and impoverishing them by dispossessing their resources and transferring to themselves and their cronies. The OLF and its chairman, Mr. Dawud Ibssa, have become the main obstacle to these grand projects when some Oromo organizations and former activists are willingly becoming the agents of the neo-nafxanaya government to satisfy their personal interests at the cost of the Oromo nation. Therefore, Abiy and his government are trying to remove the resolute and independent leadership of the Oromo people and the OLF and replace it by the leadership that they can easily manipulate and cannot defend Oromia’s national agenda and interest.

Under the direction of Abiy Ahmed, the neo-nafxanaya government and its security forces, the police, and the army have taken the following steps to achieve their political objectives:

  • First, the regime and its security forces have created the condition for their evil acts by illegally putting Chairman Dawud under house arrest for almost two weeks, cutting his telephone lines and internet connections, and preventing him from travelling to his office, communicating with his leadership team and supporters, and obstructing to fulfill his duties and obligations.
  • Second, the Ethiopian government forces that have put Chairman Dawud under house arrest protected and enabled those leaders that called the so-called general assembly meeting of the OLF on July 25 and 26, 2020.
  • Third, the involvement of the police and the illegal search of the OLF office demonstrates the Ethiopian government’s violations of its agreement with the OLF when the leadership of the organization returned to the empire in September 2018 to carry out peaceful political activities and the lack of respect to the right of an opposition political party. By sending security forces to enter the OLF office and financing a few individuals in the OLF leadership to hold a meeting not authorized by the chairman, the government of Abiy Ahmed was illegally interfering and impeding the political activities of an independent Oromo organization.
  • Fourth, a few members of the OLF leadership who held a meeting at the OLF office last week, with assistance of the Abiy Ahmed government, shamefully orchestrated a crisis in the leadership instead of strongly demanding the government to remove the illegal restrictions it imposed on Chairman Dawud Ibssa and to release imprisoned OLF leaders and members and all political prisoners immediately. This indicates that the individuals who organized the meeting never cared about the security and safety of the chairman and other OLF leaders, members, and supporters.
  • Fifth, the so-called meeting was arranged without the knowledge and the permission of the chairman of the OLF when, in fact, he could be contacted or visited at his residence in Finfinnee.
  • Sixth, the press release that the so-called general meeting released almost resembles the commentaries of the OPDO/PP cadres, and never exposed the crimes the neo-nafxenya regime has been committing on the OLF officials and members and the Oromo people before and after the assassination of the famous artist and human rights activist Hacaaluu Hundeessa, and
  • Finally, the declaration of all agents of the government of Ethiopia and the neo-nafxanya media outlets that the chairman of the OLF was replaced by his deputy chairman was intended to spread confusion and to demoralize the supporters of the organization and the Oromo people. OGF urges that the Oromo people expose this sinister propaganda and an open declaration of war on the identity and wellbeing of the nation.

If the Oromo people in general and Oromo nationalists in particular allow the neo-nafxanaya government to dismantle the OLF and its independent leadership by creating subservient leaders for Oromo society, our survival and the survival of our country, Oromia, will be in question. Hence, OGF calls upon all citizens of Oromia to reject all machinations and manipulations of the neo-nafxanya government of Abiy Ahmed and oppose its interference into the internal affairs of any independent Oromo organization. OGF strongly warns all Oromos to be vigilant and clearly understand the emerging national danger our nation is facing under the Abiy regime and stand in unity to defend the OLF, the principal Oromo liberation front and its independent leadership that have been struggling for more than four decades to liberate our country, Oromia, from the Abyssinian/Ethiopian settler colonialism and its nafxanya system.

Furthermore, OGF would like to remind the government that it has obligations to ensure the  security and safety of political leaders in general and that of the OLF in particular, and we  call upon the Oromo people and the Qeerroo/Qarree to be vigilant and follow and protect the safety of their leaders.

Oromia Shall be liberated by its determined daughters and sons!

Oromia Global Forum


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