OLF sends condolence letter to President Zuma on Mandela death



His Excellency Jacob G Zuma
Republic of South Africa
Dear Mr. President:
It is with feelings of great sorrow that we in the Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo people at large  learned the passing of Mr. Nelson Mandela, the first elected President of South Africa and a true freedom -fighting icon. On behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromo people, I wish to convey my deepest condolences and sympathies to you and the people of South Africa during this time of  national mourning. The passing of Former President Mandela is a tremendous loss not only to South
Africa and Africa alone but to the whole world.
The world and Africa in particular has lost an extraordinary statesman; a true freedom fighter whose  moral strength, dedication an determination liberated his people from the evil of apartheid and set a  genuine example for the rest of world. This gallant son and leader of Africa, through his unconditional  sacrifices and heroism transformed his beloved country, South Africa, into peaceful multiracial nation  that continues to serve as an example of a true and genuine national reconciliation in the world.
We, Oromo, have very fond memories of Mr. Mandela’s secret visit to our country in 1962, where he  was hosted by General Taddasa Biru, an Oromo hero, founder of the OLF and leader who was murdered  by the Ethiopian regime in 1975, while in struggle for the liberation of his own people. General Taddasa  Biru trained and prepared Mr. Mandela for armed struggle. Because of this connection in particular, Mr. Nelson Mandela has become a source of inspiration for those of us struggling for freedom, equality, peace and reconciliation. We will greatly miss this freedom icon and giant son of Africa. History will remember President Nelson Mandela as a great man and hero. Nobel laureate Nelson  Mandela’s legacy will live on and inspire generations to come.
At this moment, our prayers are with the people of South Africa and President Mandela’s family in  particular and we hope that they will find strength and solace to overcome their sorrow during this period
of deep grief.
May his soul rest in eternal peace!
Yours Sincerely,
Dawud Ibsa
Oromo Libertion Front– National Council

OLF ABO Mandela Passing 05-12-2013