It is a must to build oromia’s government to get peace.

It is a must to build oromia’s government to get peace.

The explanation of Qerroo of Oromo freedom
February 27/2020

The struggle of oromo freedom has been led to many years, the problem of the government of the government has come to pass and the problems of the government, and those who live to protect their interests have reached today. In hard condition and hardship, the big sacrifice paid for the victory is still unpunished. In 1991-1992, we believe that our people are going to be a reason for oromo and oromia today. We believe that our people have got his struggle to lead his struggle. In 27 years, the struggle of the people has been strong, the government of the government has not been accepted for the world. The government has been able to make the government new in it. The government has been created by the government of the people and the plan of the freedom struggle. The change of respect has been hoped that ′′ expanding democracy field is the answer to the people’s question ′′ But, the body of ‘ change ‘ leader ‘ has been killed from day to day to day, killing and prison, political parties have been killed from the move, the media has been killed by the hope of the nation of this country and the walk of democracy has reached today. Continue reading