It is a must to build oromia’s government to get peace.

It is a must to build oromia’s government to get peace.

The explanation of Qerroo of Oromo freedom
February 27/2020

The struggle of oromo freedom has been led to many years, the problem of the government of the government has come to pass and the problems of the government, and those who live to protect their interests have reached today. In hard condition and hardship, the big sacrifice paid for the victory is still unpunished. In 1991-1992, we believe that our people are going to be a reason for oromo and oromia today. We believe that our people have got his struggle to lead his struggle. In 27 years, the struggle of the people has been strong, the government of the government has not been accepted for the world. The government has been able to make the government new in it. The government has been created by the government of the people and the plan of the freedom struggle. The change of respect has been hoped that ′′ expanding democracy field is the answer to the people’s question ′′ But, the body of ‘ change ‘ leader ‘ has been killed from day to day to day, killing and prison, political parties have been killed from the move, the media has been killed by the hope of the nation of this country and the walk of democracy has reached today.

As everyone has knowledge, oromia and oromo are in a thoughtful situation. In this situation, it can be understood that Oromia and Oromia people are thinking about it. The leaders of Oromo political parties are arrested without mistake. There are many people who are in prison where these political parties are going to participate in the election. The killing of jumla is doing on oromo people only because of the government that doesn’t support the government of the country. It is possible to understand that there are people who have been having hope to lead the country to democracy. This is what the body is saying ” leader ” this is the year of his leadership ” after this September the government is not the law of this country. As we see, this is better to use the power of war and the power of war. I have shown that our people don’t take this action.

When the year of the government of the government is finished, when the decision wants to give power to the peace of the country, the election is not going to be able to build the government of oromia. It is seen that the government of oromia is going to be a horse. .

There are many conditions that make it important to build oromia government. To take out of them as an example:
– this country doesn’t have the same system and the administration of wollo. When we say this, the Tigre region has built its own power and built its own choice. Today Tigreay can’t do any body in any way. They are respecting the right of the decision of their people.
– Amhara region should not have a question of this government system. It is possible to say that the federal government is leading the federal government of Amhara region. It is possible to understand that there is no idea that there is no idea that there is no idea.
– proud like afar, gambella, benishaangul gumuz and etc. ” this government is waiting for us ” In this, it is known to live in the government like sidama, walayitta and somalis. They are using this ppn for politics business in the world.
– Oromia is a field of war and disturbance, Oromo will live in peace. Oromo political leaders and Oromo children are suffering in prison. On Wallo Oromos the fight is going to break Oromo’s plan. The big robbery is doing on oromo businesses and businesses. The big focus is going to be on breaking oromo by breaking oromo.

If we continue like this, the oromia’s plan is working to lose Oromo. Because of this, we believe that the government should be built in oromia to save oromia from enemy. The government of oromia has been built by the government of oromia and the peace of oromia government has been led by the government of oromia. After the election of justice, Oromo has built his own government. To do this, we ask the body to see the issue of ABO to do this. We want to explain that qerro of oromo freedom will be built from oromia government. We hope oromo people will work for their work.

Oromo scholars who are in the country and outside oromia, we will give you wisdom and knowledge to build oromia government. We will send you to save your people by making different community parties in the country and outside.

In May, oromia is a must to understand that the government is a must to build oromia’s government to get peace. The body should look at me ” the issue of oromia; the peace of the country should be needed. It is a must to make the right to make the right to make the right of the decision of oromo people. If the body has the power of war and the power of the country has power to use his power to live his power, qerro of oromo freedom should prepare yourself and our people have the right to respect his right.

Victory for oromo people!
Oromo freedom qerro
February 27/2020
Finfine, oromia.

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