The Oromo struggle headed by the OLF will not be by a croaking Frogs and tick bites

Press release – Qeerroo: Oromo Youth Movement for Freedom

Since their subjugation fall under the Ethiopian empire about 150 years ago, the Oromo people are waging a liberation struggle to regain their freedom back and build its nation. To this day the Oromo continue to suffer under the most barbaric and cruel government system of the empire. To regain its freedom and bring an end to its suffering, the Oromo people have rallied behind the Oromo liberation struggle, spear headed by the OLF, and have fought the colonizers for over a century. Though the challenges are immense, and the terrains our struggle walked through are extremely steep, the OLF has managed to overcome them all patiently and unflinchingly to bring our struggle these far. During this long journey to freedom, the Oromo people have rallied behind OLF a just cause. They never waged their struggle for the sake of supporting individuals OLF leaders or to protect them from any political adversaries. The Oromo people rallied behind OLF and its leaders for their selfless commitment to the struggle, unwavering stand, perseverance, and willingness to abide to the rules and regulation of the organization.
Over decades of bitter struggle, the OLF has had brave and unflinching leaders, but also cowards and sellouts who betrayed the people and joined the oppressors. This is what we faced today at this juncture of our history. The Oromo people have never and will never be shaken by of the departure of some purposeless traitors from the leadership of the Front. Continue reading