TPLF AND His Terrorist deportment


By Firehiwot Guluma Tezera | July 7, 2013

Firehiwot Guluma Tezera Firehiwot Guluma According to many Ethiopia Medias and FBI has foiled an attempt by the Ethiopian government to assassinate anti weyane or TPLF. Please note here I said the Ethiopian government since there seems to be no thin line between the TPLF party and the government. Why I am not surprised? I am not surprised because for the TPLF violence is sanctioned by the party leaders as a legitimate tool to achieve political, economic and military dominance. In Ethiopia they are known for carrying weapons conspicuously, brandishing them at will and revealing in their thuggish behavior. They are the kind that administers summary judgment on street corners, bars and clubs. How was TPLF Chairman, the recently departed Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi able to achieve this goal in Ethiopia? The simple truth is by using violence to silence, intimidate, and eliminate his and the party’s actual or perceived enemies using any means necessary. You do not need to be a Sherlock Holmes to detect this pungent smell of gun powder around most Woyanes. Mengistu Hailemariam prepared the perfect ground for TPLF to flourish. He has already disarmed the population, delegitimized the family system and used the lowest denominators to be in charge of the Kebeles. TPLF inherited a demoralized, confused and tired population to mold in its own image. Read more :-darticle.docx

IYYAA IYYA DABARSAA!!!Kabajamtoota Lammii Oromoo Maraaf


Kabajamtoota Lammii Oromoo Maraaf

Barreessaa dhugaa baasa!Guddina Afaan Oromoo ilaalchisee Oromiyaa keessatti wanti hojjetamaa jiru gaariidha. Kana jechuun ammoo waan nurraa eegamu mara hojjenne jechuu miti. Hojmannee guddaatu isa baraterraa eegamaa jira. Guddina biyyattii kanaaf gumaachi keenya murteessaadha. Dhaloota ol adeemaa ka’aa jiran kana gorsuuf jajjabeessuun ammoo isa guddaadha. Haaluma kanaan dhaamsa guddaa Xalayaan kun baattu dubbisaati…isinillee ergaa kana nama beektan kamiifuu dabarsaa jechuuf iyyaa iyya dabarsaa isiniin jedhuu barbaade…
Ulfaadhaa, horaa bulaa
Beekan Gulummaa Irranaati

Yunivarsiitii Finfinneerraa barataadha!



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