April 15: Oromo Martrys’ Day – The National Memorial Day


From the Editor’s Notebook: Should we let Oromo Martyrs die for the second time? This year, the very values, for which countless heroines and heroes have scarified their precious lives in East Oromia, in West Oromia, in South Oromia and in North Oromia, have come under attack; these values are bilisummaawalabummaaOromummaa and Oromiyaa. Our Martyrs might have died physically, but have always been alive in spirit. In 2012, a Ginbot-7 and its Oromo sub-group, known as Group-7, orchestrated assault is getting ready to kill our Martyrs for the second time by destroying the values they have fought for till their last breath. This year’s Oromo Martyrs’ Day is especial – it’s the moment we prevent our Martyrs from dying for the second time. more. http://www.gadaa.com

Qophii gaarii akkasiif qabsaawoti http://www.Gadaa.com galati keessan bilisummaa haatahu.

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