On the Arrest of Mr. Betie Urgessa, the OLF Public Relations Officer and His Driver Mr. Wondoson Abdulkadir

OLF Press Release
The OLF has just learned that today March 20, 2021, Mr. Betie Urgessa, the OLF public relations officer, and his driver Mr. Wondoson Abdulkadir were arrested by Burayu sub-city police, Oromia Regional State. Mr. Batie was arrested while visiting colleagues unlawfully detained at Burayu sub-city police station without any trial. Like any other family members, relatives, and friends, Mr. Betie has the right to visit his imprisoned friends, and therefore, there is no legal base for the Burayu police to arrest peaceful citizens for just visiting friends.
Therefore, the OLF demands the Burayu sub-city police to immediately release Mr. Betie Urgessa, Wondoson Abdulkadir, and any unlawfully detained citizens at the station and elsewhere. Once again, we want to emphasize that it is against the country’s constitution to arrest and detain citizens without committing any crime and a court order.
Victory to the Masses
Oromo Liberation Front

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