1 thought on “Sagalee QEERROO Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ) Amajjii 20,2016 / Qophii Addaa:- Oromoon Xoobiyaa Jalatti Lammummaa Argatee Hin Beeku!

  1. Abby Tsehaye and PM. H/M should be brought to world court, because they organized three type terrorist group: 1) ” Agazi ” this group that get direct order form PM H/M and Abby Tsehaye do what ever they say, 2) “Fderal Police” they do the same thing order they got: 3) “Liyu Hail” (special Force). these are killers and murderers, by given order they commit genocide on Oromo People and raping our girls and women in oromiya region until today, and these savage and murderers must leave oromiya region and be brought to court and be in jail for life.

    Oromo people must stand together, wayane is exposed by oromo people, and the world community is standing beside you us, be strong we will win.

    oromo will be free

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