The Only Man Who is Behind To Register Oromoo Gadaa System In UNESCO As The a World Heritage.. “Abbaa libaan. Aka Dabassa Guyyoo”.

By Ijoollee Booranaa

Dabbasaa GuyyuuLet me briefly Highlights his Life story.

Mr. Dabasa is an elder who was born in Taltalle and grown up in Yaballo Boraanaa and Liban area of Booranaa region in Oromia – Horn of Africa.

He is arround 80 years old and studied Gadaa Oromo from his childhood. He was forced by the Dergue government and moved to Kenya and lived there for the last 35 years.

During his stay in Kenya, Mr. Dabasa has taught Gadaa Oromo – the socio political and economic system of African tradition currently in the process of registration in UNESCO as the world heritage. Almost all scholars who studied Gadaa have worked with Dabasa consulted him as informant.

15 years ago, Mr. Dabasa established Gadaa Oromo Cultural Heritage institute along with other Oromos in Dagoretti –Kenya.

He taught Gadaa- Oromo culture, cosmology and oral heritage system. This has given him an opportunity to travel to South America-Guatemala and meet Maya people, the US and met Indians and Russia and met people who have similar culture with the Oromos. He has also travelled to Norway twice and presented about Oromo culture on a seminar and in many states in the US and taught about culture and tradition.

He was preaching peace- Nagaa oromo.

Everyone who met Mr. Dabasa got surprised by his capability to reckon history, oral tradition and wisdom. His memory of the dates and places as well as situations of each and every episode has surprised scholars who met him.

His knowledge of the stars reading, Oromo philosophy, Oromo prophets and ancient history is beyond imagination.

This known African wisdom teacher is the Dalai Lama of Africa. He is respected in the level of Pope among his people.

Mr. Dabasa is not a partial person either in terms of region, religion or political view. He is a man of the people for everyone and have good relation with everyone.

The disappearance of this great scholar on 27.Septmeber 2015 in Nairobi – Kenya after celebrating the Oromo thanksgiving has saddened his friends and families.

We call up on every one to press the Kenyan Government to find Dabasa Guyo Saffaro. We are planning to demonstrate all over the world on 23.10.2015 and show support for Mr. Dabasa as well as make his voice heard.

We call up on groups holding him to free him safely and let him back to his family

May he return home safe and stand by his family in this important occasion they need us most..

Free dabasaa!
Free Dabasaa!
Free Dabasaa!.

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