2 thoughts on “Documentary: IOYA | International Oromo Youth Association | Presents #OromoProtests

  1. You oromos are heros jegnoch nachuh wendoch you shook e ha dig asfesachuhut we love you thwy call you tsere selam when they fear you tell olf that ther page dosent work and e ha dig is laying obout free flow of information and dosent trust oromo people keeeeeeep up the strugllllllllll make them pay for the few oromos they kild

  2. They fear you because your out numbering ro them it distroys them thru poloticaly and militaryly so they fèard that and kild inocent oromos to mashemakek you dont meshemakek for them keeep up the strugll make them pay for thos inocent oromos they kild make themmmmmmm payyyyyyyyy telll as many oromos as you can obout this

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