Release Political Prisoners in Ethiopia


January 25, 2013               Press Release

Release Political Prisoners in Ethiopia

bekelEthiopia receives $3 billion in aid each year. Donors claim it is on the road to democracy but this is wrong. Scores of thousands of political prisoners are being tortured in Ethiopian prisons. Millions get food aid while millions of hectares of arable government land are rented cheap to foreign investors. Ethiopia has one of the biggest and best-equipped armies in Africa but over one third of its budget is given in aid. We call on the US Government to promote real democratic change in Ethiopia.

Insist on the release of political prisoners.

About 200 young Oromo were arrested at the annual Irreechaa festival in central Ethiopia on 30 September 2012. Hundreds of Muslims protesting at government interference are arrested at demonstrations every week. Over 100 Addis Ababa university students were arrested and severely beaten on 2 January 2013.

riyanaAmnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the US State Department corroborate these abuses.

One hundred thousand Oromo people residing in the United States of America call for democratic change in Ethiopia.


Oromo Studies Association
Oromia Support Group
Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa
Oromo Community Organization of Washington D.C.

and Oromo Youth Self-help Association


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