The Students peaceful demonstration and the military crackdown in Adama University

December 31, 2011; Adama

The confrontation between students and security forces is getting violent by the day, after the government reportedly favored to pursue force rather than dialogue and settlement on the issues of freedom, rule of law, self determination and the issue of Finfinne raised by students in Adama University. Similar incidents are being reported in Haromaya, Addis Ababa and other Universities.

According to sources; Adama University is rounded up by military brigade and basic service within and around the University are shut down. The protest which started to be visible in two groups both by these students hold up in the university campus and by those who are in the Adama city comes with price to pay.

Even if the protest is still continuing, the peaceful demonstrators and their dormitory are being raided and until this report is compiled more than 50 students has been arrested which includes

  1. Gaaddisaa Tashoomee
  2. Damee
  3. Amadien Mohammad
  4. Araggaa Tashoomee
  5. Jibaat – 3rd year IT
  6. Caffee
  7. Kaasahuun
  8. Darajjee Dabalii, Logistics 2nd year
  9. Yaadasaa , Management 2nd year
  10. Gammachiis Saamueel ,  Electrical engineer 4th year
  11. Damee, Economics 3rd year
  12. Caalaa Abbayyaa, Wood science 2nd year
  13. Kaasahuun, Engineering 2nd year
  14. Gaaddisaa, Geography 2nd year
  15. Magarsaa Abraham, Accounting 2nd year
  16. Araggaa
  17. Abdii Ayyaanaa -2nd Year
  18. Sanyii -engineering 2nd Yera

The Adama University Students have also voiced their support for the questions raised by Addis Ababa and Haromaya University Students. The situation in the campus is still violent and unstable due to the military force interference. Finally the students have asked the public to stand behind the popular cause they are raising and to protest against the use of force against peaceful demonstration.

The Struggle shall continue!!!


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