The Qeerroo resistance embarrassed the Woyane Government in Haromaya University

(Qeerroo, Haromaya, December 26, 2011)The fake celebration of Nations and Nationalities day was disrupted by the brave resistance of Oromo Students in Haromaya University.

It is the public knowledge that the brutal government in Ethiopia is using this day to deceive the public with is deceptive propaganda machine and to buy time to its dying regimes life.

Alaabaan OPDO buqqifamee(bu'ee) Alaabaan Gadaa Bakka Bu'e

Alaabaan OPDO buqqifamee(bu'ee) Alaabaan Gadaa Bakka Bu'e

After getting in touch with and reaching a deal on the necessity of resisting the deceptive propaganda of the government with the rest of other enlightened nations and nationality students, the Oromo students were able to turn down the evil agenda of the day.

In spite of the suspicion and deployment of the Peace and Security Club, Oromiya and the Federal police in a bid to celebrate well the on the planned day, the brave students were able to tear down the flag of the repressive regime on the night of 23rd of December 2001 and started to sing motivational and freedom songs including the one that Praises the OLF.

Accordingly the highly planned ceremony on the 24th of December 2011 was forced to collapse in a shame. In a last minute effort to fix the problem and move on the program, they forced some students to carry OPDO flag but they also showed their resistance by changing it with Abba Gadaa flag with a name “Oromiya” written on it.

By doing that they have bravely demonstrated that OPDO is illegitimate and unrepresentative within the Oromo people.

Finally they called up on all citizens to realize the long overdue deception of the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia and to stand up against this deceptive day and the regime that manipulated everything in the country for so long.

The struggle shall continue!!!


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