A Brief Note on Current Situation of Oromo Liberation Struggle

A Brief Note on Current Situation of Oromo Liberation Struggle
OLF Presse Release- August 25, 2021
Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo: Sanbata darbe yaalii ajjeechaatu raawwatame - BBC  News Afaan OromooThe Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) as a leading Oromo political organization has relentlessly directed and coordinated the Oromo People’s struggle for self-determination for almost half a century. The OLF from its inception has been providing a comprehensive leadership to various forms of Oromo struggle for freedom and democracy including armed resistance, political engagement, and diplomatic endeavors.
Undeniably, the OLF has endured innumerable adversaries from both inside and outside the organization and gone through bumpy ups and downs filled with many irregular vices and virtues of success stories as well as dreadful setbacks. Attacks from within the organization, mainly driven from external enemies and associated mercenaries from outside the Organization had exposed the OLF struggle to many difficult terrains at different times. Through its 50 years’ journey of struggle, the OLF has learned that most of the internal plots emerged as a splinter group at the time when the Oromo struggle reaches a critical stage of fruition. We also realized that forming internal splinter groups within the OLF is a permanent strategy and sabotage that had been orchestrated by Abyssinian ruling groups and their foreign allies who want to maintain the status quo of Abyssinian empire by supporting the consecutive ruling groups with abundant resources and intelligence infiltration networks for many years.

Similarly, since the last three years and up to now, we are observing related sabotages undergoing, though without success, to divide leading Oromo institutions, particularly the OLF. We would like to reiterate that given the current level of political maturity and achievement of the Oromo liberation struggle, no one should think of hindering the Oromo people from achieving its full freedom and building a nation of democratic order. However, in our final move we must be fine-tuned to strengthen our unity more than ever and be vigilant of the current machinations and future enemies, particularly the expansionists groups and recent-past power mongers who want to regain their lost positions. We believe that at this critical time, when the Ethiopian empire system is near its graveyard, any force that try to divide the unity of the Oromo struggle, knowingly or unknowingly, is not only repeating the same mistake of division within the OLF but also putting themselves in historical blunder. We should not forget that a century long machinery of the Abyssinian ruling class was to divide the Oromo people and its political institutions, and they are trying even today. Any group that entertains such old Abyssinian strategy is a residue in the history of Oromo liberation movement. We would like to caution the external mercenaries that it is not possible anymore to sway the Oromo people and we warn you to refrain from interfering into Oromia internal affairs.
Finally, we would like to note that in a journey of building a democratic order in Oromia as a nation, we must coordinate our efforts and develop our capacities in all spectra of nation building activities including regional cooperation, sustaining peace & security, and defending our peoples’ aspiration for freedom and democracy as well as emancipating our political, diplomatic, and civil society institutions. This requires multifaceted practices that demonstrate Oromia which is peaceful with its neighboring sister nations and nationalities and the Horn of African region and beyond.
Therefore, we remind the Oromo people and other Oromia citizens to see a big picture and focus on consolidating all their liberation efforts towards administering their region and defending their territories from all sorts of Abyssinian ruling elements and carefully move towards final building of a free society and democratic order.
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
August 25, 2021
Finfinne, Oromia

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