A Resolution by members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Leadership & Officials Abroad

September 29, 2020

Pursuant to OLF’s Press Statement dated September 13, 2020 that called for the establishment of  a Transitional government in Oromia as well as Ethiopia, we, members of the OLF Leadership, Officials and Representatives of the various OLF International chapters held a consultative meeting on September 27, 2020 to discuss the details. After thorough deliberation and critical analysis of our vanguard organization’s decision to take the lead in putting a peaceful transitional arrangement together in the country, we have issued a nine-point resolution in support of this historical and timely call to, practically, ensue soon.

Following some promising changes that took place within the ruling EPRDF coalition in the Spring of 2018, the OLF has relentlessly worked with the Ethiopian government for the full fruition of the democratic transition. Despite incessant intimidations and hostilities towards OLF rank and file by members of the incumbent regime, our organization has immensely contributed to the concerted effort so that peace & stability could reign in Oromia and Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the much sang for democratic transition and some petty reforms could not go forwarded as many hoped for. The enthusiasm for a peaceful transition is now dashed due to destructive measures taken by members of the unruly demagogues within the ruling so called prosperity party and their collaborators, the nostalgic old guard that has long been craving for the restoration of the old imperial order in Ethiopia.  With the almost aborted democratic reforms, we have come to recognize that the entire country is at a critical juncture as the incumbent regime’s mandate to rule the country is about to run out in less than two weeks.

Except for Oromia Region, almost all of Ethiopia’s nine regional states are gearing towards mobilizing their respective people to safeguard their people’s interests in case of any potential adversity they might face. Considering this political crisis, it has become self-evident that Oromia is almost remaining politically orphaned, with no one taking the responsibility of protecting our people’s survival as a nation. Inevitably, Oromia is going to become the battle ground for all quarrelling or feuding forces in which the scramble for Oromia may go forward with impunity.

Therefore, OLF is firmly persuaded that the imperative for establishing Oromia transitional government that protects the national interest of Oromia and represents the Oromo people in all political transactions, nationally & internationally to be, not just a matter of choice but an absolute necessity for survival. Cognizant of the historical, legal and moral obligations bestowed up on it, OLF has decided to shoulder the responsibility of establishing a transitional government in Oromia and calls up on all progressive Oromo forces to join this historic venture.

For the realization of this national effort, OLF partners with all progressive Oromo political forces such as the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and all other autonomous Oromo entities, civic, political or otherwise, to be part of the transitional arrangement in Oromia as well as Ethiopia.

Accordingly, we, the aforementioned members of the OLF leadership, therefore, wholeheartedly, support OLF’s effort to establish the transitional government of Oromia under the banner “I am citizen of the Oromia Region. I support the decision to establish transitional government led by the Oromo Liberation Front”, and passed resolutions of commitment as reiterated below;

  1. We, unconditionally, support OLF’s decision to establish a transitional government in Oromia to maintain peace & stability in the absence a legitimate government in the country and we are determined to, fully, contribute to the success of this national effort.
  2. While, sincerely, appreciating the exemplary and enduring cooperation that OLF & OFC had maintained thus far, we re-affirm our resolve to provide our vanguard political forces with all the necessary material, financial and knowledge-based support to enable them carry forward the historical obligation they took to themselves.
  3. We call upon all autonomous & progressive Oromo political forces, Oromo communities and all Oromo entities organized in various forms, civic, political, economic, professional or otherwise, to render your unwavering support for the national effort of establishing the Oromia transitional government spearheaded by the Oromo Liberation Front and other Oromo political forces.
  4. We urge all Oromo civil servants, members of the Ethiopian armed forces, the state and federal police, the ruling party’s special force and members of the repressive state security structure to immediately cease your associations with the dying Ethiopia’s regime and to pay your allegiance to the Oromo people by supporting OLF’s grand effort at this critical juncture in our history.
  5. We, sincerely, remind Oromo political forces, community associations and the Oromo masses in general to be vigilant during this turbulent time in assuring each other’s safety and to safeguard the safety of all Oromo and non-Oromo citizens of Oromia alike.
  6. We, cordially, call up on all peoples of Ethiopia and all progressive political forces in the country to support OLF’s effort to establish Oromia transitional government succeed,  as it is a prelude to the establishment of a comprehensive transitional arrangement in Ethiopia for the attainment of a national consensus leading up to a peaceful & lasting co-existence.
  7. We, unequivocally, forewarn remnants of the regressive old imperial era, surrogates of the outgoing PP, and all proponents of the anti-Oromo sentiment to, immediately, refrain from any attempt of inhibiting  OLF’s national effort of establishing a transitional government and the Oromo people’s quest for national self-determination.
  8. As enshrined in OLF’s press statement released on September 13, 2020, we call up on the international community, the African Union and the peace keeping entities within the United Nation’s Organization to render the necessary Diplomatic, Political, security and material support to help succeed the establishment of peaceful regional & national transitional arrangements in Oromia and Ethiopia, respectively.
  9. Reiterating the fact that the sparkles of freedom, the Vanguard Organization of the decades long Oromo People’s struggle for liberation had ignited is about to culminate into its conclusive chapter of establishing a sovereign state of Oromia, we, hereby, re-pledge our oath of allegiance to continue to, unconditionally, support all undertakings of the OLF until total victory is ascertained.


Victory to the People!!

OLF is the vanguard of the Oromo People’s liberation struggle!!

The success of Oromia Transitional Government is a guarantee for peace & stability in the country!!


September 27, 2020

Members of the OLF Leadership, Officials and Representatives Abroad


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