Ethiopia: Would Extending the State of Emergency Solve the Grievances of Citizens?

HRLHA Urgent Action

April 2, 2017 The Ethiopian government has reaffirmed to the world community once again its strong commitment to killing and kidnapping citizens by extending the state of emergency- declared on October 8, 2016- by four more months. The Ethiopian leaders have been very busy in the past months of the state of emergency in eliminating youths, men and women, those the government calls “Tsere Limat Hyiloch”, literally antidevelopment forces. The government is accusing of terrorists Oromos and Amharas, the two major nations and other nationalities, who have simply staged peaceful protests against the land grab which left millions of citizens without their livelihoods. Through its government controlled mass media, the Ethiopian government produces confusing news every day regarding the restoration of peace in the country. It says that security in the country has been improved and that things are returning to normal.Ethiopia- State Emergency (1)

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