Don’t call me Shawaa!

By Rundassa Eshete

Don’t call me Shawaa,
Because that’s not my name,
And don’t call me Wallagga…
Because to me it’s all the same.
I’m not your “Shawaan”
because I was born as an Oromian,
And I’m not from west Shawaa…
So don’t attach to me your Habasha plate,
Just because you love to imitate,
As if you can’t think on your own,
Using your own able brain.

After all I was born in Ambo,
not in west Shawaa,
and I am an Oromian,
never an Ethiopian.
Hence, Shawaa is not my name,
the name you’ve produced from a thin air,
as if you really care.


I am an Oromo, firm like a tree,
in my roots where I stand,
hence, I refuse to be named,
by the name I don’t understand,
just because you are twisted,
by the story you’ve fabricated.

So don’t call me Shawaa……
with your Habasha attitude,
approaching me real rude,
showing me no gratitude,
for being your true brother,
whom now you consider,
the ShawaaGallaa,
minimizing me to something I am not,
to the identity that made my forefathers ashamed,
when they were blamed,
as someone with Habasha blood in their vain,
by the weak minded men who can’t stop saying,
Shawaa…. Shawaa! Shawaa!

just to make me a different kind man,
using a brain that is half gone.
But I ain’t nobody’s Shawaa,
a disease, plague and something gross,
Shawaa is not in my vain of course!
If you want to be loved and accepted,
by calling me with the name I rejected,
you are simply ignorant,
a man devoid of Oromo spirit!

Utah, USA
August 2014


Shaggar irraan nama baasa Qe’een Warra Kee.

Galaanaa Gaaromsaa


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