Second marathon runner from Ethiopia makes protest sign

(BBC News) — A week after marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa won silver for Ethiopia at the Olympics – making headlines forcrossing his hands above his head as he finished the race, a second Ethiopia runner has won the Quebec City Marathon in a similar fashion.The gesture is made by Ethiopia’s Oromo people who have suffered brutal police crackdowns.

A Twitter account in the Canadian city tweeted the moment Ebisa Ejigu won the race in 2:30:40:

Mr Ebisa is a regular on the Canadian running scene, the Canadian Running Magazine reports.

He has listed his place of residence at Toronto since June, the magazine quotes the website Sports Stat as saying.

Mr Feyisa has not returned to Ethiopia since his protest, saying he fears for his life or could faceprison for making.

Atileetii Guddisaa Fiixaa Ayyaanoo galata guddaa siif qabna sanyii Colonel Alamuu qixxeessaa. We thank you all Oromo athletes !! Via Eli Darash


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