The success of Brexit (British exit) campaign has made the dream of Oromia exit (Orexit) from Ethiopian Empire more valid and justified: Objective championed by the OLF.

Leelloo Sabaa

LeelloooBecause of life time decision that the British people had to make and the fall out of that decision around Europe, for Europeans in general and British people in particular, the last several months were rather very difficult. The campaign temperature for “leave” European Union (Brexit) led by personalities like the leader of UK independence Party Nigel Farage, former London mayor Boris Johnson and his ally Michael Gove from the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Cameroon in one hand and the campaign for “remain” in European Union led by the British Prime Minister Cameroon himself went so high and even led to the assassination of remain campaigner and British law maker Jo Cox. Emotion did run high, insult were hurled and accusation and counter accusations were rampant. While the Brexit or pro “leave” campaigners argued the exit from European Union is to take back control, sovereignty, pride, and independence of British from European Union, the “remain” campaigners argued that British is better off in European Union. The pro “remain “ campaigners argued that tackling economic problems, fighting terrorism and tacking immigration problems would be easy when British is in European Union. The pro “leave” campaigners, chanted, “Bring back British sovereignty and independence!” They even argued that United Kingdom is shackled to the corps of European Union. While these campaigns were running, majority of British: pundits, political analysts, medial personalities and those who conduct opinion poll were forecasting the win for remain campaigners.The success of Brexit from European Union has made the dream of Oromia exit

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