Strengthening Initial Goal Beautifies The end.

Firehiwot Guluma Tezera

March 11,2015

I don’t think that there exists anyone who doesn’t know the intent Oromos started struggle.The intent is to liberate Oromia.This aspiration of over hundred years of age in 1992 brought together Oromos who have been disorganized by lie and propaganda of their enemies and resulted in the raising of Oromo flag for the first time in the largest city of Oromia, Finfinne.It is this initial goal that made Oromos nation coming from eleven provinces to realize that they have the same intention.The previous derogatory names of “gaallaa’’ and “qottuu” for the Oromo was replaced by the correct name Oromo.Afaan Oromo, language which was a target of smear campaign by irresponsible habeshas who claimed that the language is not suitable for the media and struggled for over hundred years to make it extinct and make it illegal for the Oromos to use their own language, became a language of instruction and work.Oromos who according to their enemies do not have land and came from ocean, became recognized with a map that they live and own the land in eleven provinces within Ethiopia. Many Oromos realized that they were Oromo and the name Ethiopia was forced on them.If our initial aim of Oromos was to democratize Ethiopia, may be today most of us will call ourselves with the name forced on us “Ethiopiyawi”, and we may never enjoy the benefits, mentioned above, that our initial goal partly achieved.

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