The #OromoProtests Solidarity Rally in Brussels at European Parliament,

Posted: www.   Waxabajjii/June 21, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune

Members of the Oromo community in Europe staged a solidarity rally in Brussels, Belgium, at the European Parliament on June 20, 2014, to bring awareness about the human rights violations of the TPLF Ethiopian regime on the Oromo people – including the killing of more than 100 Oromo students and civilians, mass imprisonments of thousands of Oromo students as well as expulsions from universities of Oromo students for nonviolently protesting TPLF’s ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan,’ a plan that is designed to annex land from the State of Oromia and evict millions of Oromo farmers around Addis Ababa – both under the pretext of “urban development.’

Here’s the coverage of the rally by the DW/German radio (Amharic).


PHOTOS From the Rally:


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