Madda Walaabu Media Foundation Launching Event

Children sang Ali Birraa's song "Oromia! Biyya Abbaa Kooti"

“Oromia! Biyya Abbaa Kooti”, Ali Birraa’s song by Washington DC children

The launching event of Saturday, December 14, 2013 was successfully concluded thanks to our determined supporters. That day was the most difficult day for travelling from one place to the other in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. It heavily snowed and rained the whole day. But it did not hinder many of those who wanted our success in our mission to give voice to the voiceless. Though physically unable to be present for the event many have sent us their support and best wishes by email and other means of communication.

We thank all from our hearts and vow to live to our promises and deliver what is expected from us. Still we are upstarts and need the moral and material support of our compatriot and friends. Our success will be the success of our nation and so remain confident that Oromo nationals will remain on our side at all times during fulfilling our mission. Your continued encouragements and support are indispensable for us.

Once again thank you for making our launching event a success under that difficult weather. We look forward for your participation as supporters and members to enhance our efforts. Visit our website for information on our activities.

Madda Walaabu Media Foundation
December 17, 2013

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