1 thought on “Radio Seife Nebelbal/Hagayya 30,2013

  1. Oromo should think about his interest and serve the purpose of reclaiming our free fatherland oromia independent. Our intellectuals’ who are working in the western countries and international organization also have a historical obligation to show the vision of free oromia in the world map and advocate everywhere and to any one so that the reality and the true aspiration of oromo people will be known to the world.
    Please let us serve common interest and vision to create independent oromia free of Habasha. the Israel of today came in to country through Zionist movement of Intellectuals before 1948 in Europe and United state, look how they are Strong in the world. Why not oromo too.
    Let us work towards vision and purpose of independent oromia. We are large in number what is wrong with us? Let us unite under the Philosophy of oromuma( oromonism) Forget about religious sectarian view . Nepotisim, backward Clanism ( Nanuma) or regionalism.
    I think these points are stumbling blocks to Oromo libration and struggle against enemy. Let us liberate our mind first then oromia shall be liberated.
    Be Oromo first not Ethiopia first, Idea shall prevails

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