The murder of Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda will not be a solution to the pressing problem of the Ethiopian Empire.

Press Release of the Qeerroo Movement


The cold blood killing of Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda while in custody is clear show of an utter disrespect the TPLF has for the Oromo people.

Since its fall under the Habesha colonial hegemony, there was no time when the Oromo stopped its struggle.  On the other hand, the TPLF/EPRDF leadership has sustained a protracted and targeted attack against the Oromo of all walks of life (Elders, Teachers, Students, Farmers, Public Servants, Merchants and others) and it appear that the only crime is their identity to be an Oromo. Countless number of Oromo’s has since been exiled, displaced, robbed, imprisoned under fabricated charges and exposed to other inhuman treatments.

While the trend of repression is accelerating, the senseless and inhuman act of the government continued unabated. On the same development, today August 24, 2013 we have received one of the saddest news that Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda was murdered in Kalitti prison after serving 7 years in dark room.  Nevertheless, we would like to remind the Woyane government that even if Engineer Tasfahun was killed; it is impossible to kill the struggle of the Oromo people.

Due to the severe torture and mistreatment he sustained, Tesfahun’s repeated request to the TPLF prison official for a medical attention has ended up on deaf ear and forced to live with his anguishing pains.  Even though it is very normal for the TPLF government to target and hunt-down highly qualified Oromo elites in Kaliti prison,  the death of student Alemayo Gerba, Gadisa Hiphasaa and now Tesfahun Chemeda while serving harsh prison terms will be remembered by the Oromo people with great pain and anguish.

The Ethiopian government is responding to the Oromo question in a brutal fashion and heavy handed measures, but these blind measures cannot save the regime from collapsing. Qeerroo strongly condemns this cowardly and brutal killing and its history of atrocity will be kept for the regime to answer, sooner of later.

In this case, we urge all Oromo in and outside of the country to denounce the ongoing atrocity and to bring the ordeal of your people to the International community.

The struggle shall continue!!!

Victory to the Oromo People

August 24, 2013.

The murder of Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda will not be a solution to the pressing problem of the Ethiopian Empire..pdf

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