Wallisaa Addisuu Karrayyuu Dabalatee Oromoonni Heedduu Badii Tokkoon Malee Magaalaa Finfinnee Keessaa Hidhaman.

Caamsaa 31,2013 Fifinnee

BilisummaaJiraattota magaalaa Finfinnee kanneen ta’an Oromooti jireenya nagaa jiraatanii fi sabboonummaa qaban humna ergamtoota Wayyaaneen adamfamaa akka jiranii fi hidhaa hin beekamnetti geeffamaa akka jiran gabaasi Qeerroo Finfinnee addeessa. Hanga ammaatti Oromooti maqaan isaanii argamee fi bakka amma jiraatanii irraa hidhaman keessaa gariin akka armaa gadiiti.

1.Tasfayee Lamuu

Bakka Dhalootaa-Lixa Wallagga

Bakka irraa hidhame Buraayyuu

2.Addisuu karrayyuu(Weellisaa)

Bakka Dhalootaa-Wallagga lixaa

Bakka irraa hidhame-Sabbataa

3.Dassee Lamuu

Bakka dhalootaa-Tullu Boolloo

Bakka Jireenyaa-Alam Ganaa(Miseensuma Mootummaa wayyaanee kan taheedha)

4.Birraa Margaa

Bakka Dhalootaa-Arsii

Bakka irraa qabame -Finfinnee(Duraan nama hidhamee bahe,Dabballee dhaaba ABO kan turaniidha.)

5.Dhaabaa Abdulqadir

Bakka Dhalootaa-Baalee

Bakka irraa qabame-Finfinnee

6.Shaashoo Iddoosaa

Bakka Dhalootaa-Kibba Lixa Shawwaa

Bakka inni jiraataa ture jiru-Buraayyuu

Kannaan hafanis Qeerroon jala bu’ee gabaasa qabu dhiheessa.

4 thoughts on “Wallisaa Addisuu Karrayyuu Dabalatee Oromoonni Heedduu Badii Tokkoon Malee Magaalaa Finfinnee Keessaa Hidhaman.

  1. Reblogged this on Oromo Land and commented:
    The TPLF has tageted wallisaa addisuu Karrayyuu and other oromo youth in this round of crack down. The ill treatment, torture and intimidation and targeting the youth is a deliberate tool by TPLF security force to create instability and insecurity. This action will not hold we, the oromo national back but will strength our resistance against injustice untill we create a nation that respect the aspiration of nation and nationality in the empire.

  2. The name of the game is permanent conflict as well as permanent cooperation in some areas up and until the dreams of democratic equality and justice come to prevail. Oromos are NOT plotting to enslave, subjugate and exploit any body like all the others are doing constantly day and night with out any sleep but struggling to have natural control over their own destinities, identities and humanities.

    The most important thing is to plan as if one is going to live for thousands of years but then fight as if one is going to die tomorrow. NOT to undertake permanent struggle is to empower permanent slavery! And the core and strength of the struggle comes form the alliances of the oppressed. Starts from Finfinne and radiates across the entire nation. Silent capacity building, capacity building, capacity building… produces sustainable results in the end. 🙂

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