Seife Nebelbal Radio Program First Year Anniversary


(December 28, http://www.Ayyaantuu.comSeife Nebelbal Radio Program celebrates its first year anniversary. It has broadcast about 52 qualified interviews. The team believes all of those interviews were focusing on issues of the time and all were very beneficial to the struggle of the Oromo people.

The radio program has made interviews with key people to the Oromo struggle both inside and outside of Oromia. The interviews with Qerro Oromia were remarkable. We believe that we have introduced the youth movements with the Oromo people. The youth in Oromia are raising legitimate issues and they are advancing the freedom of struggle to the next level. During this year, the Radio Program team noticed that the struggle of Qerro Oromia is gaining momentum and the growth is very dramatic.  We managed to interview Qerro virtually from all corners of Oromia. We have also observed that the determination of Qerro for the liberation of Oromia is enormous and unshakeable.  The team will continue giving coverage to youth movements in the coming year.

Besides interviewing Qerro inside Oromia, Seife Nebelbal Radio Program also tried to verify and counter checked the accuracy of most of the military activities carried out by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The team is very glad for proving the activities of OLA and all were accurate to the point and quite encouraging. We have also closely followed the desperate moves and activities of the Woyane regime to counter the attacks from OLA. Despite the regime’s desperate moves, we have first hand and reliable information that OLA is embraced by the whole Oromo nation more than ever.

We also interviewed leaders from other nations and nationalities including Sidama, Ogaden, and others. The team also believes that those interviews were very productive and the cooperation between the Oromo and other nations and nationalities, that are our natural allies, is very desirable and useful for our struggle.

Some people like to follow than to lead and there were a number of internet based radio programs that flourished after Seife Nebelbal Radio Program has launched its first program. While we appreciate these efforts, we still demand working together as a team than fragmentation.  Seife Nebelbal Radio Program wants to take an initiative to cooperate and work with other Oromo radio programs to create a mega Oromo media. Our team believes that working together in unison is the only force that can take our struggle to the next stage. We have seen during the past twenty years that division and fragmentation has produced nothing. It is just like jumping on trampoline. It is the right time that all of our media outlets work together as a team. Let us get out of our comfort zones and start working together as a team.  The benefit will be enormous for all of us. We will also share the burden and minimize redundancy. We think that Margaret Wheatley ‘s observation is worth quoting to support our quest for cooperation: “Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.” Margaret Wheatley. All of us cannot make it alone.

The radio program team members, most of the time, have paid for telephone expenses from their personal pockets. As you all know, calling Oromia is not that cheap. There are also individuals who have contributed to the strength of this radio program.  The team extends its heartfelt appreciation for their support and their continued support will take us further to bring you more reliable and accurate information from inside Oromia. Let us all join hands and work together for the common good. The Tigreans, by number, are very few as compared to the Oromo. However, they got organized and worked together and managed to control the whole country. The only secret they had is organizational skill and working together as a team. Now, while they have started cracking, we are getting united and organized. We must build on this momentum and dismantle the cold truth of minority dictatorship.

Seife Nebelbal Radio Program also broadcast in Afan Oromo for some time. However, due to some technical issues and the flourishing of other radio programs in Afan Oromo, we stopped it. We appreciate the two Oromo individuals who have volunteered and spent their precious time to work with us. Their historical contribution to the Oromo people’s struggle deserves appreciation.

United we stand divided we fall!

Unity makes strength!!

Let us make it in 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!


1 thought on “Seife Nebelbal Radio Program First Year Anniversary

  1. This is wonderful report. It is encouraging and giving hope for all Oromos after so many years waiting. Thank you and Eyob for working together to put a light on our dreams.

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