Qeerroo: Urgent Press Release On Current Affairs

Urgent Press Release On Current Affairs

August 23, 2012 Finfinnee

Even if the death of the late PM of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi was rumoured months ago, the regimes media outlets have announced orchestrated news about his death only on 20th of August 2012. This is mainly due to the lengthy discussion and debates on unexpected succession conflict that is consuming the regime. Meles Zenawi was responsible for the terrible tragedies of human right abuse, torture, disappearance and death of thousands of innocent civilians in the past 21 years in Ethiopia, Nevertheless we feel sorry about his sudden death as any human being.
It is uncontested public secret, except for his collaborators, that the rule of Meles Zenawi was authoritarian and fascistic. It is to be remembered that, we have issued a clear statement in April 2011 for the PM to resign for his responsibilities in the aforementioned crimes.

The past 21 years Ethiopia has indulged in terrible political, social and economic crisis. Despite issuing an attractive constitution, it is known that the regime implemented extreme version of Stalin and Lenin policy, where the three branch of government (Judiciary, Legislative and Executive) are merged to one entity under one individual. We have presented our concern and protest on several other areas of national issue. But none of our requests were materialized by the PM and his government.

Once again, we hereby ask the governing regime of EPRDF to act immediately to address our request chartered as follows:

1. All political prisoners of all background should be realised without any discrimination. Specially an estimated 25 thousands of Oromo’s imprisoned since 1991 should be released immediately and without any precondition.
2. Government should stop meddling in religious affairs and stop persecuting these who demanded their legitimate and constitutional right.

3. Recent proclamations concerning issues of “Terrorism or anti terror legislation”, Media and NGOs, which contradicts with the State constitution and seriously impedes human rights should be repealed immediately.

4. Long standing wars between the government and liberation fronts’ such as OLF, ONLF and others should be halted immediately. The government should initiate negotiations with all political parties and pave the way for peaceful settlement of major national issues.

5. The right to peaceful demonstration and association should be allowed as guaranteed in the Constitution. Other proclamations issued to restrict these rights should be revoked immediately.

6. The right to freedom of expression and association should also be guaranteed.

Qeerroo, the national youth movement for freedom and democracy (NYMFD), will continue its struggle until credible actions are taken to address the aforementioned requests.

The Oromo people and other oppressed nations of the Ethiopian empire should enhance their ongoing struggle to get their democratic and legitimate rights.
Finally, we would like to underline that, our struggle continues until the repressive regime and its killing machine is gone for good.
Justice shall prevail.
Qeerroo: National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD)

August 23, 2012


Urgent press release on current affairs. Aug 23

1 thought on “Qeerroo: Urgent Press Release On Current Affairs

  1. If you say, “we feel sorry about his sudden death as any human being” why do you oppose him? Impliedly you mean that as human being he could make mistakes and order or force his brutal security forces to kill thosands of Oroms and others who opposed his policies. And if his death is sudden as you said, did you want to add some more years to his life so that he commites more crimes and kills more innocent people? Self contradicting stand!!!!! Be brave!! There is no human history where by an opponent feels sorry for his enemy. Enemy is enemy!! Period. It would have been logical and reasonable to regret his natural death before his coming to justice for his brutality, grave human right abuses and genocide he committed. That is it!

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