Popular resistance, resignations and targeted actions on agents of the TPLF repressive regime continued in different parts of Oromiya

Qeerroo, Finfinnee (July 24, 2012)

With the targeted and coordinated actions of the special force operating in the vicinity of Buttujjii and Gidda area, the Head of the police force named Mr Bayyuu; who was busy the whole day imprisoning innocent Oromo individuals was killed as the dust settles on the evening of the same day and his ammunitions were also reportedly taken by the special force. Shocked and frustrated by this and previous attacks, the indifferent security bosses in the area have taken 18 innocent individuals to custody on suspicion of aiding the actions of the special force. The detainees include: Chaltu Sanyii, Fiqadu Wayyesaa, Lamesa Wayyeessaa, Tasisa Amanu, Gurmu Amanu, Hundee Qana’a and reports indicated that they were taken far way to the Oromia and Benishangul-gumuz boarder near the town of Kamashi.

News from neighbouring district is also getting bad to worse as 11 cabinet members from Haaroo Limmuu fi Limmuu Galiilaa district have resigned from their posts in protest to the continued crackdown on innocent civilians. Confusion erupted after other officials of the federal governments were reported to have held a public meeting. The officials categorically denied the issue of resignation and said the cabinet members are fired by higher authorities, but they could not hide the matter is related to the uprising in the area. The cabinet members Admaasuu Guddaataa, (Head of Haroo Limmuu), Fayisaa Biilaa, Daasalee Dabaloo, Girmaa Duubee, Adulaa Gannatii, Biraanuu Gammadaa, Asaffaa Galataa, Margaa Sirnaa (Head of Limmuu Galiilaa), Abdiisaa Gobanaa, Insarmu Gurree, and Tsaayii Mengashaa.

In a similar news from Anfillo District, the agent of the TPLF regime assigned to the area; named Indalu Asnake was also killed by the special force unit called “DAMEE LAGGASAA”. Indalu was notorious in the area for harassment, imprisonment, torture and killings of the hundreds of innocent Oromo civilians. What is more, today (July 21, 2012) the angry residents in the area have closed the main road between Anfillo and Muggie district and traffic heading to the area were forced to go back to the main city, Dambi Dollo. Qeerroo activists have also participated in the action and distributed pamphlets in different villages including Suddi, Ashi, Ibbur, Shollaa, Dollaa, Dullii, Shebel, Heenaa, Kolli, Dawo-Tobbii, Gerechoo, Kuuro, Waabaa, Eebbaa, Yettii, Heneche and Yarer.

Reports from Ilu-Abba Bora Zone of Mattuu town has also indicated that tension is going high after a conflict between the Qeerroo youth movement in the area and TPLF agent named Abay Firachew went out of control in which the agent was disarmed and beaten. The incident occurred after local residents closed the main motorway to Gambella region and refused to give-up until their demand is met.

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