11 Cabinet Members of Haro Limu and Limu Gelila, Eastern Wollega Zone, Resigned from their Post

(Qeerroo News, July 23, 2012). A report we received from our correspondents in Eastern Wollega zone revealed that the following 6 Cabinet members and OPDO delegates of the Haro Limu County [Woreda] have resigned from their post.

  1. Admasu Gudeta, Administrator of Haro Limu
  2. Fayisa Bila, Vice Administrator of Haro Limu
  3. Desalegn Debelo, Head of Administration and Finance of Haro Limu
  4. Girma Dube, Head of OPDO office of Haro Limu
  5. Adula Gannati, a member of the Haro Limu Cabinet
  6. Berhanu Gemeda, a member of the Haro Limu Cabinet

Moreover, the following 5 members of the Limu Gelila County [Woreda] cabinet have also resigned from their post.

  1. Asafa Galata, Head of Limu Gelila Education Office
  2. Marga Sirna, Adminstrator of Limu Gelila
  3. Abdisa Gobana, House Speaker of Limu Gelila
  4. Insarmu Gurre, Head of Administration and Finance of Limu Gelila
  5. Tsehai Mengesha, Head of Limu Gelila OPDO office

The above individuals are said to have been forced to resign from their post due to accusation that they have been sympathetic to OLF and unable to controll the Qeerroo movemnet.

Meanwhile, some delegates of the Federal government sent to the area are trying to calm the population by telling the public that the above delegates were fired because of their affiliation with the OLF and that they didn’t actually resign. Resigned or fired, it is clear that these Oromo nationalists are now on the side of the struggle of the Oromo people for freedom.

Qeerroo News

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