Continued lack of Justice Triggered Flees

(Qeerroo Report, Finfinnee, August 23, 2011) Mr Berhan Hailu led TPLF Justice Minister has clearly accentuated a strict surveillance on Oromo-born workers and pro-democracy nationalists.

 According to Qeerroo source from the government’s Justice Minister, the motion of strict surveillance on Oromo-born workers emerged after one of the influential public prosecutor and Director in Ethiopian Ministry of Justice, Mr Legese Alemu Gurmu refused to return to Ethiopia.

 Mr Berhan Hailu, the Minster and Mr Legese Alemu went to US for two weeks and had experience sharing meetings with the different American law experts.

As sources revealed, Mr Legese Alemu who had been in one of the most dangerous political environment in Ethiopia before he flee to USA told Mr Berhan Hailu that he wanted to visit ‘his family’ in the US. However, different sources confirmed that Mr Legese decided to stay in the US.

Returning to Ethiopia, Mr Berhan has decided to put strict surveillance on Oromo-born workers in the TPLF’s Justice Minister.

There is no clear evidence yet why Mr Legese has decided to stay in US. However, the continued lack of justice in the country as well as in the office he works could be Mr Legese’s case why he didn’t want to return to Ethiopia.

In recent times, there is lack of work freedom in the Justice Minister Office. Law professionals who are not a member and not willing to be a TPLF member are being facing unfair treatment in the office. Even they are being restricted not to have a license to work in the law industry as solicitors. The minister’s administration department has recently legalised that all law professionals working in the office should be a member of TPLF government.

The tyrant TPLF government has been propagating that it has increased government’s membership base to more than 5 million. But the fact is the government has systematically forced citizens to be its party’s members. However, it’s vivid that even those who are members of the party have no interest and support for the tyrant TPLF government.

Mr Legese Alemu has been working as judge in Oromia region and joined TPLF’s Justice Minister in 2000. When he joined the office, he was assigned in the Civil Service Department and currently, before he flees to US, has been working as the Director of R&D in Law.

The Ministry of Justice has been a major role player in jailing many Oromo brothers and sisters in prison without any legal ground and court order. That is the main reason why many intellectuals and academicians could not go back to Ethiopia.

The struggle shall continue and the oppressor will fall!

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