Disappearance of Oromo university students in the summer break

Qeerroo Report, Finfinnee, August 3, 2011

The whereabouts of many Oromo students from the different universities, who have joined their families in the summer break, are unknown. The intensified pro-democracy Qeerroo National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy has caused massive frustration in the TPLF government. Since April 15, 2011, the TPLF government’s security has imprisoned, tortured, poisoned and gunned many Oromo university students. Others have fled from their home land because of the persevered interrogation and torment. The TPLF government has invested huge resources to enhance the interrogation techniques or set of alternatives to bring down the activism of pro-democracy Qeerroo university students. Here are some of the reported lists of Oromo university students whose their whereabouts are unknown:

  1. Gemechis Yoseph, from Adama University
  2. Abdissa Meshesha, from Adama University
  3. Obse Bekele,  from Adama University
  4. Solomon Indalu, from Adama University
  5. Kumessa, from Ambo University
  6. Moyi Oljirra, from Ambo University
  7. Tariku Murmur, from Haromaya University
  8. Kumsa, from Haromaya University
  9. Ibsa Gemeachu, from Haromaya University
  10. Getu Rabira, from Hawasa University
  11. Lalise Joba,  from Hawasa University
  12. Lemi Tasisa, from Teppi University
  13. Ahmed Mohammed, from Jima University
  14. Anuwar Jundi, from Jima University
  15. Lemi Garoma, from Jima University
  16. Akalu Kebede, from Jima University
  17. Damara Kajela, from Wallaga University
  18. Shitaye, from Wallaga University
  19. Melka, from Arbaminch University

The families of these students are appealing to the government to release the students from where they are trapped in. In many parts of Oromia, pro-democracy Qeerroo National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy has also urging the government to releases the students.

The struggle shall continue and the oppressor will fall!


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