Gaaffiin Qeerroo Itti Fufe!

Mootummaa Wayyaanee Gaaffii Dargaggoota Oromoo Deebisuu hin Dandeenye.

Odeessa Qeerroo Ebla 26,2011 .Gaaffii mirgaa Ethiopia keessatti gaafachuun baroota dheeraaf akka yakka guddaatti ilaalama,Kunis ammoo ummata Oromoo dhumaatii fi qabeenya samamuu,biyya Oromiyaa ammoo akka biyyaatti gurguramtee harka alagaa galuun Oromoota mirga abbaa lafummaa( indigenous right) dorkamaa jira. Hidhaan xiqqaa guddaa Oromootti hammaatee barataan,daldalaan,qotee bulaan,dhiiraa fi dhalaan mana hidhaatti darbama,kaan biyyaa arihama. Rakkooleen fakkaataan kun dhaabbachuu qaba,jedhanii mootummaa Wayyaanee yeroo gaafatan amma illee hidhaamuutu gaaffii keessaniif deebii dha jedhanii University fi college keessatti barattootaaf ibsa kennu.

Akka kanaan FDG University Arbamincitti gaafa Ebla 14,2011 kan eegale hanga ammaatti itti qabatee jira. Barattooti hedduun hidhamanii bakka bu’an hin beekamne,gabbasi qeerroo yeroo darbe ibsee ture. Ammos akka kanaan barattoota Oromoo Ebla 26,2011 irraa jalaqabee mooraa University Arbamincii qabamanii bakka buteen isaaniin hin beekamiin keessaa

  1. Barattuu saadiyaa ‘                    Afaan Oromoo’3rd yr
  2. Tilaahuun Fufaa Guutuu             Economics 3rd year
  3. Taakkalaa Aagaa Gaaroomaa    sociology 3rd  ”
  4. Dhugumaa Bayyanaa                  chemistry   2nd
  5. Dammaraa Gammadaa Qana’aa  civics  3rd
  6. Katamaa Dhiinsaa Yaadataa           sociology 3rd
  7. Taaddasaa Dassaalee Kistaanaa      economics 3rd
  8. Roobee Bookaa                                Geography 3rd

Kannee jedhaman keessatti argamu.

Oduun kanuma waliin wal qabatee jiru,godina Wallaggaa mana barumsaa sadarkaa 2ffaa Jaartee Jaardagaa jedhamutti FDG gaafa Ebla 25,2011 kan jalqabe hanga har’aatti itti jiraachuu gabaasi naannoo isan irraa nu gahe addeessa.Sababa kanaanis kan wal qabate barattootii fi barsisotiin danuun hidhamuu odeessi qeerroo ibsa.Guutuu FDG Oromiyaa keessa jiru sababaa mootummaan Wayyaanee tahe jedhee  Network telefoonaa cireef yero yeroon gabafamuu dhabuun ni jira.

2 thoughts on “Gaaffiin Qeerroo Itti Fufe!

  1. Woyane is not ready to answer the questions of the Oromo students. But the “smart” Woyanes are trying their best to preach an ‘unconditional Independent Oromia’ and an ‘unconditional Unitary Ethiopia’ at the same time, just for the sake of trying to sow a discord between Amhara democratic forces and Oromo liberation fronts so that the tsunami of the REVOLUTION, which is now almost coming up on their bosses in Finfinne palace, may be hindered; i.e to prevent the tsunami coming from the planned all-inclusive alliance. We like it or not, the spirit of AFD is on the process of resurrecting and reviving, which is really an excellent phenomen on development. Meles Zenawi’s political acrobat as well put by in the following link will never prevent such an all-inclusive alliance from being a reality: . Interestingly Meles Zenawi has already dispatched his cadres in three directions (being camouflaged as independentists in the Ethno-nationalists’ camp of the Oromo, as killil-federalists in his Woyane camp of the Tegaru and as unitarists in the Ethio-nationalists’ camp of the Amhara):

    – in Amhara forums and paltalks to preach a ‘Unitary Ethiopia’ and to demonize the Ethno-nationalists, specially to blame the Ogaden and the Oromo liberation forces;
    – in Tegaru forums and paltalks to act as the popes of ethnic federation (braging about §39) just in order to curse the Amhara unitarists as “chauvinists” and the Oromo independenists as “secessionists”;
    – in Oromo forums and paltalks to function as hardliner supporters of an ‘Indepnendent Oromia’ just to denigrate and to insult the Amhara camp.

    At the moment, the card of the ‘Tigrean independence’, which Meles Zenawi used to preach as he was a rebel, has no more value, as long as Woyane is in power. Even if the Woyane cadres try to use this card, no one is scared of it; even the pro-unity Amharas do say: “go to hell and declare your independence”! This card of course will be important when Woyane starts to see that its power in Finfinne palace is in danger. Till then Woyane purposely advocates an UNCONDITIONAL ‘Independent Oromia’ to the Oromo, so that the Oromo people be cornered only at this position, not to be flexible. Woyane knows very well that this position has got a lot of enemies (not only the unitarist Amhara, but also the Western regimes). With the same logic, Woyane preaches to Amhara nationalists how important an UNCONDITIONAL ‘Unitary Ethiopia’ is, because this position produces enemity of all the oppressed nations in the Ethiopian empire, including the act of inducing the enemity of the Oromo towards the Amhara. That means Woyane’s best cards now are these two diametrically opposite positions: an ‘unconditional independent Oromia’ and an ‘unconditional unitary Ethiopia’, of course beside its continous song about Woyane’s ethnic federation per force (about its de facto Tigrean hegemony).

    Actually the flag, which Meles Zenawi carries in the first picture drawn by is the OLF-flag with the slogan “Oromia shall be free”! He already has hidden the “Abbay Tigrai” agenda and the “Tigrai shall be free” slogan behind his current Ethiopianist rhetoric. He is happy when the pro-”Oromia shall be free” Oromo nationals and the pro-”Long live Ethiopia” Amhara groups do bark at each other and neutralize each other; that is why he promotes both Ethiopian and Oromian nationalisms and then control the two emotional communities, who are ready to be moblized when ever he wants. He mobilized the emotional Amhara nationalists against OLF in the time between 1992 and 2005. He moblized some Oromo nationals during the 2005 election and after that against the CUD of Amhara camp; and now he again tries to mobilize the gullible part of the Amhara nationals using his Ethiopian nationalist slogan about Abbay River, of course to hinder them from cooperating with the Oromo nationalists during the upcoming REVOLUTION. To some extent he is successful; for instance, the fact that Oromo students are now revolting without any help from other students is the proof.

    But now the question is: how long will both the Ethio-nationalists’ camp of the Amhara and the Ethno-nationalists’ bloc of the Oromo allow Woyane to play with them as such and how long do they give a chance for this mafia group to beat them turn by turn? Are they less intelligent than the Woyane not to outsmart this fascist and racist regime? Time will show us for how long Woyane will play this game of pure political acrobat, presenting itself as either the radical independenist or as the only killil-federalist or as the radical unitarist (chauvinist); actually its ONLY true motive is to keep the Tigrean Hegemony at any cost!

    Otherwise, we have to be able to differentiate such Woyane political acrobatists from the genuine independenist Oromo, federalist South and unitarist Amhara. To know this difference, what matters is not the position of their guts, but more the direction of their guns. Woyane cadres do direct their guns (verbal bullets) on pro-unitary Amhara nationals and on pro-independence Oromo nationalists, whereas the genuine opposition from these two camps nowadays consequently and consiously try to direct their guns ONLY on the currently tormenting enemy (the Woyane). Woyane cadres shoot continously at these genuine Amhara and Oromo groups, whereas the genuine pro-independence Oromo and the genuine pro-unitary Amhara nationals do try to tolerate all the opposition political groups with their different tactics and strategies in struggling for FREEDOM from Woyane’s fascism. So we just need to check the direction of their guns in order to differenitate the camouflaged Woyane cadres talking about an ‘independent Oromia’ and a ‘unitary Ethiopia’ from both the genuine opposition blocs advocating these two same agenda respectively.

  2. Situation based movement is succesful in any condition. B/t need more joining hand under qeerroo revolution,so where we are oromo young generation at zis time.wake up & protect from hijacker zis oromo student revolution against wayyane dictator regime. I call for all kush people to join zis uprising until zis regime fall down. “NI GAHA” jechu qabna. Freedom for all people live under dictator!

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