All Oromia Qerro’s stand for freedom and equality structure

We have made the decision that the Oromia Qerro that is found in different parts of Oromia has made for freedom and equality structures for this country, ethnicity and nationalities and the following decisions for the Oromia citizens.
We will discuss that OLF will be beneficial to the wide Oromo people, ethnicities, and Oromia citizens and Oromia regional states by accepting the decision that OLF has made for all its efforts.
The Oromo people have reached this point because of the pressure they have done in the Ethiopian Empire system and the people who are leading the system and the system.
But this is love and hateful people who don’t know and don’t know how to live with others, who don’t know how to pretend and stop pretending to be hated, have put out different proclamations on the Oromo people.
For example, for example.
Anti-terror proclamation, Land Liz proclamation, Investment proclamation, Masters plan proclamation and similarity.
More than this in this country’s transition government in 1983 it is possible to see the documentary they have done in different areas of Hararge and Arsi.
It is not new for Oromo and Oromia people who write that the Ethiopian Empire is doing this every time.

In 2003 E. The anti-terror law has made many Oromo scholars and parties out of work.
It was made to be crazy by stealing, threatening, imprisoning, killing, chasing and chasing the people from their house. For other neighboring countries to crush their bones, others have been suffering for the unstable eagle and fish supper and other neighbors and other countries.
In the name of diplomacy, the Oromo people have been working very hard through national security bodies so that they don’t live in peace with neighbors. For example, many Oromo children have been abandoned by their Oromo people in Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia because of their Oromo being Oromo. From this, it is possible to remove what happened to Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda.
Oromo has come to understand that Ethiopia’s emperor’s time has been hurt as the people, but it has been understood that it will not get any benefit. By getting up from this, it is clear that it is not only important to choose its own government that is elected by the people and the people.
Based on this, it’s just like this.
A. We respectfully announce that the Oromia regional state government will accept and rule the Oromia regional government by respecting the Oromia regional government.
For. If we want to say that the constitution of this country has declared the proclamation of destroying our children from the earth, we as the people or the nationalities / Oromia citizens are protecting the security of our people and making our region a permanent peace and stability and stability to live together with our neighbors and national federalism. If we want, we have a constitutional right to build our own free country by confirming article 39
So we say it is a must to help the Oromia national transition government to save the lives of the people in this terrorist system and bring a permanent peace and stability to the people and to build a free country by the people and to make the people a government of Oromia. .
The time is the end of slavery!
Victory for the Oromia citizens!
November 4/2020

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