Wallaga Lixa Bosonni Diillaa Gubachaa fi Manca’aa jira. Ummanni Naannoos Fincila Itti Fufe.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Lixa Wallaggaa,Muddee 16,2011

Wallaga lixa naannoo Diillaa jedhamutti kan argamu bosonno Oromiyaa guddaan investeroota dhalootaan Tigree tahaniin manca’ee gubachaa waan jiruuf ummanni Oromoo fi hojjjettoonni sirna mootummichaaf hojjetan gochaa Wayyaanee fi investeroonni alagaa godhan kana irratti mormii guddaa dhageessisuun itti fufee jiraachuu qeerroon magaala Dillaa irraa gabaasa.

"Biyya abbaa kooti jettee, Hinjiraan moluu irratti hafte"

"Biyya abbaa kooti jettee, Hinjiraan moluu irratti hafte"

Ammaan dura lixa Wallaggaa bosonoota gurguddaa kan akka Garjeedaa fi Daabbuls,Dhiddeessaa fi kkf hunda ciramuu fi gubachuu irraa barattooti Oromoo kumaan lakkaawaman mormii agarsiisuun hidhamuu fi biyyaa arihatamuun irra gahee ture.Yeroo ammaa kanas bosonaa fi bineessa bosona san keessa jiru haalaan waan mancaasaa jiraniif ummanni naannoo kan waggoota dheeraaf akaakilii irraa jalqabee qabeenya isaa kana eeggataa asiin gahe gaddaa fi aarii haalaanii keessa galanii jiru.

Dhimmi ciramuu bosonaa fi bineensonni daggalaa keessaa badanii ummanni lafa san irraas buqa’ee naannoo biro akka qubatu taasifamu kun ilmaan Oromoo bakka hundatti dhaqabaa waan jiruuf gochaa hammeenya kana jala dhaabbachuuf bakka marattuu kaa’uun murteessaa tahuu beekama.

Bosona diillaa kana ciramuu fi manca’uu kanneen morman keessaa Oromoota 20 ol tahan mana hidhaa waan seenanii jiraniif guutummaa gabaasichaa akka nu dhaqabeen wal duraa booda dhiheessina.

Gabrummaan ni kufa! Qabsoon itti fufa!!


2 thoughts on “Wallaga Lixa Bosonni Diillaa Gubachaa fi Manca’aa jira. Ummanni Naannoos Fincila Itti Fufe.

  1. Haa guban, isaanis gaaf tokko ni gubatu; nuti Oromoon garuu jabaachuu qabna!

    —–The Victorious Culture and Nature of The Oromo Liberation Movement!—–

    The political enemies of the Oromo nation, specially the currently ruling gezhi gujile from Tegaruland, tried to give the Oromo liberation movement in genreal and the OLF in particular a fake and false picture. They tried to present it as a secessionist or separatist movement just trying to discredit the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people for bilisummaa/freedom in front of the international community. They also tried to exploit and use certain areas of conflict in the Oromo liberation camp to hinder the forward march of the Oromo people to bilisummaa.

    Fortunately, after many years of conflicts in the Oromo liberation camp, now it seems that all Oromo nationals from the Oromo political spectrum, extending from the left wing to the right wing, are coopertaing with each other and coordinating our efforts in order to liberate the Oromo people from the currently ruling fascist and racist regime.

    Specially, it is encouraging to observe the still strong Oromian Students’ Movement (OSM), including the Qeerroo movement for freedom and democracy, being part and parcel of the ongoing Oromo liberation movement (part of our Fighter-Jet). I think we can present this Fighter-Jet as an airkraft with the following left-wing, middle body and right-wing. The skilled pilot of the fighter-Jet is, of course, our famous mindset of bilisummaa, the OLF.

    1) The left wing, who talks about the possibility of forging ‘Oromia in Ethiopia’. This wing includes those Oromo nationalists, who do want to have an integrative Oromia in a form of an autonomous Oromian state within Ethiopian federation, for they think that even the large part of the so called Abyssinia in the current geography of Ethiopia belongs to Oromia.

    2) The middle body, who tries to realize ‘Oromia vs Ethiopia’ as the two separated neighbouring nations, the same as the two sate solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict; this group considers Ethiopia as being the same to the colonizer Abyssinia.

    3) The right wing, who strives to foster the notion of an integrative Oromia in a form of ‘Oromia is Ethiopia’, claiming that even the whole Ethiopia was once Oromia and can again be transformed into Oromia,

    Interestingly the currently ongoing pan-OLF movement tries to take into consideration the beneficial move of the above three factions of the Oromo liberation movement and tries to harmonize these three types of moves towards bilisummaa. But, in order to accomodate these different Oromo positions regarding our future type of sovereignty (walabummaa) of Oromia, all Oromo nationalists have to be able to concentrate on the common denominator of all the positions, i.e on bilisummaa of the Oromo people. To comprehend what I do mean, we just need to compare the following interesting three concepts: secession, independence and sovereignty. Let me try to put the difference in short as follows:

    – secession needs the precondition of being legally part of one sovereign nation and being a minority nation at the periphery. Oromia has never been legally part of Ethiopia and it is neither a minority nation nor at periphery unlike Tigrai. So Oromia’s question is not a question of secession in this sense.

    – independence is the liberation of a subjugated nation from the other oppressive one, as the case we do see in the attempt of some Oromo nationals trying to emancipate the occupied Oromia from the oppressive Abyssinia.

    – sovereignity is the right of the liberated and free nation to decide on the type of arrangement it wants, like the sovereignty of the Oromo nation to decide on its future in a form of an independence, be it within or without Ethiopia.

    Thus, according to the right of the Oromo nation to its own bilisummaa and walabummaa, it is not wrong if some Oromo nationals do strive for the right of Oromo and Oromia within Ethiopia, as long as the determining factor is the result of the referendum. That is why it is so nice to see that our nationalists are bombarding tyranic Abyssinists from the three parts of our Fighter-Jet.

    This is really very scary for the enemy of the Oromo nation. Important is that all the three parts do fight the enemy, but do not attack each other. In the currently ongoing rhetorics, it is good that the OLF factions are refrainig from attacking each other. Of course, it is clear that we do read nowadays a lot of the criminal cadres of the gezhi gujile camouflaging as Oromo nationals in order to sow a discord in the Oromo liberation camp by trying to support one faction of the OLF and attack the others!

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