Time and Liberation

                                                                    By Wahima Raaso

Liberation straggle is not easy; it took time to achieve it! But in all cases it only requires very strong determination of people. With out commitment and sacrifice, liberation is just a dream. Although all African countries have been under European and Abyssinian colonizers for some time, today almost all of them are free countries. One shame thing is that when all African countries were liberated from colonialism, Oromia one of such a distinct land and people is still under the same savage colonizers called Abyssinian. Let us look at the very resent African achievements. Oromos are still not fighting fiercely at all time and all places, but the following countries are greatly an example to our straggle to liberate our country. Get organized, take individual responsibilities and mission at least to accomplish one thing in your life time. Write a new history in Oromo’s long over due liberation quest. Make your world and your children’s free of subjugation, inferiority, ethnic-apartheid, imprisonment, fear, torture, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, disease, unemployment by fighting TPLF right now.

Libyans freed in 6 months

South Sudan freed in 55 years

Egypt freed in 18 days

Tunisia freed in 2 month

Eritreans freed in 30 years

Tegrian freed in 17 years


As of now, we are slaves for Abyssinian kings and military occupiers with out any political and economic control over our own lands. When are we going to liberate our country Oromia?

This question must be answered by this generation, we have to stop being stupid and stand up. Resist the military occupation everywhere, every time, individually, group wise, by all means. NOW!

Bilisumman Fagoo miti nutu itii walaale.

Washima Raaso wahimarasso@gmail.com


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