The TPLF regime has continued its policy of persecuting the Oromo students and Intellectuals.

(Qeerroo News, June 18, 2011)

The Oromo students and the Oromo intellectuals are the front runners in raising the quest of the people for freedom and self determination, but the TPLF regards them as enemy and is always hunting them from Universities and their work places without any proof of wrongdoing.

Accordingly, with allegations of links to the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy of Qeerroo, many intellectuals are reportedly picked from their place in the month of June. Even though the numbers are much higher the following intellectuals and professional are picked from their work place blaming them of organizing Qeerroo movements. These are

  1. Dr. Fanta Xilahun (Engaged in private business around Arat kilo, Finfinnee)
  2. Katama Fufa (Teacher in Jimma Town)
  3. Temesgen Irrenaa (Teacher in Innango, Wollega)
  4. Ahmed Jundi (Teacher in East Hirna Zone)
  5. Jamaal Ibrahim (Employee of Ministry of Agriculture, Bale zone, Gobbaa Town)

With related news, it is to be recalled that the TPLF right hand man in Oromiya, Junedin Saddoo have fired 3 Adama University Lecturers after letting them to be physically assaulted by its cadres, alleging them of organize the popular movement of Qeerroo. Until today, the whereabouts of Taye Fufaa is still unknown.

The struggle shall continue and dictatorship will demise.

Qeerroo, 2011

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