4 thoughts on “News from the Oromian TV, Toronto, Canada

  1. Hi dear Oromo,
    let’s not be fools! I don’t think that even the OPDO-Oromo are anti-Oromia. Let them do their job in their style/way. We like it or not, our mindset (the OLF) is moving in five directions towards the same kaayyoo of bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia:

    – UDJ’s way to get freedom from the Woyane (from the Abyssinian colonization/domination) and then foster an Ethiopian union, regardless of the Oromian existence.

    – OPDO’s way to lead us to the genuine Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, being engaged in the structure of the incumbent.

    – OFC’s way to achieve the same result to that of OPDO as an opposition per ballot.

    – ULFO’s way to bring us to the independent republic of Oromia within African union per bullet.

    – AFD’s way to liberate us in a form of both bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia, of course leading us further to a regional union of independent nations.

    So, dear Oromo brothers and sisters, our struggle is only vertical against the Abyssinian colonizers/dominators, not necessarily horizontal against each other (not a fight of UDJ vs OPDO vs OFC vs ULFO vs AFD, all of them being lead by our mindest, by the OLF)!

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