OSA 2013 Annual Conference Program


P.O Box 32391, Fridley, MN55432


OSA 2013 Annual Conference Program


Blackburn Digital Auditorium

2400 6th St. NW, Washington, DC20059

 Theme: Examining Paths to Oromo Empowerment in the 21st Century

Keynote Speakers Legendary Artist Kadir Said

Jiruu fi Jireenya Artistoota Oromoo Biyya Ambaa fi Qabsoo Bilisummaa Saba Oromoo  

Introducing Kadir Said


Artist Kadir Said

Artist Kadir Said was born in Eastern Oromia, Gara Mulata district at a place called Watar. As a person who was grown in the rural Oromian region where the population practice their original culture, Kadir was raised singing and dancing Oromo traditional songs and dances of that area such as daddaaqsaa, uruursuu, dhiichisaa, hellemaa, faaruu loonii, darashii, mirrisa. At a young age he says he started withuruursuu, a song which is used to keep babies quiet when they are crying. Kadir says he was inspired by famous singers mainly Ali Birra and others such as Abdi Qophe, Abubakar Musa, Ali Shabbo, and Hessein Adam who at the time were singing from Harar radio station, the only radio station in Afan Oromo which operated for few years during the final years of Haile Sellassie. He started singing with modern musical instruments with Ali Shabbo. More visit   www.oromosudies.org

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