Barattootii fi Hojjettoonni University Jimmaa Irraa Gurraandhala 17,2012 Aryaman

Gurraandhala 17,2012 Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa

Biyya Oromoo keessatti,ummanni Oromoo bifa addaan warraaqsa eegalee mootummaa Wayyaanee waliin wal qabaa jiraachuun ni beekama. Akka ummattoota Suriya fi Libya akksumas Egypt fi Yemen kkf gargaarsaa fi deggersa alaa akkasumsa diinagdee hin qabaatiin malee,ummanni Oromoo bilisummaa isaaf yoomuu ciisee hin bulle.Baroota 20 Wayyaanen aangoo irra turte osoo qabsoo godhuu ajjeefamaa,hidhamaa,abeenyaa sabamaa fi biyyaa arihamaa yoona gahe.Kun kana tahee osoo jiruu yeroo ammaatti warraaqsa Oromiyaa keessatti gootonni dargaggooni Oromoo fi hojjettoonni Oromoo qabsiisaniin baatii kana keessa University Jimmaatti fincilli diddaa gabrummaan barattootaan eegale itti fufuun mootummaa Wayyaaneetti cinqaa tahee jira. Haala kanaan hojjettootaa fi barattoota mooraa University Jimmaa jiran hedduminaan hojii fi barnoota irraa Gurraandhala 17,2012 arhanii jiru. Kanneen keessaas :- Barattoota fi hojjattoota Yunivaristii Jimmaa irraa Gurraandhala 17,2011 arhaman

Qabsoon itti fufa! Gabrummaan ni kufa!

2 thoughts on “Barattootii fi Hojjettoonni University Jimmaa Irraa Gurraandhala 17,2012 Aryaman

  1. Ethiopia is a fake country with a false name; its correct name is Abyssinia. The barbaric Amhara and Tigray tribes of the tiny early 19th century Abyssinian kingdom invaded with the help of the English and the French a great number of lands that they subsequently annexed, subjugating various Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

    By renaming their colonial state as ´Ethiopia”, the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Abyssinians tried to usurp a historical name that does not belong to them but to today´s Sudan and to the modern Kushi’tic nations of Sudan and Abyssinia. They did this in order to fallaciously portray their genocidal state, and use a national name that serves as ideal coverage of their hideous tyranny and malignant intentions.

    Ethiopia signifies Hamitic – Kushi’tic identity, culture and historical tradition, but today´s fake Ethiopia is a monstrous tyranny evolving around a counterfeit axe, namely the imposition of a Semitic, Abyssinian identity, culture and historical tradition on all the subjugated Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

    Whereas the aforementioned makes already of this fake Ethiopian tyranny a racist state far worse than Nazi Germany, there is a religious dimension of the tyranny as well.

    Not all the Amhara and the Tigray Abyssinians are Monophysitic (heretics who are not accepted as Christians by the Roman Catholic Church); ca. 35 to 40% of the Abyssinians are Muslims, who have irrevocably rejected the disreputable trash of Kebra Negast, the 13th century bogus-text of Satanist monks who composed a vicious, heretical version of the Bible. The Abyssinian Muslims have been greatly marginalized and deprecated in Abyssinia by the hysterically anti-Islamic regime of the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Ethiopianists who are the world´s worst terrorists and most inhuman gangsters.

    All equations made, only 18% of Abyssinia´s population supports the nightmare of the Satanic Ethiopian unitary state, which institutionalized race-based odium, unpunished crime, racism, and barbarism. They are still divided into Monophysitic Amhara Ethiopianists and Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, and because of this division, we can safely assess that the governmental party (representing the latter group) gets in true numbers the support of less than 6% of the country´s population, whereas the opposition reflects the wishes of slightly more than 10% of the country´s population.

    Due to institutionalized terror, the ruling Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists will prevail over their opponents whose electoral basis is twice as large as the ruling party´s. This terror is supported by the European Union and the disreputable criminals who rule Paris and London, fooling the administrations of European countries with no colonial past.

    In fact, the entire survival of this execrable and evil felony of Ethiopia has been due only to Freemasonic support provided by the colonial regimes of England, France and America. Today´s elections are not elections but a crime and a declaration of war against the subjugated nations whose identity, culture, historical heritage and rich natural resources are targeted with extinction by the genocide perpetrators Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, who get the shameful support of the European Union.

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